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"Think of the awake state principally as RECEPTION (experiencing and constantly learning the world around you), and REM sleep as INTEGRATION (reflection storing and strengthening those raw ingredients of new facts and skills- the deep waves are a file/information packet transfer from fragile short term memory brain areas to a more permanent safe long term brain storage area), and REM sleep as INTEGRATION (interconnecting these raw ingredients with each other and with our past experiences and then building an ever more accurate model of how the world works including innovative insights and problem-solving abilities)... The brainwaves of awake & REM are almost the same, and parts of the brain are MORE active in REM (thankfully in REM sleep our muscles are paralyzed due to blocking in our brain)... NREM dominates in early sleep & REM dominates in later sleep, so a danger resides if you decide to get up 2 hours earlier than normal - you don't lose 25% of EEM sleep but actually 60-90%! " #whywesleep #biology #sleepinformation #knowledgeispower #readalong #keepreading #keepsleeping #drlisa
Seems my lack of respect for my own sleep reached a new level as I felt appropriate to go to bed at the time I usually wake up...and the rewarded myself with brunch a couple of hours later #iamcomplicated #disrespectful #whywesleep #whyidont #fuckit #saturdayvibes #brunch #howisyourdaygonnabe
"Perhaps you walked into your living room late one night while chatting with a friend. You saw a family member lying still on the couch, not making a peep, body recumbent and head lolling to one side. Immediately you turn to your friend and said, Shhh, she's #sleeping ! But how did you know? It took a split-second of time, if there was little doubt in your mind about her state. Why, instead, did you not think she was in a #coma , or even worse, #dead ?".... There are 2 stages of sleep - #NREM (non rapid eye movement) and #REM (rapid eye movement) - which play out in a recurring, push pull battle for brain domination across the night. The #cerebral war between the two is won and lost every 90 minutes - ruled first by NREM sleep, followed by the come back of REM #sleep .... we have no scientific consensus as to why our sleep (and all mammals & birds) cycles in this repeatable assymmetrical pattern. As we will discuss later, the key function of deep NREM sleep, which predominates early in the night, is to do the work of #weeding out and removing unnecessary #neural connections. In contrast, the dreaming state of REM sleep, which prevails later in the #night , plays a role in strengthening those connections. #whywesleep #matthewwalker #sleep #sleeppower #readalong #keeplearning #drlisa
I need some Zzzzzzzz’s #whywesleep #matthewwalker
So I watched a small video clip of Matthew Walker explaining a little bit about dreams and was instantly compelled to buy his book. So here it is. #whywesleep #bookstagram #booknerd #learningisfun #excited
#caffeine is a stimulant drug, the most widely abused psychoactive #stimulant in the world. It's the only #addictive substance we readily give our children, teens, and ourselves - leading to terrible effects on our sleep, and therefore our health & longevity. Caffeine blocks the sleep pressure of adenosine, has a half life of 6 hours (longer as we age), & results in rebound fatigue once it wears off. So a cup of coffee at #dinner is still hurting your sleep quality in the middle of the #night (decaf coffee still has 15-30% caffeine in regular coffee!)... To impress upon us the terrible effects of caffeine, Dr Walker includes this picture from a #NASA study exposing spiders to different drugs then noting their web construction. The searchers noted how strikingly incapable the #spiders were in #constructing anything resembling a normal or logical #web that would be of any functional use when given caffeine... #sleep #keepreading #readalong #whywesleep #matthewwalker #sleeppower #sleepwell #toxinfree #water #drinkwater #healthyliving #healthydrinking #toxins #caffeinefix #drugabuse #keeplearning #gethealthy #drlisa
Ešte furt si myslíš, že zrušenie posunov času je blbosť? #veda #spanok #bewise #whywesleep
For our nightie lovers. Introducing the Homebody slip on nightie, the perfect addition to your night time routine #findyourhomebody . . . . . #nighttime #sleep #pyjama #luxury #sleepwell #rest #whywesleep #lovesleep
#whywesleep 噹噹噹!敲黑板。劃重點。
AMAZING BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It makes you look more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dimentia. It wards off colds and the flu. It lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke, not to mention diabetes. You’ll even feel happier, less depressed and anxious. Are you interested? #sleep8hoursaday #matthewwalker #whywesleep
So excited to read these but which do I read first?! #whywesleep #telomeres #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthinspo #sleep
An improving book and a hot chocolate before bed aids sleep. Switch off those electrical devices and relax and let sleep wash over you #instaolly #ollystips #healthyolly #optionschocolate #hotchocolate @twiningsteauk #whywesleep #goodbook #goodnightssleep #sleeplikeababy #sleeplikeaboss #sleeplikeaspaniel #ollyspaniel #bedtime
Under-slept people are less productive, less motivated, less creative, less happy, lazier and more unetchical.. Perhaps the reason we all have so much to do at the end of the day is precisely because we do not get enough sleep at night.. #matthewwalker #whywesleep #sleep #sleeping #wellbeing #bookstagram #daily #reading #motivation #stay #awake #productive #creative #be #yourself - #be #awesome
#olympic #dogsleeping & #westminsterdogshow is on tonight & tomorrow! .... The second factor determining wake and sleep is Sleep Pressure. At this very moment, a chemical called adenosine is building up in your brain. It will continue to increase in concentration with every waking minute that elapses. The longer you are awake, the more adenosine will accumulate which gives you the desire to sleep, known as Sleep Pressure. When adenosine concentrations peak, you have an irresistible urge for sleep. That happens to most people after 12 to 16 hours of being awake. You can however artificially mute the sleep signal of adenosine by using a chemical that makes you feel more alert and awake: caffeine. This is the most widely used and abused psychoactive stimulant in the world. It is the 2nd most traded commodity on the planet after oil. I will discuss this next! #cavalier #westminster #dogshow #lovemydogs #cavaliers #cavlove #cavlife #cavalierkingcharlesspaniels #whywesleep #sleepwell #sleeppower #drlisa
Loving this book while I paint more baseboards. It’s crazy how important sleep is for our bodies and brains. Really fascinating stuff.
Listening to this on audible . It’s the only book that I’ve listened to that the author has said he’s delighted if people fall asleep whilst listening. What are your tips for sleeping well? #sleep #sleepwell #whywesleep #matthewwalker #psychology #psychologists #psychologistlife #health #wellbeing
Share w your family & friends - they need to know! #whywesleep and next posts about sleep pressure & the most used/abused psychoactive stimulant drug #caffeine ... Melatonin is the circulating messenger your brain's suprachiasmatic nucleus makes each evening to communicate night and day to your brain & body. The rise in melatonin begins soon after dusk shouting out a clear message throughout your brain and body that "It's dark!", a biological command for timing of sleep (in nocturnal animals like bats this occurs in the morning). In this way melatonin regulates the TIMING of when sleep occurs but has little influence on the generation of sleep. Once sleep is underway, melatonin slowly decreases across the night. With dawn as sunlight enters the brain through the eyes (through closed eyelids), the brain shuts off the release of melatonin signaling to the brain & body the finish line of sleep has been reached... Dr Walker says, " Think of sleep as an Olympic 100 meter race. Melatonin is the voice of the timing official that says, Runners on your mark!, and then fires the starting pistol that triggers the race. The timing official, melatonin, governs when the race of sleep begins, but does not participate in the race. In this analogy, the sprinters themselves are other brain regions and processes that actively generate sleep. Melatonin corrals the sleep generating regions of the brain to the starting line of bed time. Melatonin simply provides the official instruction to commence the event of sleep in our circadian rhythm, but does not participate in the sleep race itself. #melatonin #evening #morning #sleep #sleeppower #sleepwell #holisticmedicine #functionalmedicine #naturalhealing #medicine #supplements #wholeness #vitamins #olympics #olympics2018 #sprint #race #drlisa
“You do not know how sleep-deprived you are when you are sleep-deprived.” A fascinating read about why #sleep matters and the science of sleep #restmatters #powernapsforlife #rest and #restore #yoganidra #yogaforlife #yogaforhealth #yogaforsleep #yogabookclub #quotestoliveby #sleepdiplomat #whywesleep #chamomiletea #jetlag
Read this. Just read it.
. We all DO it . We all NEED it . Most of us could do it MUCH BETTER (without much effort) . 📔 This book has everyone talking about SLEEP 🙌🏼 . 😴 We bang on about sleep all the time... it’s where the MAGIC happens (recovery, fat loss, cell regeneration, muscle growth to name a few). This book is a great easy read with thorough scientific basis, but if reading’s not your thing just know this: prioritising sleep will change your life . Clink link in bio for 5 top tips to improve your sleep . #nutritioncoaching #sleep #whywesleep #eatsleeprepeat
Are you a #nightowl (30%, prefer going to bed late n wake up late AM) or #morninglark (40%, peak wakefulness early in day) or #inbetween (30% w tendency toward #evening ) ....what are these #seahorse s? Each human has an #unyielding 24 hr clock, but the peak n trough points can be strikingly different, & strongly determined by #genetics . Sadly #nightowls are treated unfairly - often labeled as #lazy or #punished by early start times, leading to greater #badhealth caused by #lackofsleep . Why did #mothernature program this variability? So each group or tribe as a whole is less vulnerable! #godsplan #workingtogether #beautiful #appreciate #appreciateeachother #seahorses #godsbeauty #creation #godscreation #keeplearning #whywesleep #drlisa
Reading a really interesting book called Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams, by Matthew Walker and it turns out that whether you're a night owl or a morning lark (or somewhere in-between) is programmed in your DNA! Sorry @woodybangsthedrums for giving you grief all these years. Turns out you're not lazy or making excuses 😉 #sleep #whywesleep #dna #nightowl #morninglark #matthewwalker
"There are 2 main factors that determine when you want to sleep and when you want to be awake. As you read these words, both factors are powerfully influencing your mind and body. The 1st factor is a signal beamed out from your internal 24 hour clock located deep within your brain, called the circadian rhythm. The clock creates a cycling, day-night rhythm that makes you feel tired or alert at regular times of night and day. It controls other rhythmic patterns too. These include your timed preferences for eating and drinking, your moods and emotions, the amount of urine you produce, your core body temperature, your metabolic rate, and the release of numerous hormones. It is no coincidence that the likelihood of breaking an Olympic record has been clearly tied to the time of day, being maximal at the natural peak of human circadian rhythm in the early afternoon!... Indeed, every living creature on the planet (even plants!) with a lifespan of more than several days generates this natural cycle." ... Back from my womans #biblestudy group and #timeforbed for me & my #clock right now! #readalong #whywesleep #sleeppower , stop #insomnia #gotosleep #healingsleep #drlisa
As you no doubt know, I’m obsessed with sleep; I’ve just discovered this and it’s already answering so many of my questions, fascinating!! I’m listening on audio, I’m so hooked I might stay up all night listening! #alreadydontwantittoend #fascinating #sleep #weneedmoresleep #lovesleep #whywesleep
#goodnight everyone! Going to bed right now after wearing my blue light blocking glasses for the 1st time (since working on computer this pm). Giving myself 9 hours in bed - I'm learning and doing! Tomorrow I will write about #circadianrhythm . Another note on #sleepimportance by Dr Walker: Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and our body health each day - Mother nature's best effort yet at contra-death. A balance diet and exercise are of vital importance, yes. But we now see #sleep as the preeminent force in this #health Trinity. There is nothing that affords a more powerful redressing of physical and mental health at every level of analysis. There is not one major organ or reaction within the body, or processes within the brain, that isn't optimally enhanced by sleep (or detrimentally impaired when we don't get enough, leading to dramatic increases in #cancer , #alzheimers , #heartattack , & every type of #physical & #mentalillness ). #keeplearning #gotosleep #justdoit #whywesleep #readalongwithme #sleepwell #sleeppower #drlisa
Just started reading this! Matt’s response after I read a short exert in horror “oh no, now you’re going to start trotting back to me all the stuff I’ve been telling you for four years - I’m looking forward to it already.” 😂 #whywesleep #bedtimeread
My friend must have been trying to keep up with me all day 🤣 Buy “why we sleep” for 99p from iBooks worth every penny and more IMHO. Loved Edinburgh today and tried on every hairband in Anthropologie 🤣 Hats, hairbands and handbags - no waistbands involved!! #bored #train #havetostayawake #steps #fitbit #edinburgh #hairband #scotland #love #whywesleep #ibooks #snow #imonthetrain
*Slightly long review alert. Please continue in the next post* Let me begin this review by quite frankly telling you that if you don't get enough sleep, soon enough, you'll fall down and die. LITERALLY Why We Sleep is Matthew Walker's book based on research and laboratory study spanning decades from Nottingham to Harvard University and later on to University of California. So it's not something he wrote based on a Google search. He's a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology. I've always know that sleep is important but reading this book and understanding the damage that sleep deprivation can cause in real time scared me to my bone marrow. I think it is in this generation that phrases like "You snooze you loose", "sleep is for the weak", "we sleep when we die" and other such ridiculousness have become entrenched in popular culture especially with the new crop of entrepreneurs and "creatives" as they like to call themselves. Don't be misled by any one, you are not special or super hardworking if you steal from your sleep. You are cheating yourself. And no mater what you have read, there is no scientific evidence that suggests that a drug, a device or any amount of psychological willpower can replace sleep. Every major system, tissue or organ in your body suffers when sleep becomes short. Wish I could make everyone read this so you can see the real time damage. Reading this book, I found that even power naps (that quick short one we mostly do during the day to get back on track) while they may momentarily increase concentration as with drinking caffeine up to a certain dose, studies have revealed that under conditions of sleep deprivation, neither naps nor caffeine can salvage more complex functions of the brain, including learning, memory, emotional stability, complex reasoning or decision-making. Now, there is a rare collection of individuals who appear to be able to survive on less than six hours of sleep because they have a sub variant gene called BHLHE41 But before you deceive yourself to think you may be one of these "sleepless elite" (cont'd) . . . . . . #bookstagram #nonfiction #WhyWeSleep #penguinbooks #bibliophile #bookphotography
#whywesleep The shorter you sleep, the shorter your lifespan...2/3 of all adults and children in developed nations fail to obtain the recommended amount of nightly sleep. "Every component of wellness, and countless seems of societie fabric comer are being eroded by our costly state of sleep neglect. The world health organization has now declared a sleep loss epidemic throughout industrialized nations." Author and researcher Dr Matthew Walker is lobbying doctors to prescribe sleep, which is one of the most enjoyable things to prescribe!... Tragically, 1 person dies in a traffic accident every hour in the US due to fatigue related error. Vehicular accidents caused by drowsy driving exceed those caused by alcohol and drugs combined. #readalong with me as sleep is vital for us, our family & work & descendants! Stop immediately the thought that sleeping more means you are lazy - quite the opposite! You are SO smart to get more sleep! #getsleep #getmoresleep #healingsleep #intelligent #intelligence #sleeppower #matthewwalkerphd
Sleep deprivation decreases your ability to fight disease. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation decreases your body's production of infection-fighting cells and substances such as antibodies, cytokines. __ Loss of sleep also affects the production of the hormone cortisol, which increases in response to stress in our bodies. Normally, cortisol should peak in the morning. In people who are sleep deprived, this hormone may peak later in the day. Persons with irregular cortisol patterns are subject to a decrease in the body's release of "natural killer" cells that help to battle cancer. Irregular cortisol patterns are also linked to irregular hormone cycles and are correlated with estrogen-dominant cancers. __ Melatonin, the hormone associated with making us feel sleepy at bedtime, also has cancer fighting properties. It has anti-oxidant properties which helps to protect against DNA damage. It can also lower estrogen production in the ovaries, which is a concern for estrogen-dominant forms of cancer, such as breast or ovarian cancer. If your body or lifestyle is preventing you from producing enough melatonin you may be at greater risk for cancer and disease. __ If your immunity and body's ability to fight cancer is a concern, which, I hope it is, it's important to address your sleep. Give yourself plenty of time to sleep. 8 hours is suggested by UC Berkeley professor and researcher, Matthew Wakler, PhD, regardless of how much sleep you *feel* you need or can get by on. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, getting some help is advised. Acupuncture is one way to get your body balanced and sleeping well again. __ #whywesleep #sleepforimmunity #naturalimmunityboost #naturalcancersolution #immunityboost #insomniasolutions #naturalinsomniaremedy #mariebowseracupuncture #optimizeyourhealth #sleepsolvesourproblems
Kitty cat cuddles, book and a cup of tea. After a non stop, stressful weekend with little sleep. Hopefully can find some peace. #110mphlife #cats_of_instagram #whywesleep #matthewwalker
AMAZING BREAKTHROUGH! Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It makes you look more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dementia. It wards off colds and the flu. It lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke, not to mention diabetes. You'll even feel happier, less depressed, and less anxious. Are you intrested? ...... Follow me this month for great learning & this healing on Instagram (drlisa_m), Facebook (Excell for Life Family Care & Pediatrics), or online (www.excellforlife.com) - and tell your family & friends to follow me too! Read along with me for even greater motivation & healing! #sleep #sleeppower #sleepmore #healingsleep #whywesleep #drlisa
As the mother of a kid who just can’t get to sleep, no matter how much she tries, this book is soooo interesting #whywesleep #nightowl #morninglark #sleep #dreams #bodyclock #book #read #healthcare #matthewwalker
Repost from @habitofreading - Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker 😴 - The main objective of Why We Sleep is to make you aware of how important it is to sleep 8 to 9 hours a day. My two favorite Why’s: - Why We Sleep 1️⃣ People who sleep 8 to 9 hours will live significantly longer than people who don’t. Sufficient sleep can prevent cancer and dementia, and lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. - Why We Sleep 2️⃣ The few hours saved by sleeping less will not compensate for the productivity and focus lost by feeling tired throughout the day. - Now go to sleep ! #MatthewWalker #WhyWeSleep #WhySleep
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