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Link in today’s bio for raw recipes from the Alkamind 7-Day Cleanse. . . I am on Day 3. . ✔️ EAT on this cleanse ✔️ EASY recipes ✔️ Desserts on cleanse (not cheating) ✔️ Delicious recipes . . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #cleanse #raiseyourstandards #healthyfood #drdarylgioffre #alkaminddiet #raw #rawfood
. The more sugar you eat, the more you crave - the more greens you drink, the more you crave... . Either way, your health and how you feel is a CHOICE! @getoffyouracid . #getoffyouracid #raiseyourstandards . #alkaline #alkalinediet #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #greens #greenjuice #inflammation #greensmoothie #balance
If you want to maintain your health, lower inflammation, improve digestion, gain energy, and lose weight, at least 80% of the foods you eat MUST be alkaline-forming! Here’s what you should be pulling from: . ✔️Dark green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, chard, watercress, romaine) ✔️Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc) ✔️Sulfur-based vegetables (radishes, onions, cabbage, etc) ✔️Healthy fats such as: -avocados -raw nuts such as almonds, macadamia nut, Brazil, pecans, pine nuts, hazelnuts -raw seeds such as hemp, chia, flax -raw nut butters such as almond, coconut -healthy oils such as avocado oil, macadamia nut seed oil, EVOO, coconut, MCT, black cumin seed -Wild-caught Omega-3 fish such as salmon, trout, herring, anchovies, sardines ✔️Low-sugar fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, tomatoes, avocados, coconut, pomegranate, watermelon ✔️Plant-based proteins such as quinoa, hummus, chia, hemp, legumes (smaller in nature for easier assimilation such as adzuki, chickpeas, lentils, etc), dark green veggies, Ezekiel bread (in moderation), etc ✔️Vegetable carbs such as sweet potatoes, squash, etc . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #avocado #alkaline #alkalinediet #alkaminddiet #alkalinewater #alkalinevegan #alkalinefoods #alkalinetrio #alkalinevegan #plantbaseddiet #plantbased #Repost @thetruthaboutcancerttac with @get_repost ・・・ #thetruthaboutcancer #TTAC #phbalance #alkalinefoods #digestivehealth #inflammation #guthealth #mentalfocus #fatloss #healthyliving #healthylife #instahealth #organiclife #tybollinger
What is YOUR “WHY?” . . What DRIVES YOU to want to be healthier? . Please share yours below! -Dr. Daryl . . #getoffyouracid #healthykids #healthy #family #raiseyourstandards #alkamind #alkamindDiet #drdarylgioffre #alkaline #instahealth
. Ideally, we should DEMAND ORGANIC! . BUT if for whatever reason you can’t, these are the ones that are safer to buy! . And support your local farmers market, even if conventionally grown, BETTER than what you find in the plastic containers at your grocery store! . #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #organic #demandorganic #plantbased #localfarmers #farmersmarket #instahealth #raiseyourstandards #plantbaseddiet
I know they say multitasking is bad, but... earthing, sunning, alkalizing and reading all at once... feels sooooo good... . . . . . .#greenjuice #geneenroth #outdoors #earthing #grounding #alkalinelifestyle #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #alkaline #hydration #water #greensmoothie #healthiswealth
When you see this SICK, WILTED plant - what comes to mind? . Drugs and surgery but of course...well, that is what most western doctors would say. . Of course that sounds utterly ridiculous, but this is exactly what some doctors are doing with our health. . The United States makes up 5% of the worlds population, yet we expend 50% of the worlds money on health care, or what I more properly label SICK CARE! . To get healthier, we need to get back to basics, did it starts with proper hydration! . . Give the plant water, give it nutrition, sunlight, and if there are any toxins in the soil, REMOVE them! . The 2 causes of dis-ease - TOXICITY & DEFICIENCY! Just like the plant, give your body what it needs (not what you crave), and if it’s not too far gone, your body will heal, it’s that simple! . Hydration is my 2nd step in my Top 7 Ways to GET OFF YOUR ACID from my new book. . Aim for 3-4L daily (the body loses 2.5L daily), with an ideal pH of 8-9.5, and supercharge it with some greens dehydrated powders, minerals, lemon or lime slice, or dissolved H2 (Molecular Hydrogen). . More info: getoffyouracid.com . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #alkaline #hydration #water #molecularhydrogen #greenjuice
. @drdarylgioffre has a Great EASY recipe for everyone on hot summer days with 5 servings of HIDDEN GREENS! . . INGREDIENTS: ✔️1 Cup coconut water ✔️1 Cup frozen organic blueberries ✔️1 Tbsp. chia seeds ✔️1 Tbsp. coconut oil ✔️1/2 Tsp. vanilla extract, alcohol free (or 10 drops Medicine Flower Vanilla @medicineflower and/or Blueberry Extract) ✔️1-2 Dates (optional) ✔️3 Scoops of Alkamind Daily Greens Blend and freeze! . #GetOffYourAcid #recipe #alkamind #dailygreens #chlorophyll #healthyfood #kidfriendly #dessert #plantbased #instagood #summer #blueberry #drdarylgioffre #alkamindDiet #raiseyourstandards
Along with protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, your body needs a variety of minerals to work properly. While you may be able to get by with not consuming the full amount of required minerals every single day, you need a steady supply in your diet for good health. . . Minerals serve many purposes in your cells and tissues, and a lack of one of them can lead to symptoms related to deficiency. Consuming a well-balanced diet and daily mineral supplements can help prevent both mild and serious health consequences that result from a lack in your diet. AlkaMind Daily Minerals is Doctor formulated, using the four most crucial, fast-absorbing minerals to neutralize acid in your body. Sodium Bicarbonate supercharges your mental & physical strength and stamina by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the acid in your blood and body. Potassium Bicarbonate promotes faster recovery from exercise by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the increased acid in your circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive system. Acid drains our bodies of Magnesium, which interrupts our enzyme function causing muscle cramps, spasm, and muscle pain. Magnesium Glycinate is the MOST absorbable form of magnesium. It enhances your mental and physical endurance by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the acid in your system that drains your body of essential minerals. Worst of all, it has been estimated that a modern acid diet robs our skeleton of almost half its calcium over 20 years. Calcium Citrate is the most absorbable form of calcium. It helps your body maintain healthy bone density by raising your alkaline levels and neutralizing the acid that depletes your body of calcium. . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkamindDiet #calcium #magnesium #sugarcravings #reflux #acid #potassium #healthychoices #instahealth #dailyminerals
Our food is not the same it used to be! Even when you TRY to be healthy, the state of our soil has made that nearly impossible! The nutrients in broccoli have shrunk over 50% in the last 20 years! It now takes 8 oranges to give you the same Vitamin C that one orange gave our grandparents! Acid rain, synthetic fertilizers, and our farmers trying to meet the needs of a growing population has made our soil (and you) DEFICIENT! This is WHY our entire family, kids and all, drink a dehydrated greens drink EVERY morning as soon as we get up! ONE scoop of greens gives your body FIVE servings of organic greens, in less than 30 seconds, no juicing, no hassles, no messy cleanup! Getting your greens is as easy as that! GETOFFYOURACID.COM #alkaline #healthykids #toddler #alkamind #healthyfood #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #greenjuice #juicing
Dairy DOESN’T do a body good - and doesn’t make our bones strong! I know, this shocked me too when I first heard it, as we were told to drink milk every day growing up for healthier bones... . But we were all fed these lies from a powerful dairy lobby (don’t shoot the messenger) who puts their agenda before the health of you and your children. . Milk is so ACIDIC from its high phosphorus content, lactose content (sugar), casein (milk has 20x more casein than human milk which is an inflammatory protein that wrecks our gut) that your body needs more INTERNAL calcium from your BONES to neutralize its high acid content! It also has a 10:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium which is VERY imbalanced. To absorb any calcium, it needs to be 1:1 (same goes for any mineral supplement - if it’s not 1:1, it’s no good). . You don’t need milk, and neither do your growing children. . Give them water and green juices, and use this list of plant-based calcium sources on a daily basis to ensure both you and your children get all the calcium you need! There is more USABLE calcium from these plant-based sources than there is in any type if dairy! #acidity #sugar #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkaline #alkalinediet #alkalinewater #instahealth #instagood #instahealthy
I want to talk about the foods that you probably think of as nutritious, often because most people will tell you that they are. In fact, several of these foods are the current darlings of the food media. They’re touted as angelic, but I’m here to tell you they have a devilish side. And that’s acid. Let’s take a look at 7 of these offenders, why they’re not good for you, and what to eat instead. CLICK LINK IN BIO 7/7 & 7/8/2018 . #getoffyouracid #alkaline #alkamindDiet #raiseyourstandards #healthyfood #drdarylgioffre #healthy #lifestyle #yogurt #instahealth
From @drdarylgioffre blog on getoffyouracid.com . BOTH juicing AND blending play an equally important role in helping you alkalize your body and should try to include both daily. . DIFFERENCES: . . JUICING. Extracting all of the water and the nutrients from the produce, but you are removing the indigestible insoluble fiber – the pulp. . . BLENDING. Includes everything in the produce (skin and all the fiber) – nothing is separated or removed. Both the insoluble (pulp) and soluble fiber remain in the blended smoothie, which slows down digestion, giving you a more sustained release of the nutrients, and keeps you feeling fuller longer. . JUICING. No insoluble fiber in the juice the concentrated nutrients pass quickly more easily into the bloodstream, easing digestion. Without the fiber, your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food and drive the nutrition into your cells. . Drinking fresh, fiber-free juice (especially on an empty stomach) eliminates stress & strain on your digestive tract because the juicer has already done most of the digestion work for you, extracting all of the nutrients from the produce and separating the fiber from the juice. . Without fiber to digest, the juice can be efficiently shuttled into your bloodstream within minutes. . Now don’t get me wrong – we all need fiber in our diets - It is important for the health of your digestive system, and it slows down the metabolization of sugars in your body, helping to prevent your insulin levels from spiking in your blood. . But it also slows down the absorption of nutrients and some nutrients stay in the fiber. . When you juice, you are extracting up to 70% (and more depending on which juicer you are using) of the nutrition from the produce, and without the insoluble fiber your body will absorb close to 100% of these nutrients. . Not only will this give you quick energy, but if you tend to have a sensitive digestive system that as any problems processing fiber, juicing becomes a fantastic way to deliver nutrient-dense, alkaline nutrition quickly into your body. . . .#getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamindDiet #alkamind #juice #blend #greens
Wheatgrass is the most ALKALINE and powerful food on the planet! . It contains every mineral found in soil, and is the most significant source of chlorophyll. . Chlorophyll increases blood oxygen levels and red blood cell count, giving you more energy than any other food (or cup of coffee) you’ll find! . This cleanses and detoxifies your blood, and helps you fight off cancer cells. . Eat more (salads and greens), but drinking your greens is even better - . When having an alkaline green juice, smoothie, or raw green soup, you are getting the greens in a pre-digested form, allowing the phytonutrients to pass easily and rapidly into your bloodstream. . Whether your looking to lose weight, gain energy, have better digestion, skin, and sleep, or decrease the inflammation in your body and SLOW down premature aging, start with 1 green juice every day. . Keep it simple, add - don’t take away, and watch your health transform. . #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #inflammation #energy #healthylifestyle #alkamind #alkaline #lifestyle #balance #chlorophyll #alkalinediet #alkaminddiet
For the 4th of July holiday we are spending a lot of time in hot sun - How much water do you drink daily? . The average person loses 2.5 liters of water every day from daily lifestyle, so if you’re not drinking this amount, you’re DEHYDRATED! . So here are my rules of water: . -pH 8-9.5 (our ionizer is default at 9.0) -must be filtered -make it alkaline-forming by adding an organic lemon or lime slice -supercharge with Daily Greens / Daily Minerals / or Molecular Hydrogen (H2) . Hydration is my 2nd step in my Top 7 Ways to GET OFF YOUR ACID in my new book...check it out, and pee your way to better health ;) . #alkaline #alkamind #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkaminddiet #hydration #alkalinewater #alkalinefilter #ionizer #dailygreens #dailyminerals #molecularhydrogen #hydrogen #h2 #instagood #instahealth
It’s not about DEPRIVATION when it comes to coffee, but MODERATION! . You can have your coffee IF you choose to, but use this as a guide to make better choices! . The pH of the most coffee beans ranges from 4 to 6 on the pH scale, making ALL coffee acidic to your body. . Espresso has an acid pH of 4.9 to 5.2, where as a typical higher acid breakfast blend coffee may land somewhere around 4.7. Black coffee has a pH of 5. . Many companies are treating the beans or dumping antacid compounds into them, or dark roasting them, trying to make them low acid... . Don’t be fooled - I don’t recommend either. . Cold brewing is a slightly less acidic option, which extracts considerably less of everything from coffees, including ACIDS, so that’s a better option. . As coffee sets, certain chemical reactions with these acids occur and change the level of acidity that you may taste when you drink your cup. . This is why drinking a coffee that has been left for a few hours on the hotplate can literally be a gut wrenching experience. Fresh is always best. . If you’re a coffee drinker, here’s your best options for a healthier cup: . ✔️Organic Beans ✔️Whole Bean ✔️Cold Brew Process ✔️Sourced from higher elevation countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia - higher elevations equals less fungal mycotoxins (studies show that 91% of green coffee beans are contaminated with cancer causing fungus) ✔️No sugar or milk - use stevia, coconut milk, or 1 tbsp coconut oil, or MCT oil ✔️Drink a green juice BEFORE or a mineral drink AFTER . #coffee #acidity #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkaline #alkalinediet #drdarylgioffre #instagood #instahealth #raiseyourstandards #coffeeshop #energy #balance #healthybreakfast . Repost photo from perfectdailygrind
FIVE (5) easy and DELICIOUS ALKALINE RECIPES - link in 7/3/18 bio . I propose a new tradition for the 4th – an alkaline BBQ (or at least ADD some good healthy choices amidst all that acid!). . You can still enjoy quality time with friends and family outdoors without the acid. Bring these 5 alkaline, show-stopping dishes to your BBQ or picnic instead, and by the time the fireworks start, you’ll be feeling better than ever. . All of these serve about 4 people so adjust for your size group as necessary. Most can be prepared in advance, so you’ll have a healthy, delicious, laid back 4th celebration. . #getoffyouracid #alkaminddiet #drdarylgioffre #healthy #recipe #alkaline #july4th #raiseyourstandards .
Nothing better than having a healthy alkaline green juice with my boy! . Here’s my favorite combo, which I call Dr. Green: Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger, 1/2 Green Apple . ALKALIZE & ENERGIZE! . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaline #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #alkalinewater #greenjuice #alkalinefoods #alkalinevegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #juicing
DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE FROM ACID! . I hope you’ve got fun plans for tomorrow… fireworks, backyard BBQ’s, parades, picnics, or just spending time with friends and family. . But of course, the other side of all of those fun plans is the heartburn, headaches, stomachaches, and trouble sleeping that come from living an ACIDIC lifestyle! . Reset your body and you health with our Daily Greens, Daily Minerals, Daily Omega-3, or our 7-Day Cleanse and 2-Day Detox all with $20 off if you order $100 or more through tomorrow only. . Start shopping now! Use code: HAPPYBIRTHDAYAMERICA at checkout for $20 off orders of $100+! . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #drdarylgioffre #alkaline #alkalinediet #inflammation #reflux #headaches #digestivehealth #digestion #leakygut
Sugar is EIGHT times more addictive than COCAINE, and is silently killing our children! . It IS the most acidic substance you can put into your body, stimulating your insulin levels, your fat-storing hormone that triggers INFLAMMATION. . The average child consumes 32 GRAMS of sugar every day! . But here’s the huge problem we are facing - sugar sales have actually gone down over the years, yet we are seeing a STAGGERING rise in our children’s sugar consumption! . Where is it coming from? Hidden carbs! Bread, pasta, cookies, processed foods, soda, etc! . We must get a better handle on this epidemic. Our kids have a MINERAL deficiency, not a sugar deficiency! . Start adding (not depriving) more greens, healthy fats, and a Daily Mineral supplement, and you will see the cravings begin to fade away. . #sugar #inflammation #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkaline #alkalinediet #instahealth #instagood #keto #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #sugaraddiction #detox #greenjuice #juicing . #Repost @thatsugarmovement
Looking for a mid-week pick-me-up? Try my alkaline Lemon Coco Bombs. . . They're the perfect summer party favor, and your sugar-loving friends will never know the difference. . . ✔️1 1/2 Cups organic almond flour ✔️1/3 Cup organic coconut flour ✔️1/2 Tsp. sea salt ✔️2 Pitted dates ✔️3 Lemons, fresh juiced ✔️2 Tsp. vanilla extract (or 5 drops Medicine Flower Vanilla) ✔️1/4 Cup coconut oil, melted ✔️1/2 Cup unsweetened shredded coconut ✔️1 Scoop of Alkamind Daily Minerals . Blend ingredients into food processor until well combined. Take out about a tablespoon at a time and roll into a ball. Roll each ball in shredded coconut and place on a small cookie sheet. Place in refrigerator for 10-15 minutes or until firm. If not serving right away store in the refrigerator. #DrDarylGioffre #GetOffYourAcid #Alkaline #Alkamind #alkaminddiet #healthyfood #recipe #raw #coconut #lemon #dessert #vegan #plantbased
FRUIT - ALKALINE OR ACIDIC?? . So here’s the question, and once you understand this concept, you’ll always be able to turn determine whether a food is alkaline or acidic. . Your top four citric acid fruits - lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges - three of these are alkaline forming, one is acid forming, which is the acid-forming fruit? . ORANGE! But why? . All four citric acid foods are high in minerals, high in vitamins and fiber, but the orange has a much higher sugar content compared to the other three, and sugar is the most acidic substance you can put into your body, period! . You see, we don’t care what the food is OUTSIDE the body, all we care about is what the food does once you eat it and is metabolized INSIDE your body. . Alkaline forming foods are high in minerals, fiber, and low in sugar. . Here are the following alkaline fruits: Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, Avocado, Tomatoes, Coconut, Pomegranate. . Watermelon is neutral. . All the rest are acidic, even fruits like bananas and berries. . I'm not saying don't consume these fruits, in fact, many of the smoothies in our upcoming 7-Day Alkaline Group Cleanse have fruits like bananas and berries...they make the smoothies taste better and they do possess some powerful antioxidant health benefits. . BUT, they are still acidic and you must know how to neutralize the acid to give you a NET alkaline gain on that smoothie. . If you want to have a higher glycemic index fruit like a banana, you MUST make sure to have it with a HEALTHY FAT like a raw nut butter or coconut butter. . These healthy fats will slow down the metabolization of the sugars in the fruit and will neutralize the ACID and prevent an insulin spike in your blood. . Insulin is your fat storing hormone and will promote inflammation in your body. . So if you are eating bananas or berries or adding them in your smoothie, ALWAYS have a couple forms of healthy fats included like coconut oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc. . #getoffyouracid #fruit #alkaline #alkamind #alkaminddiet #drdarylgioffre #healthyfood #instahealth #sugar #healthylifestyle #coconut #avocado #lemon #lime #watermellon #tomato #grapefruit #avocado #pomegranate
THE TRUTH BEHIND THE ALKALINE DIET! (Link in bio 6/30) . In this interview with @sarablissnyc Sara Bliss Hamblett in JUST BOBBI, they uncover what this LIFESTYLE is really all about! . It was just posted on my good friend Bobbi Brown's amazing new Wellness and Beauty site, JustBobbi (check it out!) In this article, Sara talks about how she went into my Alkamind - Get Off Your Acid 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse 'thinking it would be another hyped and wildly restrictive diet'... . That was BEFORE - and here's what she had to say AFTER her 7-Day Cleanse was over..."I didn't expect that it would change my whole approach to food and health!" . In addition, I give my TOP EIGHT TIPS on how to GET OFF YOUR ACID and get your body into a more energized, healthy, and alkaline state. . Enjoy! Dr. Daryl . #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #raiseyourstandards #healthiswealth #alkamindDiet #alkamind #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #Alkaline #alkalinediet
Want to gain energy, lose weight, have better sleep, skin, and digestion? . Start with the ADD (not takeaway) approach to alkalize your body! . Here is my list of top 10 alkalizing foods! . Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Dark Green Leafy Vegetables (watercress/kale/spinach/romaine), cucumbers, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, and red bell pepper! . And here’s my top 7 healthy fats in the form of OILS (1 tbsp = 1 serving).... . Omega-3 Fish Oil, EVOO, MCT, Coconut, Avocado, Macadamia Nut, Black Cumin Seed. . Goal: 7-10 servings of BOTH lists, spread out over 3 meals per day. . This will help you decrease inflammation and burn fat instead of sugar as your primary source of fuel, the body’s preferred source! . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamindDiet #alkamind #alkaline #alkalinediet #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #plantbaseddiet #plantbased #instahealth #instagood
Many people ask me WHY lemons are ALKALINE - when they are known to be an acid! . We are not concerned with the foods do outside of the body, but what they do once they are metabolized inside the body. . . Lemons, along with grapefruit and limes, or citric acid, however because of their high mineral fiber and water content, and low sugar content they are very alkaline forming once consumed. . On the contrary, oranges are highly acid forming because of their high sugar content. This is why we recommend you put lemon or lime is in your water whenever you’re drinking to alkalize and detoxify your body. . #alkaline #getoffyouracid #alkamind #drdarylgioffe #lemons #acid #healthy #sugar #lowsugar #detoxify #fruit #healthychoices #raiseyourstandards #alkamindDiet
COMPLETE - COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF HEALTHY FATS from @drdarylgioffre BLOG http://www.getoffyouracid.com/blog/ . Even more important than the distinction between healthy and unhealthy saturated fats is the distinction between the 2 different kinds of polyunsaturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Omega-6 fats are pro-inflammatory, and Omega-3 fats have an anti-inflammatory effect. . Most Americans consume a heavily acidic diet high in Omega-6 fats, which leads to chronic and excessive inflammation, and the result is chronic disease. Because your brain is primarily fat, a diet that heavily favors Omega-6 fats causes inflammation in your brain. . In addition, a diet that favors Omega-6 fats will trigger greater fat storage. Many studies show animals fed a diet high in Omega-6 fats will become fatter than animals on a non-Omega-6 diet with identical calories. . If you have been trying to lose some weight and have been unsuccessful, bringing your Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio into balance may be the answer. . Omega-3 fats are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which are plant-based, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which are animal based. Omega-3 fats are ESSENTIAL, which means your body does not make them, so therefore, you need to get them from your diet. . Most Americans do not get enough Omega-3 fatty acids from the foods we eat, which is why supplementation is necessary for most people. . #getoffyouracid #raiseyourstandards #healthy #fats #alkaline #alkamindDiet #drdarylgioffre #healthyfood #omegas #healthylifestyle #seeds #nuts #fish #fruit #vegetables #protein
This article + THE ULTIMATE LIST OF HEALTHY FATS by @drdarylgioffre Link in Bio: 6/27-6/29 . So many people are afraid to eat fat in our society. The decades of scare-tactics from the sugar industry was successful at giving fat a bad name. . But the truth is, there’s no reason to fear the fat, ESPECIALLY if you are looking to lose weight. . We need fat in our diet and in fact, it’s nutritious for us – if we’re getting the right fats. . There are fats that heal… And fats that kill. . And that’s what we’re going to talk about today: What the good fats are and how to get plenty of them, while avoiding the bad fats that do so much damage to our health, both in the short and long term. . #healthy #fats #weightloss #omega #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkamindDiet #plantbaseddiet #alkaline #balance #instahealth #instagood #nuts #seeds #fruits #vegetables
. Here is the easy way to 5 servings of organic greens and 30 seconds flat. . No Juicing. No messy cleanup. No expensive produce. No hassles. No Brainer! . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #greens #dailygreens #chlorophyll #greenjuice #organic #raw #healthyfood #energy #alkamindDiet
This is the easiest and tastiest way to get the recommended 5-servings your body needs on a DAILY basis! . My entire family drinks a glass of daily greens we are five minutes away hangup, as this is the most powerful way to alkalize energize your body in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS! . #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkalinediet #leakygut #bloat #inflammation #alkaminddiet #alkaline #alkaminddiet #greenjuice #alkalinewater #alkalinevegan #alkalinefoods
Alkaline Toddler! (While you can hear the table next to us ordering Belgian Waffles!) . #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkalinediet #alkaline #alkaminddiet #alkalinetoddler #instahealth #instahealthy #instagood #avocadotoast #avocado #godsbutter #greenjuice
Easy tea recipe with nature’s most potent detoxifier and anti-inflammatory, turmeric. . This drink is perfect for you after indulging a little too much, whether in acidic foods, sugar, or alcohol. It will reduce any inflammation and get you back to alkaline health. . Lemon & Turmeric Water . INGREDIENTS [Serves 1] . ✔️1/4 tsp. of turmeric powder (or 1-inch piece of fresh turmeric) ✔️1 cup of lukewarm water ✔️1/2 lemon juice, fresh squeezed ✔️1/8 tsp. of liquid coconut nectar (you can substitute 1 date or 3-4 drops of organic liquid stevia) ✔️Pinch of cinnamon . DIRECTIONS: Heat some water in a saucepan, add lemon juice, liquid coconut nectar, and turmeric, and stir. . For best results, you should stir it constantly while you drink it, as the turmeric falls down to the bottom. . Notes – if you’re using a date as your sweetener, blend the date with the water FIRST, then add rest of ingredients and follow directions. . Also, if you’re using fresh turmeric as opposed to turmeric powder, blend the turmeric with the date first. . #getoffyouracid #alkamindrecipe #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkamindDiet #raiseyourstandards #turmeric #lemon #tea #water #healthyfood #instahealth
In @drdarylgioffre book and journey towards your best health ever - “I want your journey to optimal health to be enjoyable, and I want it to last. . So don’t worry about having to cut out all the things you love to eat. This never works. . . I will show you the simple strategies that finally allowed me to beat a lifetime of one of the worst sugar addictions you have ever seen and turn into the health machine that I am today. I don’t say that to impress you but to impress upon you that change is possible and it’s easy—it’s thinking about change that’s hard. . . When it comes to making changes in health, my motto has always been moderation, not deprivation. . . For years, I tried to quit sugar and failed. What I didn’t understand is that relying solely on willpower for long-term results isn’t sustainable. . . When you ease into health slowly, and you gradually add back the nutrients your body is actually craving, you’ll start to feel better, and you’ll keep going. . . As long as you keep moving in the right direction, you will reach your goals… and surpass them. . . Are you ready to GET OFF YOUR ACID? “ - Dr. Daryl @drdarylgioffre . .. #getoffyouracid #healthychoices #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkamindDiet #balance #healthyfood #raiseyourstandards #instahealth #instagood #plantbased #organic #healthy #balance
What do PLU codes say about your produce? (The little stickers on fruits and veggies) - and they contain numbers that cashiers use to ring you up. . . • FIVE-digit code starting with a “9” is one that has been priced as organic. . • FOUR-digit code starting with a “3 or a 4” means the produce is probably conventionally grown. . . • FIVE-digit code starting with an “8” means the item is genetically modified (GMO). . How to Avoid GMOs: Although companies are not required to put warning labels on GMOs, companies can opt to boast when their products are GMO-free. . The most sure way to avoid GMO is to buy produce labeled “USDA certified organic” or specifically labeled as “non-GMO.” . I can not recommend local FARMERS MARKETS ENOUGH. (Quality, freshness, meeting your farmer, price savings, supporting small business). . We find local farmers markets WHEREVER we go. It is also a FUN activity for the whole family! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! . #groceryshopping #raiseyourstandards #getoffyouracid #alkamind #drdarylgioffre #alkamindDiet #healthyfood #organic #farmers #farmersmarket #certifiedorganic #nongmo
Want to know my SECRET WEAPON TO CRUSH SUGAR CRAVINGS? . I was addicted to sugar for a good portion of my life. . . My sugar cravings affected me, my health, my skin, and my weight in every which way. . I tried to cut the cravings by deprivation, but that NEVER worked. . . I had to become a sort of 'health detective' to find out WHY I could not get rid of these cravings - no matter what I did. . . And my research led me to one specific ingredient - and guess what, this ingredient was the magic bullet... . Within DAYS, the cravings subsided. And as I added this special ingredient, over the next 4 months not only did my energy return (like I was in my early 20s), but I dropped 42 TOXIC POUNDS OFF MY BODY! . Check out the LINK IN TODAYS BIO 6/21/18 - you'll be glad to know what this secret weapon is! . . . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #drdarylgioffre #sugar #sugarcravings #sugarrush #toxic #weightloss #cravings #healthylifestyle #sugaraddict #raiseyourstandards #alkamindDiet #coke #cocaine #weightlossjourney
WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN! What can you improve on in the next 35 days. It’s about ADDING - not taking away! . Dr. Daryl’s Tips Below @drdarylgioffre . . 1. Keep it simple! It doesn’t need to be complicated, and the days of counting calories are OVER. Use the 80/20 rule in favor of alkaline to acidic foods. . . 2.Stay super hydrated. Eat more raw organic greens, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, green drinks, and minerals. Eat less sugar, trans-fats, dairy, meat, processed foods, soda, and coffee and you will be amazed at how quickly you can reclaim your health and energy. . 3. Don’t deprive but moderate. Deprivation never works. By slowly adding healthy foods and habits into your lifestyle, eventually the good will outweigh the bad and the body will sustain itself. . 4. Reduce (or eliminate!) the 3 P’s—Packaged, Prepared, and Processed foods. . 5. Don’t think of it as a diet. You are making a lifestyle change. Everything in moderation. . 6. Begin a daily exercise routine. Sweat excretes toxins from the body. As your blood is pumping oxygen at a greater rate with increased activity it’s carrying away toxins from your muscles and other areas of your body, too. @drdarylgioffre says; “SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING” . 7. Action is Power! There is a saying – knowledge isn’t power, its potential power. Action is power! Having a solid action plan is important, but it’s what you do with that information that will really change your life. . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkamindDiet #drdarylgioffre #raiseyourstandards #instagood #instahealth #inspiration not #inflammation #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthy #skincare #skinfood #greens #veggies
#Repost the beautiful super mom @avivadrescher. Her beautiful and healthy daughter Sienna is such an inspiration! ・・・ Got Milk? 😉 Sienna drinks her greens by @getoffyouracid everyday! Thank you @drdarylgioffre ! 🙏🏻 🥛 🥦🥒 . . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #healthykids #instahealth #drinkyourgreens #chlorophyll #raiseyourstandards
. FREE TODAY - DIGITAL GUIDE! Link in 6/19 Bio. . . We are so excited for you dive into this incredibly comprehensive chart, just enter your name and email in the box and we’ll send your FREE DIGITAL GUIDE right over to you! . Dr. Daryl’s @drdarylgioffre Alkamind Alkaline/Acid Food Chart is the most accurate and comprehensive chart you will find. . Get your FREE DIGITAL GUIDE! Make it as convenient as possible to incorporate into your lifestyle since it is 3 different food charts (in 1)! . 1. Ultimate ALKALINE Food Chart – by category . 2. Ultimate ACID Food Chart – by category . 3. Complete A-Z Chart . . #getoffyouracid #alkamindDiet #alkamind #drdarylgioffre #raiseyourstandards #alkaline #healthyfood #instagood #instahealth #nutrition #healthy #healthychoices #plantbased
EATING HEALTHY: . It’s not about DEPRIVATION. It’s about MODERATION. . . . #Alkamind #GetOffYourAcid #DrDarylGioffre #Alkaline #HealthyChoices #Moderation   #AlkamindDiet #YouCanDoIt #AlkalineDiet . #coffee #wine #balance #healthyfood
FRUIT - ALKALINE OR ACIDIC?? . A big question regarding fruit and the alkaline diet, and what you can do & WHY most fruits are acidic. .. Here are the following alkaline fruits: Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, Avocado, Tomatoes, Coconut, Pomegranate. . Watermelon is neutral. . All the rest are acidic, even fruits like bananas, oranges, and berries. It is because of one thing only - SUGAR CONTENT! . . I'm not saying don't consume these fruits, in fact, many of the smoothie in this cleanse have fruits like bananas and berries...they make the smoothie taste better and they do possess some health benefits. . . BUT, they are still acidic and you must know how to neutralize the acid to give you a NET alkaline gain on that smoothie. . If you want to have a higher glycemic index fruit like a banana, you MUST make sure to have it with a HEALTHY FAT. . . These healthy fats will slow down the metabolization of the sugars in the fruit and will neutralize the ACID and prevent an insulin spike in your blood. . . This is why our smoothies on the cleanse that have bananas or berries in them ALWAYS have a couple forms of healthy fats included like almond butter or coconut oil or chia seeds. . . #getoffyouracid #fruit #alkaline #alkamind #alkaminddiet #drdarylgioffre #healthyfood #instahealth #sugar #healthylifestyle #coconut #avocado #lemon #lime #watermellon #tomato #grapefruit #avocado #pomegranate
Healthy eating can’t be done alone! You have to bring your family on board. . Kids like color (rainbow raw veggies: red peppers, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green broccoli and celery, and purple radish with guacamole and hummus). And Kids LOVE to dip! . Please share how you encourage healthy eating! #itTakesAVilllage . #getoffyouracid #raiseyourstandards #healthykids #healthyfamily #healthyfood #alkamind #alkamindDiet #drdarylgioffre
Happy Father’s Day to all the special dads out there! . This year is bittersweet for me, as I celebrate the holiday with my wife Chelsea, and my two beautiful children, Brayden and Alea... . But it is also my first Father’s Day without my dad, who many of you know passed away last August after a hard fought battle with a esophageal/stomach cancer. . He was always there for me. He was really my hero. . And he always encouraged me to go after my dreams and goals and what I wanted in life, and to be the BEST version of MYSELF! . He sacrificed SO much, so that I (and my brothers) can have the opportunities that he never had. . I was holding my fathers hands when he passed, alongside the rest of my family. . After I thanked him for truly being the most incredible man and father, for all he GAVE to us and others - I made a vow... . I’ve vowed that I would do everything possible in any way, to prevent as many people from suffering as he did from this dreadful disease called CANCER...and any other chronic degenerative disease for that matter. . I find it so fortuitous that the week he passed, was the week that I finished writing my new book GET OFF YOUR ACID. . The book is dedicated to my father, and all the brave souls who have died or currently battling cancer. . Here is my message to you on this day - it is NEVER too late! You need to get that! . There is no such thing as an incurable disease, but only an incurable person. . If you think you can, you CAN, and if you can’t, well you’re right. . From this day forward, honor yourself, and vow to make better choices so that you can live a better life of longevity, health, and energy... . So you can be here for as long as possible to enjoy every minute with what we value most - our loved ones. . Happy Father’s Day everyone, and if there’s anything I can ever do to help you in regards to your health, please don’t ever hesitate to ask. . Much love - Dr. Daryl . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #cancersucks #cancersmancer #thetruthaboutcancer #alkalize #alkaline #alkalinediet
Sugar is the MOST acidic and inflammatory substance you can put in your body! . And JUST like the drug, the ACID potential is so addictive and damaging to your body over time... . This was MY addiction for years, and two words helped me CRUSH IT! . MINERALS & FATS (the healthy ones) -there IS a way out, and it’s all about getting rid of your DEFICIENCY’S! . #sugar #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #inflammation #addiction #sugaraddict #sugaraddiction #instahealth #instahealthy . . Repost by knowledgentleman
My amazing (and fully alkaline) wife Chelsea gave me the most awesome gift this year - the gift of OZONE O3 :) . I went downtown to my FAVORITE spa @lacasaspawellness owned by my good friend and wellness guru Dr. Jane Goldberg. . This Super Enriched Oxygen Steam Bath is one if the most powerful blood cleansers and detoxifiers! . A thirty minute session will inactivate harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, Protozoa, and CANCER cells! . It stimulates oxygen metabolism, activated you immune system, and ALKALIZES your blood. You sweat and feel great! . In my new book GET OFF YOUR ACID, oxygenation is my first step, and most important of 7 to help you reduce inflammation and acidity in your body. . If you’re in NYC, head down to La Casa, and if not, read this section of my book to learn other great ways to oxygenate your body. . Otto Warburg won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931, and in his research he discovered this about cancer... . Deny a HEALTHY red blood cell of oxygen by 35% for a period of 48 hours, and that cell CAN become cancerous. . Deny that same HEALTHY cell of oxygen by 60% (or more) and that cell will either die (apoptosis), OR WILL TURN CANCEROUS! . What denies the oxygen to the cell? . ACIDS & TOXINS! . #lacasadayspa #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkalinediet #acidity #inflammation #ozone #o3 #alkamind #alkaminddiet #detox #alkalize #cleanse #detoxification
Watch this stomach cancer story now to hear how @drdarylgioffre Dr. Daryl Gioffre’s father, Donald, found an alternative stomach cancer treatment. To see more cancer survivor stories, click here (link in this weekends bio - (June 16 & 17): . When you watch this video you’ll hear about treatments for stomach cancer that helped Donald live years longer than all the doctors predicted. How one text message changed a family forever... . And why Dr. Gioffre’s mother made all the difference - changing the course of Donald’s stomach cancer cure. . . In this stomach cancer story, you’ll find out how chemotherapy nearly killed Dr. Gioffre’s father. And what the doctors did to make his father continue to get chemo even though he didn’t want it. . Then he found some amazing alternative stomach cancer treatments that changed everything. . . Today, Dr. Gioffre has made spreading the truth about cancer his mission in life. . . If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with others you love and care about. . #thetruthaboutcancer #stomachcancer #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #cancer #instahealthy #cancersmancer #inflammation #alkamind #alkaminddiet #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #alkaline #alkalinediet
My father is my hero, and I miss him so much. . He taught me so much in life, and he sacrificed so much so that I (and my brothers) could have a better life. . Even when he was sick, the life lessons never stopped...FIGHT HARD, AND NEVER GIVE UP! . And because of this, he lived long enough to meet my daughter, Alea. For that, I am forever grateful. . In addition to his purpose, his WHY, his fight and will to live, was his diet. . My mom and dad lived a 100% alkaline based diet after he was diagnosed, and I am certain this is why he lived long enough to be able to take this picture. . We only have a few pictures with my dad and Alea, but this is one that I will cherish for as long as I live. . Health is your most valuable asset. Don’t wait until it’s gone to begin to take care of it. . Be proactive - you can still enjoy your life, but live balanced, and live alkaline at least 80% of the time. . You NEVER know the road ahead, so that’s why you need to be ready for it. . Because if you start once you find out something’s wrong, it’s already too late! . Step it up, raise your standards, and GET OFF YOUR ACID! . #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkalinediet #alkaline #alkaminddiet #inflammation #thetruthaboutcancer #instahealth
GET A FREE ALKALINE/ACID POCKET FOOD GUIDE WITH OVER 550 FOODS! . This year, Father’s Day is bittersweet for me. . As many of you who have read my new book GET OFF YOUR ACID already know, I lost my father last August to a hard-fought battle with esophageal/stomach cancer. . It devastated me and my family, and has taken my mission in life to help other people to an entire new level... . ESPECIALLY for all the fathers out there! . So in honor of you, we’re doing something extra special this Father’s Day weekend. . Use code: FathersDay at checkout for $20 off orders over $99, plus you’ll get the Ultimate Alkaline/Acid Pocket Food Guide FREE! . This is the most accurate and complete alkaline food guide you’ll ever find, and will help you make better choices when you want to know how acidic or alkaline a certain food is. . Do your part to help keep the dads in your life get healthy with the gift of alkaline greens, minerals, Omega-3 fats, and more in our alkaline store. . GET OFF YOUR ACID! Dr. Daryl . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #guthealth #alkaminddiet #alkaline #alkalinediet #instahealthy #instahealth #instagood
. . . 🌟Get $20 off orders of $99+ (ALWAYS free shipping $99+). Getoffyouracid.com . 🌟PLUS a FREE Pocket Food Guide over this weekend. (CODE “FathersDay” June 15 - June 17) . POCKET FOOD GUIDE has 550 foods and 3 different food guides, this IS the most comprehensive, accurate, and convenient quick reference food guide you will find anywhere. Included is the following: . ✔️Ultimate ALKALINE Food Chart – by category ✔️Ultimate ACID Food Chart – by category ✔️Complete A-Z Chart . Use this food guide to…GET OFF YOUR ACID! . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #drdarylgioffre #healthylifestyle #raiseyourstandards #balance #fathersday #instahealth #instagood #greens #minerals
Congratulations to my good friend, alkaline warrior, and big wave slayer Garrett McNamara @mcnamara_s , as he stands proud tomorrow in my hometown of NYC, alongside the President of Portugal and Mayor Deblasio, watching the giant waves of #Nazare in Times Square! . Garrett is such a supporter of #Alkamind and we are so proud of him and everything he has accomplished, both ON and OFF the waves! . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #bigwave #bigwavesurfing #alkaline #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #surfing #ridinggiants
One of the most important things we do to keep our sweet little Alea healthy, with a strong immune system, is 1 green juice EVERY day! . And she LOVES it! . Here’s the cool part - starting them this young, you are literally making their taste buds ALKALINE! . If we give them too much fruit and sugary grains, then their taste buds will form ACIDIC! . It’s a choice! And the dehydrated green powders makes it EASY, minus the juicing, the hassle, the cost, and my favorite, the messy cleanup! . #getoffyouracid #alkaline #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #inflammation #guthealth #instahealthy #instahealth #instagood #alkalinebaby #alkalinetoddler #healthykids #healthychildren #greenjuice #alkalinewater #dailygreens
Let’s prevent bloating before it even happens (and crush it if it’s there!). . It’s actually really easy to prevent if you know how. . Check out this article by @drdarylgioffre (link in bio) . . #getoffyouracid #raiseyourstandards #inflammation #bloat #summer #instahealth #instagood #drdarylgioffre #alkaminddiet #alkamind #healthychoices #bloated
How much water do you drink daily? . The average person loses 2.5 liters of water every day from daily lifestyle, so if you’re not drinking this amount, you’re DEHYDRATED! . So here are my rules of water: . -pH 8-9.5 (our ionizer is default at 9.0) -must be filtered -make it alkaline-forming by adding an organic lemon or lime slice -supercharge with Daily Greens / Daily Minerals / or Molecular Hydrogen (H2) . Hydration is my 2nd step in my Top 7 Ways to GET OFF YOUR ACID in my new book...check it out, and pee your way to better health ;) . #alkaline #alkamind #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkaminddiet #hydration #alkalinewater #alkalinefilter #ionizer #dailygreens #dailyminerals #molecularhydrogen #hydrogen #h2 #instagood #instahealth
Lose the BLOAT! And teach your body to burn FAT as it’s primary source of fuel, instead of SUGAR! . My new article tells you how, alongside my 3 secret drinks to CRUSH the bloat for good! - link in bio . #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkaline #alkalinediet #bloatedbelly #bloat #bloatedtummy #inflammation #leakygut #leakygutsyndrome
There are fats that HEAL, and fats that KILL! . Here is a list of my favorite oils, that help you burn fat and reduce inflammation! . Your goal should be 7-10 servings of healthy oils daily (1 serving = 1tbsp), divided over 3 meals (2 to 3 tbsp per meal). . Visually the oils will make up little of your plate, but caloric wise, 50-75%... . But DON’T fear the calories, they are healthy calories! . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #inflammation #healthyfats #healthyoils #instagood #instahealth #instahealthy #ketogenicdiet #keto #ketodiet
Our food has changed, and it’s affecting our health in every which way! . Increases in GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides - has turned our food into toxic cesspool... . Peanut allergies has increased 21% since 2010 - are our children ‘allergic’ to nuts (which is actually a legume)... . OR are they allergic to the 21 types of AFLATOXIN, a cancer causing FUNGUS that is in the soil affecting ALL peanuts? . #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaline #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #instagood #instahealth #instahealthy . #Repost @1msadrianne with @get_repost ・・・ #foodismedicine #organic #alkaline #vegan
This is SO important that you get this - GLUTEN-FREE DOESN’T EXIST! . Let me explain...for a product to be LEGALLY labeled as gluten-free, it needs to be few of the harmful gluten protein GLIADIN. . But what most people don’t know or understand is that there are a hundred other forms of gluten sneaking into these supposedly ‘gluten-free’ products under the radar! . For example, ‘gluten-free’ oatmeal - there is no such thing! While it’s FREE of GLIADIN, it contains another harmful gluten protein just as harmful as Gliadin, called AVENIN!. . This is why people who are shipping the ‘gluten-free’ aisle are NOT getting better, still plagued with gut issues and inflammation. . To ensure you are TRULY gluten-free, avoid ALL grains! . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #drdarylgioffre #alkaline #alkaminddiet #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #gluten #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #alkalinediet #instagood #instahealth #inflammation #guthealth #leakygut #leakygutsyndrome
Sugar is the MOST acidic and inflammatory acid you can put in your body! . While some sugars are worse than others - here’s what you need to understand... . Sugar is sugar in all forms! Doesn’t matter if it’s glucose, sucrose, maltose, dextrose, or the most dangerous - fructose! . The average American consumes 170lbs of sugar EVERY YEAR! . It’s not the sugar in the white packets that are causing this epidemic. It’s the hidden sugars in processed foods! . Cut back on your grains and other carbs, as THESE are the hidden sugars that are taking you out! . #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaline #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #detox #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #keto #instahealth #instagood #balance
DETOX BATH! . One of the most powerful ways to decrease inflammation in your body! . These two high alkaline salts will help you sleep better, improve your skin, and will alkalize and detox your blood. . This is one of my featured Detox Protocols in my new book GET OFF YOUR ACID. . #detoxbath #alkaminddailyminerals #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #inflammation #alkaline #alkalinediet #alkalinewater . #Repost @gettingmylifebacknow ・・・ My entire body aches from starting Insanity. Tonight I will add Lemon, peppermint and cedar wood essential oils to my bath. If you use baking soda I suggest aluminum free baking soda. #diy #detoxbath #holistichealth
Check out the new Amazon best seller by celebrity nutritionist and Alkaline Diet Expert, Dr. Daryl Gioffre - . Here’s what our favorite health gurus are saying about it... . “Get Off Your Acid is a must read in today’s toxic world. My mission in life is spreading the truth about cancer so people can live healthy, cancer-free lives. And this is personal. Both Dr. Daryl and I lost our fathers to cancer. Everyone today suffers from this epidemic in one way or another. So knowing what causes cancer, and what prevents it, could save you or someone you love. This book empowers you to live your best life and truly prevent all chronic disease, including cancer, with smart choices.” —Ty Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer . “Food can either be a destructive force that leads to epidemic illness and degradation, or it can be a powerful tool that will vastly lower rates of chronic illness and improve the lives of people everywhere. Get Off Your Acid will help you to make wise choices, so that the food you eat can help propel you toward the health you deserve. Read it and put it into action. You’ll be reaping the benefits for the rest of your life.” —Ocean Robbins, CEO, Food Revolution Network . #thetruthaboutcancer #foodrevolutionsummit #getoffyouracid #drdarylgioffre #alkamind #alkaminddiet #instahealth #instahealthy #inflammation #alkaline #alkalinediet #ketogenicdiet #keto #ketodiet #alkalinewater #alkalinefoods #vegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #oceanrobbins #tybollinger #foodrevolutionnetwork
How do you get your kids to eat a healthy breakfast???? . MAKE IT A GAME! . Brayden loves dinosaurs, and we made an avocado game with a SECRET SURPRISE at the end (he loves lychees too). . We’ve never seen him eat his breakfast so fast! . #drdarylgioffre #getoffyouracid #alkamind #alkaminddiet #alkalinediet #alkaline #ketogenicdiet #ketogenic #healthyfats #healthychildren #healthykids #avocado #godsbutter #instahealth #instagood #funnykids #instahealthy #instahealthyfood
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