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Napping is really the human equivalent of “have you tried turning it off and back on?” . . DID YOU KNOW how important sleep is? (No, but really). Lory, Alysa and I talked about it briefly on a podcast the other day (link in my bio). The book we were referencing is called “Why We Sleep” and I highly recommend picking it up if you need to change your perspective on sleep 🦉(notice I didn’t say want to).
Book Summary (so far) It seems that when our natural rhythm of life gets out of balance, in this instance, when we don’t get enough sleep, the brain and body begin to take measures to protect itself. On some deep innate level, our bodies are hardwired to take sensory information and respond accordingly. A lack of sleep can halt the ability to use our most recently developed part of the brain that allows us to be involved in the decision making process that effects our well being. It returns to the most prehistoric way of functioning, completely out of our control . Hormones are being released that increase our appetites. Our cells are more resistant to insulin uptake which inhibits the absorption of glucose from the blood stream. Our blood pressure rises as a result of blood vessels restricting, (now known as a sympathetic or stress response) necessary in a survival situation especially when in danger. Our immune function is compromised as well as the expression of our genes. Our memories are effected , due to the lack of time given to the brain to store new memory to long term memory storage. With no sleep, there is very little time for our brains to be restored and waste cleared away. There are connections to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as weight gain and mental illness. When we lose sleep the brain goes into survival mode. It reverts back to operations that are built in to keep us alive but are more than over taxed now when what we see as a threat rarely is something that could actually take our life. I prioritize my sleep health and am diligent to counteract some of the normal effects of being a human. Hormone fluctuation and the effect of aging can seem out of our control and be frustrating. Combatting the effects of stress, which disrupt our hormone balance, is a good place to start. Yoga and meditation can help. If you feel lost as to why you are suffering from a lack of sleep, a yoga and meditation practice can bring more presence into your day which in turn could hi light habits that could be affecting your sleep. Thanks @amysedgwickmd #itsallyoga #whywesleep #svadyaya #sleepequalshealth #practiceispersonal
New Book Day. Like a numpty I somehow ordered 2! 🙈#whywesleep #matthewwalker #scienceofsleep #confessionsofronniesmummy
Well, I'm back. I periodically need to recalibrate – I could never be a lifestyle blogger because I quite simply need often to not be on instagram and other similar spaces. And I have just rediscovered sleep, and I am now prioritising things that should never have been unprioritised in the first place. Much of my work life for over a decade takes place in multiple time-zones, and I am often still working past midnight. I've come to a ridiculously belated realisation that this is simply insane. I now put candles on instead of electric light after about 9pm. Candlelight doesn't allow me to do much, and with my added veto on screens after about 8pm – bar a sneaky instagram post and then NO CHECKING, all that's left to do is to hang out with the family in the warm, drowsy light, and maybe to read a book for a little while until it gets too dark to do even that. Here's the insane bit. I actually panicked the second night I did this because it was 9.30 and I was not working. What the..? Headcheck - that's just awful, really awful, and unnatural. So, recalibration time. My instagram posting times might skate around a bit because I've decided my wellbeing is more important than this app. If you message me about something I might not reply for 12 or so hours, but I will reply! I always deal with requests as they come in. And for anyone wanting inspiration about how vital sleep is to every facet of being alive, go find Matthew Walker's wonderful and frightening book 'Why We Sleep'. It scared the bejesus out of me – but a week later I have my sleep and my dreams back and I am beginning to feel like an energised human. This beautiful piece of embroidery is actually two huge panels on black felt, from 1890-1920, probably Austrian or Hungarian rather than French. They were part of my magnificent haul from yesterday's Pentecôte market, where I bought too much, ate too much and had a lovely day. These are already sold, requested from my stories, but I wanted to show you anyway because it is so amazing. I have more things coming up, including the most beautiful hemp sheets to cross my path in over a year. Stay tuned, things will go up as I wash them and iron them.
I'm really looking forward to getting around to this one. I've been like a reading machine this year, so I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm learning about sleep! ⚬ ⚬ I haven't been very active in here lately because I moved house and now I'm visiting my partner in an entirely different city, so I haven't had much time to figure out a new setup for my photos. I'll get around to it when I'm back at my house again! ⚬ ⚬ I hope you're all having a lovely day! ⚬ ⚬ ⚬ #bookstagram #instabook #alysthebookwyrm #whywesleep #nonfiction
Afternoon in the sun with my book before the thunder cracked too hard for me to chance staying out. As soon as I moved inside the hail came and smooshed the sunny afternoon into the past like a killjoy popping your smoke ring you were so pleased with. #afternoonreading #read #ilovebooksmorethanpeople #whywesleep #science #nonfictionbooks #getyourgeekon
I just finished one of the most important books I think I have ever read. I’m not exaggerating. If you... - Have ever struggled with sleep or consider yourself an “insomniac” - Routinely sleep 6 hours or less at night - Have kids - Take any kind of medication for sleep - Regularly drink caffeine ...you really need to read this book. Frankly I think EVERYONE needs to read this book. I know I’m a nerd, but the topics discussed are of critical importance to the world as a whole. Have I been dramatic enough? Thanks for the recommendation Marco Brown! Life changing stuff here! #whywesleep
How are you spending the last hours of the last public holiday (in NL) till Christmas 😱 ? #readinginthesun #lastraysofsun #teaislife #whywesleep
Essential flight reading 👌🏻Off to Dublin to chat creative with the team at Facebook 🎨 • • • • •#cityairport #facebookdublin #worktravel #dublinireland #bookstagram #whywesleep #books 📚
I finished this on Kindle a few days ago - super interesting & I've realised that I, like most people, am suffering from chronic sleep deprivation! (not helped by jetlag either right now!) I've made a resolution to work on my sleep quantity AND quality as the health benefits of regular good sleep are innumerable! #whywesleep #reading #bookstagram #books #nonfiction
My latest book haul from Amazon...yep I think I may have a problem. That stack should keep me going for a while though.
Looking forward to getting my peepers into this one. More important to wellbeing than exercise and diet, sleep is definitely a friend but sometimes a naughty one that evades many of us. Wonder what I'll learn about the land of nod...... will I stay awake to read it?! #sleepisawesome #whywesleep #shuteye #landofnod
The vampire hormone = Melatonin #WhyWeSleep
What a great day at the Dental Showcase today. I was so honoured to talk on a subject that I am very passionate about sponsored by @gsk. I spoke about the importance of treating the patient with a whole body approach which includes nutrition, lifestyle management, smoking cessation, breathing, sleep, and myofunctional therapy. There is something happening in dentistry and I am very excited to be part of this movement. @drstevenlin I gave you a mention and gave out a free copy of one of your books to the first person who came to talk to me after the show and recommended it to all! There is a small group of us starting to connect and make this change to treat patients with a whole body approach and help them to achieve optimal health. @healthy_dental @coconutritious @myofunctionaltherapy.uk Please get In touch if you would like to join us as we are planning study days together in the future to share our knowledge! Have a great weekend all! I am off for a rest ! ✌🏼 ......................................................... #wholebodyapproach #holism #nutrition #dentalcare #badt #bsdht #gsk #dentalwoman #dosomethingthatscaresyou #feelthefearanddoitanyway #talk #speech #presentation #nutrition #myofunctionaltherapy #breathe #parasympatheticnervoussystem #smokingcessation #sleep #matthewwalker #whywesleep #meditation #networking #dentalprofessionals
My brain is excited for all the #gains it’s currently about to receive! . #tgif #readmorebooks #matthewwalker #sleepdiplomat #whywesleep #ThePowerOfSleep
Turning my reading habit into something educational. Dream catcher bedding is purely coincidental 📚🤓 #whywesleep #dreams #sleep #learning #psychology #bedtimereading
Todays tip for healthy sleep Relax Before bed Don't over schedule your day so that no time is left for unwinding. A relaxing activity, such as reading or listening to music, should be part of your bedtime ritual. #whywesleep #sleep #tips #hbnation #changinglives #sleepy #sleepless #sleepover #sleepin #read #reading #relax #relaxing #music #listen #listentomusic #health #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #personaltrainer #coach #fitness #leicester
Perhaps going through an existential crisis but can’t wait to start these 🤓 📖 #whywesleep #thechimpparadox #bookworm #dreams #mindmanagement
76% of the way through this audiobook and I finally find the PDF accompaniment. This is not how I imagined this graph when it was described, safe to say I understood very little - might need to go back to these sections! 🙈 It was hiding in the library btw but only on desktop not on the mobile app 😤 🙃
3 of the biggest variables we have control of when we’re improving our health and physique are: # 1/ Nutrition 2/ Training 3/ Sleep # For anyone who is training to lose fat, build muscle or both the first two are probably the only two that are thought of. # All too often we neglect good quality sleep, and lose out on all the positive health + performance benefits. # Poor sleep = increase risk of injuries, means your recovery will be poor, immune system weakened, dipping concentration, elevated blood glucose, elevated cortisol, increases in blood pressure, lowers libido, can affect mental health and much more. ❌ # There’s a lot that a restful night does for us without us even noticing.🙏🏼 # Sleep cycles tend to go between R.E.M (rapid eye movement) and N.R.E.M (non rapid eye movements) which means we have light and heavier phases throughout. # If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve woken up feeling groggy this could be part of the reason. 🤔 # Ideally we went to wake in our light phase of this. So either after, 6 hours, 7 1/2 hour or 9 hours. 😊 # Figure out how much sleep you need and what works best for you, then ensure your bed time ritual maximises your sleep. # If you’ve neglected this you’ll be shocked at how much better you will feel. 👍🏼 # If you want a comprehensive explanation on sleep I highly recommend Matthew Wallker’s book “ Why We Sleep “. 😴 # Who else needs their beauty sleep? # Comment below! ⤵️
All good shit! Been reading and listening to podcasts and Audibles about the science of natural healing. It’s been a tough year for me but I am getting healthier by the day and learned so much about how nutrition and sleep is essential for our being! @medicalmedium has helped me a ton thanks to @lavishxlife and @adadich ! I’m hooked! Also I wanted to give a shot out to @bengreenfieldfitness and @joerogan #whywesleep @chriskresser for also being inspirational to me. ❤️🥗🧘🏽‍♀️🍎🏋🏾‍♀️🍊🥒🏊🏽‍♀️🍌🥇🥊 #jocklifeforever
Thursday #tidbits
after he was on @joerogan 's podcast I had to read #MattgewWalker 's boon #WhyWeSleep about the importance of a good nights sleep.
Mental health week. Foods to Boost your Brain and Memory. Brain Health has to be worked at, we need oxygen loads of it, so yoga, pranayama exercises are great food for your brain, relaxation, rests and repairs your brain. And all these foods food the neural cells. Oh and sleep works wonders. Enjoy!! #mentalhealthawareness #brainpower #pranayama #whywesleep #cocoa #sholasays
#Repost @uitgeverijdegeus • • • Kijk wat een leuke deurhangers wij hebben gemaakt ter promotie van het boek ‘Slaap’ van Matthew Walker. Twee verschillende versies met grappige illustraties gemaakt door Renske de Greef! Spaar ze allebei 😀 #zzzz #slapen #slaap #matthewwalker #matthewwalkerphd #uitgeverijdegeus #non -fictie #deurhanger #whywesleep #bookstagram #lmbooks .be
WHY WE 💤 “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” - is a little unfortunate, the shorter you sleep, the shorter your life span. The elastic band of sleep deprivation can stretch only so far before it snaps. 🙄 Human beings are the only species that will deprive themselves of sleep without legitimate gain” . I only started reading this book like.. an hour ago but I like it already 🙏🏻 Has anyone read it ? . . . #sleep #whywesleep #sleeping #sleepdeprivation #health #healthysleep
Swapping out the tome for something a little easier on the backpack. What a fabulous read this is so far #matthewwalker #whywesleep 💤 #penguinbooks #bookstagram #bookworm #everydayisaschoolday
Part 2: 💥SLEEP BENEFITS💥 - 💤Improves ability to learn. ✅Boosts memory by transferring short-term memories into long-term. 💤Aids in making logical decisions and choices. ✅Recalibrate emotional brain circuits. 💤Removes toxins from the brain. ✅Helps to bolster a strong immune system which fights of disease, infection, and sickness. 💤Balances insulin and glucose ✅Controls body weight, for when we get enough good sleep, our cravings for sugary, and salty foods plummets. 💤 Regulates appetite. ✅Maintains a vibrant microbiome inside your gut. 💤Boosts cardiovascular system, while lowering blood pressure, and keeping heart strong and healthy - all amazing health, AND performance benefits. - 💥ASSESS💥 - 1️⃣After waking up, could you fall asleep again at 10 or 11 am? If you said, 'Yes' then you may not be getting enough sleep QUANTITY and/or QUALITY. 2️⃣Can you function optimally without caffeine before noon? If you responded, 'No' then you could quite possible be self-medicating chronic sleep deprivation. 3️⃣Do you have sleep disturbances (trouble falling and/or staying asleep?) If so, you might have too much negative stress in your life, leading to a spike in stress hormones at the wrong times. - 💥ACTION STEPS💥 - 🕙Don't think about sleep as the last thing in the day, as this makes it easier for us to push off. Start to consider sleep as the first thing you do in the day. Honour it. 🛌Try to wake up and get outside within the first hour of sunrise. Even if it's just for 15, 10, or even 5 minutes. This will help reset your circadian rhythm, and boost your energy throughout the day, and help you sleep at night. 🕙Try to consume coffee only prior to noon (if needed). It helps to caffeine cycle, going periods of time (days/weeks) without it. 🛌Aim to get to bed around 10-­11 p.m. every night. 🕙Turn the lights down in your home as it gets closer to bedtime (9 p.m.) 🛌Eliminate exposure to all electronics 45 minutes to 1 hour before bed. No T.V., laptop, and cell phones. 🕙Leave your cell phone outside of your bedroom and make sure volume is turned off. 🛌Make your room as dark as possible, or use and eye mask. 🕙Keep bedroom cool and sleep in loose fitted clothing
--- Scariest audio book I've ever listened to. 😢😂 #WhyWeSleep #SleepAppreciation #SleepAwayOrSlipAwayWHUT
Ok. So this book TERRIFIED me, and is without a doubt THE most important book I have ever listened to. As someone who totally subscribes to ‘sleep is waste of time’ and ‘I don’t need much sleep to survive’ theory, I really resent the fact that I have to sleep. But in reality it is only the smallest, most miniscule subsection of humanity that have a genetic strain which means they can survive on 6 hours a night (Quinn, I’m looking at you as well). Sleep is THE MOST fundamental of all human behaviours as our brain literally breaks down and rebuilds itself on a nightly basis. Sleep is proven to be the best medicine for productivity, creativity, happiness, health, sex life, metabolism, mental stability, life longevity, not to mention preventing anxiety, cancer & depression etc etc. I could write a lot here, but I really think this book needs to be read by everyone in society to truly understand the devastating consequences of sleep deprivation. Mathew Walker is both entertaining and explicitly passionate about the need for greater education on this life-altering element of being human. We learn to eat vegetables and to exercise to keep healthy, but there is a fundamental problem with western culture’s disregard for sleep, which is taking a huge toll on our health system, our road death tolls, our education system, GDP and more. Couple bits of the book are a bit hard to listen to around the testing of animals, but on a happier not, I’m stoked to learn that my hectic dreams really do come from a place of creativity (... and likely after starving my brain of REM after a big weekend) So for now, I’m going to focus on getting 8 hours a night every night and drink up that sweet, sweet elixir of life. Can’t wait to feel like a real human and start performing at my cognitive optimum! For those who won’t read or listen to the full book, he’s also done a podcast with Joe Rogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwaWilO_Pig Also, please install this on your computer: https://justgetflux.com/ ASAP @jessicakniaz This one goes out to you Ducky xo 🐧😴 #whywesleep #mathewwalker #sleepislife
Very interesting read, especially if you're like me and struggle to sleep during "normal" hours... #sleep #matthewwalker #whywesleep #bookstagram #nonfiction #nonfictionbooks #sleepless #insomniac #notamorningperson #nightowl
As it’s #mentalhealthawarenessweek - 2 books I’ve listened to recently that are pretty brilliant and both subjects that impact hugely on physical and mental health. Highly recommend 👍🏻 #goodreads #books #readthis #whywesleep #gut #giuliaenders #mentalhealth #anxiety #health #getmoresleep #youdonthavetotellmetwice
This book took me forever to finish, mostly because of the application of the very essence of what this book is all about - SLEEP. Written by a neuroscientist and sleep expert, this book is a wake-up call to our society. Today, achieving a routine of high-quality sleep has become a daily goal, and although sometimes I fail, I've become much more aware of the need to give myself 8 hours of sleep time. I highly recommend this book to anyone skeptic about the power of 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and to anyone wanting to achieve optimal health in the most efficient and pleasant way possible! Also, in case you need more excuses to stay in bed 😜. Sweet dreams!!😴 #whywesleep
Ibland då det är mycket på gång och tankarna surrar får jag svårt att sova 🤯. Då kör jag den här stacken och sover som en stock hela natten 😴🙏/Christine
I've battled varying degrees of insomnia since I was a child. My mum used to wake up in the middle of the night to find me sitting on the floor, playing quietly with my toys, illuminated only by a slither of moonlight filtering in through the curtains 😂 it's only very recently that I've started sleeping 7 hours a night, usually down to pure exhaustion. This book has been imperative to understanding my own complicated relationship with sleep as well as society's. There's been a lot of mistakes made and - according to all medical research - those who are fond of the phrase 'Ill sleep when I'm dead' may well be reaching that destination sooner rather than later. If you like science, psychology, or are just fascinated by dreams (who isn't?), I recommend this book to you. #insomnia #whywesleep #sleep #whatimreading
Latest book and I am apparently putting it to good use. Didn't realize I took that long of a nap Saturday evening, thanks Fitbit! #fitbit #whywesleep #reading
This is all I can talk about. Such important and eye-opening research into everything about sleep and why sleep is everything. Read it! 💤 . 🌅. . #14secondsofsunrise #14sosreads #travel #traveldiary #culturetripbooks #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #kindlebooks #kindleaddict #bibliophile #matthewwalker #whywesleep
Todays tip for healthy sleep Do not take naps after 3pm. Naps can help make up for lost sleep, but late afternoon naps can make it harder to fall asleep at night. #whywesleep #tips #hbnation #changinglives #sleep #sleepy #sleeper #sleepin #whywesleep #book #bookstagram #bookshelf #health #healthylifestyle #coach #personaltrainer #good #night #leicester
Some books change your life. After spending the first twenty years of my work life doing shift work and the following years trying conquer the nighttime hours and get by on as little sleep as possible my eyes have been opened (or closed😀). #matthewwalker #whywesleep
This book is taking me longer than usual to read because I just want to put it down and go to sleep! #whywesleep
Loving this book !! So many reasons to sleep - #sleep #whywesleep #8hoursofsleep #keephealthy #sleepforhealth #matthewwalker
Been working far too much this weekend but sometimes it's gotta be done. Work, gym, work, work, work. This book is teaching me that I need to stop before I drop. #addictedtowork #noooo #nosleep #adenosine #circadianrhythm #whywesleep #book #creative #homebase
Bin erstaunt wie wenig ich über das weiß, womit ich ein Drittel meiner Lebenszeit verbringe. Na dann ändern wir das mal! 😊 😴 #whywesleep #matthewwalker #goodbooks #goodnights #ilovescience #healthylive
Singularly the most informative, engaging and jaw dropping episode of a podcast I’ve ever listened to. Especially when there are so many ‘inspirational’ videos out there telling us to wake at 4am to be the best version of ourselves... I mean, please just listen to this and make your own mind up! The Joe Rogan Experience - Mathew Walker. Why we sleep. I know it looks lengthy at 2hrs but the time sails by. Enjoy!
i wish there was a way to bank sleep. unfortunately, the book i’m reading right now #whywesleep says no. and by “read”, i mean audio book... here’s a sketch of malificent #disney #pencilsketch #malificent #notsleeptilbrooklyn #caffiene #sketch #disneyvillains
I’m currently on holiday in beautiful Sardinia 😍🇮🇹 I’m in between reading my Polish and Italian entries for my reading challenge, but had to pick this book up at the airport because it looked so interesting. Spent my day reading it on the beach and it did not disappoint! Lots of fascinating facts about sleep and why it’s so important for our health, it’s really made me reflect on my own sleeping pattern because I know I don’t get as much as I should. I’d definitely recommend it 🤓⭐️⭐️⭐️💫
Because rules were made to be broken... I’ve been extolling the virtues of changing my caffeine habit since reading #whywesleep (honestly, it’s brilliant). Whether it’s been psychological or physiological, something has changed, and I feel a lot better for keeping my coffee to pre-midday and not having caffeinated tea thereafter (I don’t even miss it). On workdays I’m really strict, but that’s a misleading thing to say - I honestly don’t feel like I’m missing out by only having the one coffee. On non-workdays, I’ll sometimes have an additional coffee. Today it happened at 4pm. I know, my life is utterly wild. I didn’t need this, but I did want it. I may pay for it tonight, I may not. There are no regrets, though. This is proof to me that I do live a little, and although there are some days that I look at what I consume and think “ugh, I wish this were stodgy/fun”, there are some days when I go, “yes, good decision!” And, of course, it’s 8:15 on a Saturday evening and I’m in bed with a magazine and a herbal tea #balance #coffee #nutrition #goodhabits #rulesweremadetobebroken #flexiblelifestyle #lifestyle #health #fitness #guiltisnotaningredient #guiltfree #thoughimaypayforthis #learning #stojocup
My next read! I saw this guy on JRE and he’s absolutely fascinating! He’s a neuropsychologist that has conducted extensive research in the field of sleep and its health effects. I knew it was super important, but damn. You should definitely watch the podcast or read this book! #jre #whywesleep #matthewwalker #sleep #sleepdeprived #sleephealth
Great podcast, great book. #whywesleep #jre #mathewwalker #happyfriday #books
My new book is here! _____________________________________________ Checkout more at www.getcomplete.net! • • • • • • • #sleep #book #bookstagram #research #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #bookworm #dream #read #reading #study #studygram #fitness #athlete #whywesleep #mattwalker
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