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Картина для закоханих💛 "730 days of love thank you" Для @prystai77 💫 | #illustration_bt #illustration_bt2018
Tag @chancetherapper aka The real life Arthur. He’s back with some new music! We missed you homie!
It was for me to have looked at the moon, lol !!!! 📷🌘
The moon 🌘💖📷
a boy, a flower and the moon! 😍📷
I do not have a legal legend. ⚡
Business boy 👔📷🔥
angel boy 👼
Sunnyside : The Sun Trap Looking east, the boardwalk vanishes to a point, merging with the Pavilion. The Pavilion's south-facing white façade catches the light all day long, creating an oasis along the boardwalk. When I'm not sitting under the shade of the cottonwoods, you'll find me here--outstretched on a bench like a cat, worshiping the mid-summer sun.
As much as we would like to convince ourselves otherwise, perfectionism is not about having high standards or a keen eye for detail. Instead, it’s like pretty much everything else we do that screws up our creative life — it’s really about dealing with our fears and trying to protect our fragile ego. I used to think that being a perfectionist was just one of those things you said during a job interview when they ask you to reveal something negative about your personality or something you need to work on. In fact, perfectionism is right up there with “caring too much” and “working too hard” as one of those empty ego-stroking answers that we often say to impress others. So what’s wrong with being perfect? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have high creative standards and strive for excellence, but that’s not really what any of this is about — perfectionism is a problem because it fools us into believing that it’s good for us. It’s kind of like multi-tasking because we have been fooled into believing we’re doing it for the right reasons, but in reality, it’s holding us back. We think that we are perfectionists because we have extremely high standards and we refuse to do average work – but that’s the trap.  Because in order to reach that goal of perfect, we convince ourselves that there is always more work to do.  We need to do more research, buy more supplies, or learn new skills. We have to redo, revise, and re-edit our work until we get everything just right. Perfectionism doesn’t just stall your current project, however, it can prevent you from starting any new projects as well. Being a perfectionist is a process where we are constantly second-guessing ourselves and doubting by looking for the faults in our work. The idea behind perfectionism implies we always know what’s best for ourselves and our creative work. In other words, we fool ourselves into believing that we are the only ones who know what exactly our work needs, when in reality that is the role of getting feedback from others. Although this type of self-evaluation may seem like a way of confirming our own high standards.
A special request from @joexep . I hope you like it. 67/100 of #100heads challenge.
#white #lost #king #warrior #black #pencil #drawing #pencildrawing #instaart #instalike #like4like #artistofinstagram #artoftheday #artsgram #instaart #instalike #half #work Kimi yürekler fesleğen misali Dokunursan ferahlatır yüreğini Itırlı bir koku sarar dünyanı.. O.A.
Ilustración y primer colab con @novocaine_posters Basado en la película "The Hourglass Sanatorium" (1973)
My”Red Garden”.♥️ In this painting I wanted to create the feeling of the different space in my personal original technique! Click the link in bio👆🏻
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