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Sunnuntai, täydellinen päivä käydä vanhemmilla. 😅❤️
And you know you gotta answer because you have hellllllla dog mouths to feed 😂 #thestruggleisreal #adulting #momlife #tbt #fresnobullyrescue #pitbullsofinstagram #dog #funnymemes #pitbull
Every time I try, it gets a little closer. For some people this jump comes easily. For me it’s been a struggle since the beginning. I’m proud of the journey. . . . . #Axel #journeytotheaxel #axelattempt #figureskating #iceskating #skater #adultskater #ryahskates #adulting #brave #justdoit @nike @lululemon @edeaskates #hardwork #practice #nopainnogain
Finally! It’s been 50 days since we’ve had a place to call home. This time we have a place to call home and it’s actually OURS! What an emotionally draining experience it has been. We literally hit the ground running, within the first few days of being here we put in about 5-7 offers, offering 25-30K over asking price. The market here is so competitive we were feeling so discouraged. Anyway, 10 days into this we finally got an offer accepted! It’s so crazy because before we even looked at this house Mika said “this is the house.” I on the other hand was so spoiled the last 9 years and didn’t have to commute and when I did have to commute my job paid me mileage and location premium (it was only a 45 min commute), so I didn’t think much of this house before seeing it and i was in no rush to see it. The day the offer was due we looked at the house, we walked into this house and it felt like home, like how I feel when I go home to Hawaii and walk into my grandparents home, that’s how i felt...it was the house, it is the house! So we put our best foot forward and put in a bid at the top end of our budget. I woke up Sunday morning to a congrats text from our realtor. It was literally the best feeling, in the midst of all this we had another offer accepted, long story short we knew it wasn’t the one. Anyway, it’s been 23 days since we got into contract with this home, 23 of the longest days of my life waiting to get our keys! I’ve learned so much during this process, 1. Buying a home and PCSing simultaneously is way too overwhelming for me, but i would do it again AND.. 2. We couldn’t have done it without Gods grace, the amount of stress on our shoulders was way too much for a person to bare on their own (if you’ve ever relocated you know how stressful it is) 3. It’s all about Gods timing! We’ve been overseas for 9 years and this was our first opportunity to buy a home but as much as I worried, I prayed and everything literally fell into place before our eyes. The Arabias’ are officially ready for visitors in the Bay Area! #adulting #homeowners @7osixmik6
Is one officially an adult when a fun day consists of organizing and cleaning? 🤓 #adulting #funday #fergalicious #zafulgirl #firmoo #hcostyle #hollisterjeans
“Sure, transforming my bedroom into a more ‘adult’ space required work, but I don’t regret it at all... The main priority was curating a space that makes me happy.“ Link in bio for more on Lonny editor @shelbywax ’s new digs. // Styled by @leahharmatz of @fieldtheory. // 📸 by @fluxi.
Sorry running a few minutes late xx
I put on a blazer to moderate @esteelaudercompanies ' Inclusion & Diversity Global Summit panel today, and I've never felt more grownup. (She said, while taking a bathroom selfie.) #adulting
Today Bill received his last paycheck. From now on, we pay the bills (and the Bill) entirely from our own enterprises. This occasion calls for a special #adulting dinner! #cookiesandwine #bringit #domesticbillneedsahashtag
Until the day I die! 🙄🙈😭
Hmm 13 IEPS to write, maternity plans to do, and my room is a disaster (see background)..... Better organize my pen collection!!! #priorities #adulting 🌈
Thoughts 💭 we are working on a cool campaign right now so I’m testing this here #fun #ad #commercial #adulting #algorithm
Can you check off everything on the list? ✌🏻✔️ #growinup #adulting Via👉🏻 @secrets2success
Yes many people have been receiving notes with their merch that they have been upgraded to snake pit! Congratulations to everyone and to the others.... Well... Go order some merch hehe (who am I to talk I can't afford any of it looool) - E #taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour #snakepit #upgrade #merch
Goose and I have been poppin’ bottles for one whole year at the homestead 🏡 #timeflies #homeowners #adulting #theclubhouse
It's time to grow up. 💪 #adulting #debtfreecommunity #budgeting #budget
There are few things that can make you feel more accomplished than (finally) finishing your taxes. So go ahead, break into your happy dance — you deserve it! And if taxes are still on your to-do list, check out the link in our bio for some tips on getting them done. ☝️
Tell me more, tell me more... not. #BarelyFunctionalAdult
My sweet wife after getting all three children (plus me) through airport security, fed, and on the plane. #Adulting
How I feel right now laying in bed at our house wishing I had something to snack on!!!!! Fruit snacks, Doritos, Cinnamon Gummy Bears, Gummy worms, Carmel, Ice cream sandwiches, Cheese and crackers or almost anything! Lol 😂 What’s your favorite snack that comes to mind? Comment BELOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #SnacksOnSnacks #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #babysteps #budget #Snacks #totalmoneymakeover #financialpeaceuniversity #goals #MyLife #😭 #Thestruggle #Strugglebus #adulting #Someoneadoptme #Someonewithsnacks #thishouseisaprison
Day 7: Lower Body Circuit Workout _ Circuit training is a fun way of incorporating high intensity workouts to your training! It targets both strength building and muscular endurance. You can do it anywhere! I did a lower body focused circuit today around a basketball court. _ On the baselines I did forward squat jumps. The first sideline, I did one legged jumps, switching my feet when reaching half court. Then the second sideline I did lunges all the way! You can tailor it to your needs. I did 4 circuits = 4 times around the court, taking about 1 minute rest in between circuits and little to no rest in between exercises. _ This killed me! Definitely try it out if you’re looking for a fun way to do some cardio! _ Top: Two tone cropped hoodie//black&light grey//small Bottoms: Gymshark flex leggings//deep real&ice blue//small
Trying to adult this morning. #adulting #raedunn
Guys, we've made it. We're adults who made pretty hooks because we actually WANT to hang our coats up when we come home. #adulting 🙈
Well... we did the dang thing! There’s no one besides @mrsnikkigibson that I’d trust to make this chop. She put up with 14 years of “just a trim, like only the split ends” #adulting #surgerywithoutasedative #momlife ✂️💇🏽‍♀️🌟💃🏻❤️
Who agrees? BonesCoffee.com #adulting Enter our weekly coffee giveaway! Every Friday we'll be giving away 5 4oz bags of coffee and a t-shirt. Enter here: https://goo.gl/Px3cuy
☝🏼 My 2018 mantra as I count down until my biggest adventure yet 💛 #Adulting is such a weird transition I’m still trying to make sense of, and my good friend @mikkawee interviewed me about it in @preenonline column—story link in profile! 😊 #typebyabc #🔤NYC
Anyone else fail to "spring forward?" This time change has me feeling extra tired today. Luckily my vacuuming is doing itself! And I seriously could not be more excited! You know you're adulting when you get excited about a vacuum! Lol . . #adulting #robotvacuum #bobipet #vacuum #daylightsavings #juterug #braidedjute #letterboardlove #letterboardfun #homedecor #arearug #rugsusa #hobbylobbyfarmhouse