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The first ever Edo Youth Leadership Summit (EDYLead'S18) begins today 23rd March, 2018. It promises to be interactive, educative and life changing. Edo youths from all walks of life will be attending, make plans to attend too. VENUE: Precious Palm Royal Hotel, Ugbowo, Benin City. DATE: Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March, 2018. TIME: 9:00am Come, learn, unlearn, relearn and be an impactful youth valuable to Edo State and our Nation! #YouthLeadership #WeAreStrongerTogether #flashnewsblog #fnbnaija
People should be more careful when seeing women esp Black women in Real Estate it’s like we have to fight to be respected in everything smh but we lead so many when will the world realize women hold POWER ! #wearestrongertogether #sergeantsdaughter #educated #tryme #tryus
If you have been diagnosed with MS in the last year, this post will help you. 1. You are not alone. There are 2.5 million people in the world with the same diagnosis.  It is estimated that every hour, a person is diagnosed with MS around the world. 2. MS is not contagious. You don't need to lock yourself in a room and stay away from your loved ones. 3. MS is not a death sentence. People with MS have similar life span to non MS. 4. Most people with MS live a healthy and active life. According to National MS Society, 70% will lead a life with no disability. 5. The disease varies from person to person. So don't compare yourself with others 6. Don't exhaust yourself and your thinking to know why. Scientis know it is an autoimmune disease, but don't know why it happens. 7. Give yourself enough time to adjust to the new diagnosis and your new body. Might take you up to 1 year. 8. Being diagnosed now is a good thing. There are more effective drugs that prevent relapse and hence progression.  اذا كنت مريضا جديدا بال ام اس ، فهذا البوست سوف يساعدك. ١. انت لست وحدك. هناك ٢،٥ مليون شخص حول العالم بنفس المرض. هناك من يقدر بانه يتم تشخيص مريض بال ام اس بمعدل كل ساعة في مكان ما على هذه الكرة الارضية ٢.المرض ليس معديا. لا تحتاج ان تقفل بابك عليك او ان تعزل نفسك بعيدا عن الناس. ٣.مرض ال ام اس لا يعني الموت. معدل عمر حياة مرضى ال ام اس هو نفسه معدل عمر حياة الناس الغير مصابة بهذا المرض. ٤. يعيش أغلبية مرضى ال ام اس حياة طبيعية  تقدر جمعية ال ام اس الوطنية ان ٧٠% من المرضى يعيشون دون اعاقات. ٥. المرض يختلف من شخص لآخر. لا تقارن نفسك بالآخرين ٦. لا تشغل تفكيرك و تتعب نفسك بالسؤال لماذا اصبت بهذا المرض؟ المجتمع الطبي يعرف ال ام اس على انه مرض مناعي حيث ان الجسم يهاجم نفسه و لكن لا يعرفون لماذا. ٧.اعط نفسك بعض الوقت للتاقلم مع المرض. قد يصل الموضوع الى سنة عند بعض الناس ٨.يعتبر تشخيص المرض في الوقت الحالي شيء جيدا حيث ان هناك العديد من الادوية الفعالة التي تمنع الانتكاسات و بالتالي تطور المرض و تقدمه. #WeAreStrongerTogether #معا_نحن_أقوى
Want to Collaborate? I've got some shoots coming up and was going to use some of my existing pretties, but then I thought there's no harm in asking if anyone has something new and wants to collaborate? 😄 Send me a DM if interested 💖 #broochaddict #totallyaddictedtobrooch #letscollab #collaboration #wearestrongertogether
When you get "best case scenerio" news from the surgeon! Charlie is on the way to recovery. God is good! #allsmiles #tiredgirls #happysassy #wearestrongertogether
Women supporting women and lifting up young girls who need guidance and support; that’s what today was all about at the #2018TUFG Teaming Up For Girls luncheon for @florencecrittentonaz More of this, please! Loved sharing the day with some of the lovely ladies at @arizonasfamily @heathermooretv did a great job as emcee and @chrissymetz was awesome. “God doesn’t give you a vision without a provision.” #wearestrongertogether
The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. Remember that the difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. And if you need a little help to keep moving, Cinderella's Attic is here for you - building confidence one girl at a time! Seriously girl, if you need a little extra push to get back on your bike, WE GOT YOU! ❤️💜❤️ #womenempowerment #findyourcinderellamoment #cinderellasattic #yougotthis #wearehereforyou #believeinyourself #womensupportingwomen #wearestrongertogether
Iiiii ide jedna sjajna vijest 😉 Od danas naše #najpoznatije proizvode poput neprevaziđenih proteinskih cookie-ja, 🍪 energetskih pića bez šećera Wolverina i Amino Pro, preko različitih vrsta proteinskih čokoladica, 🍫pa sve do jednog jedinog kikiriki maslaca i još puno toga, možete pronaći na Oil AC pumpama 💪💪💪 Dakle, ako vam @piramida_shopping_centar nije blizu, onda mora biti jedna @oilacmostar pumpa 😏💪 I što je najbolja stvar od svega dostupni su vam 24/7 💪💪💪 Nema izgovora ❗❗❗ #elitnutrition #oilac #wearestrongertogether
Sometimes, you just need to lean on each other, a hug, or to close your eyes and rest together. #LaborSupport can look like this.. It just comes naturally. May every #PregnantWoman be supported, held and loved. There is nothing to do but BE WITH the #laboring mama and exude calm, trust, and love. 📷: @_empowher   #WeGotThis #YouAreStrong #WeAreStrongerTogether #LoveIsAllYouNeed
Juntos chegaremos mais longe. #wearestrongertogether
Just because someone said it doesn’t mean it’s true. Facts Do Matter This Saturday is the #marchforoutlives events taking place all over the country. Barack and Michelle Obama wrote a letter to the Parkland students, who organized the rally in DC on Saturday.; “Not only have you supported and comforted each other, but you’ve helped awaken the conscience of the nation, and challenged decision-makers to make the safety of our children the country’s top priority... There may be setbacks; you may sometimes feel like progress is too slow in coming,” the Obamas wrote, “but we have no doubt you are going to make an enormous difference in the days and years to come, and we will be there for you.” “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead I’m marching. Will you? Find a march close to you. There are 838 events planned around the country. Marchforourlives.com #guncontrol #nraisaterroristorganization #resist #bloodmoney #bluewave #marchforourlives #lovetrumpshate #wearestrongertogether #noputin #votethemout
Je me suis arrêtée à Maelbeek ce matin. Une pensée pour les victimes @Life4Brussels...... WE will never forget 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 • • mais aussi un coup de gueule vis à vis de la @stibmivb : vous aurez pu mieux faire ! • • • • • • #maelbeek #maalbeek #brussels #remember #wearestrongertogether #bruxelles #life4brussels #metro #metrobruxelles #citylife #life #stronger #belgium #belgique #welovebrussels #neverforget #bruxellesmabelle #brusselssprouts #bruxellesvie #lifeisbeautiful #beautifullife
TBT Some time ago at the Capoeira Angola Center at 104 W 14st . Grão Mestre Corisco & Grão Mestre João Grande. Na bateria Mestre Doutor @mestredoutor Algum Tempo atrás no Centro de Capoeira Angola na 104 da rua 14. #tbt #greatmasters #grandmasters #grandesmestres #capoeira #capoeiraangola #berimbau #roda #bateria #pedoberimbau #dança #arte #luta #cultura #música #art #culture #martialart #dance #music #africa #brasil #bahia #wearestrongertogether #auniãofazaforça #ubuntu #✴
We are ready for warm sunny days... I love flowers but can we skip spring and jump into summer already? Maybe, when I burn my cheeks off while getting into the car after a long day at the beach. I’ll miss the cool days of early spring. Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about! 😂🙋🏽‍♀️
Family. Unique amazing individuals all working within the same mission of promoting, advocating and defending to live vibrantly, loving each and our planet in health and prosperity🙏🦋🌊💙 #missiondriven #inspired #empowerment #activatetoawesome #angelseverywhere #puriumrising #entrepreneurlife #wearestrongertogether #standunited #gratitude
They will hear us Saturday✊🏻✊🏼✊🏿 I will be there to march for my life, will you? Comment: "✊" if you'll be there, comment "🤝" if your with us!!! • • • • • • • Creds: @marchforourlives #enoughisenough #enough #studentsstandup #wearestrongertogether #marchforourlives #MarchForOurLives #neveragain
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been voting! You have all helped me get through to the next round of competition! We have 6 days left to vote to get me to phase 3! Please jump back on and get voting again! I see some votes as the system shows me the last 3 people who have voted and I just want to say how amazing you all are, people who are not even that close to me have jumped on board and shown me support and taken the time to vote! It really means the world to me and I’m so grateful! From family, friends, friends of friends, equestrian community, Muay Thai community, complete strangers and people on the other side of the world! You guys rock and I love you 🤟 🙏❤️😘 click the link to vote https://au.maximsfinest.com/2018/rhiannon-bosma #vote #wearestrongertogether #teameffort #thankyou #gratitude #voteRhiannonBosma #australiasfinest #maxim #girls #modelling #beautifulwomen #sexy #strong #fit #fitnessmodel #empoweringwomen #strengthisbeauty #equestrian #corporate #businesswoman #athlete #muaythai #womeninsport #womeninbusiness #modelwithabrain #classy
We all grieve in different ways... Thats ok 💯 We all heal in different ways... Thats ok 💯 We all learn to cope differently... Thats ok 💯 We all have our own unique journeys & thats ok. Embrace that journey. Never give up. Never stop moving forward. Thats key. Never stop moving. Its ok to breathe, its ok to pause, its ok to take the time to bawl & blabber & snot all over your friends shoulder. We all need extra love & extra hugs & more understanding & empathy. Mental health is important, YOUR mental health is important & if you are in a position where the safety of your mental health is being challenged dont be afraid to stand up & speak up for what is right. Most of us are ALL going through some kind of life shit, that shit is everywhere. Its crazy shit that usually doesnt make sense. Today marks 17 years since i lost my father due to tragic circumstances in 2001, i was 15. At the time it was all over the news & all of that pain was flashed across oklahoma news screens for everyone to see. The whole situation was more than some families could bear... Its affected all of us in different ways. Ever since then i have had people give me their opinion about my grief & how i should or shouldn't handle it. Now 32 years old i am finally starting to be brave enough to be confident & protective to my mental health. We have to be our own advocates. We are important. Im not sure the point of all of this, i think im just trying to say its ok to be vulnerable & full of emotions & you shouldn't have to hide or repress those emotions like you're a fucking robot. We heal & are able to move on when we are allowed to share our stories and connect with others - that support & connection from others is what can be the most healing when it comes to grief, loss or mental health or any issues. Today was hard but it was also very beautiful. If it weren't for the love & support of my friends and family today i couldn't have made it through it. I cried oh idk like 50 times but its all good. Rant over. Lol Thanks for listening 💖✌ . . . #thanksforlistening #mentalhealth #loss #grief #healing #recovery #stayconnected #wearestrongertogether
Have you ever thought that getting involved with the union may hurt your career advancement? It wasn’t until recently I realized this was a myth. Volunteering with your union can teach you valuable hands on skills that employers are looking for. . This article speaks more to the university student experience, but on going hands on learning is beneficial to all workers. . One of the skills my involvement with our union has helped me develop is conflict resolution. This is something I studied but never had the chance to develop in practice. Who knows maybe my union work will allow me to develop the competencies needed to work in the Office of Informal Conflict Management? Or be a better manager one day? WHERE WILL YOUR UNION INVOLVEMENT TAKE YOU? . https://tinyurl.com/ybfz2b9l #psacprairies #wearestrongertogether
🇪🇸 Son mis amigos los héroes de toda una vida, dulce emoción que transpone la cruel realidad 🇮🇹 sono i miei amici gli eroi di tutta una vita, dolce emozione che va oltre la crudele realtà -Miguel Abuelo #21marzo #giornatamemoria #vittimedellamafia #friendship #unitieforti #wearestrongertogether #goals
From the desk of @inthenikoftimeent @nikoftimemarketing @vvcradio @vvclife We are sending a special shout out to @teamseveer @serenity_state_of_grind @shabazz372 @shabazzbrotherzboxing for your upcoming world title bout. The world will soon know about the hardwork and dedication that has gone into this life long dream. On March 24th we are patiently waiting to cover every inch of that belt havimg a new home here in Baltimore!! Do what you do best Champ-🦍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🦍 . . Sincerely, In the Nik of Time And VVC Radio VVC Life . . #brandbuilding #Getfamiliar #staytuned #wearestrongertogether #mediacoverage #TeamSeveer #SHABAZZBROTHERZ #inthenikeoftime #prettigirlbusiness #boxing #ibobelt #fighttime #letsgetreadytorumble #boxinghype #showtime
Hoje pensando um pouco no porquê as coisas acontecem. Vamos plantando e colhendo...às vezes magoamos e às vezes somos magoados. Penso na razão de se colocar indiretas nas redes sociais...ainda não entendo isso! Pq a gente sempre pensa que é pra gente 🤔😅😅 . . Pq umas pessoas vão embora da nossa vida e sentimos saudades ... Pq não sei dizer não? (Preciso aprender isso) Pq gosto tanto de óculos? . . Pq gosto de correr se cansa pra karamba? 😄😄 Perguntas que todos vão saber responder menos eu... . . . Massss melhor não pensar muito! ♪Vamos viver tudo que há pra viver ♪ #wearestrongertogether #runnergirl #euusooculos #amodancar #amocorrere
Slight update to my labels. I often forget to let people know I farm organically for two reasons: 1. Cause it’s just a no brainer for me, if I can’t grow it without chemicals I don’t grow it, and so growing this way is just what I do and I hardly ever think of it. 2. Because at this moment in time my farm is non-certified organic means I can’t legally use the work ‘organic’ and so sometime I hesitate using terms ‘naturally-grown’ or ‘spray-free’ because I worry they confuse people. BUT I do want you to know that don’t use harmful chemicals! I grow to feed my family first and you can be sure I wouldn’t feed that to my kids so I’m not going to offer it to you! And also I want you to know I’m #pictoucountyproud Living, growing a biz & raising a family in rural #novascotia is incredible! We have such wonderful friends and a strong community surrounding us. #nobetterplacetobe #wearestrongertogether #thankyouforyoursupport
Good morning family !!! Today's message was right on point. "Trust Me and Don't Be Afraid " God gives us unlimited strength, just stop and let that sink in for a moment. We can literally do ANYTHING!! Do not let fear come to you, let God take it from you and rejoice in him. We are all soldiers, molded and sculpted to serve his purpose. So go out each and everyday and live to the fullest. Remember "WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS US " !!! 🙌🙏💪 #irishwarrior #tattedhulk #devotional #jesuscalling #menwholovegod #strength #anythingispossible #believe #faith #trust #tampa #stpete #motivation #spreadingtheword #wearestrongertogether #
Wake up ! It's spring ! Love yourself first 🌺🌻💚
ROCKA-SOCKORNA 21/3 ! För allas lika värde ♡ #wearestrongertogether #allaslikavärde #rockasockorna #downsyndrome #downisup
“There will be laughters, tears, encouragement, confrontation, life decisions, and, as well, a safe place for you to be yourself in the process” ~Andi Andrews * * * * We are one of many AHMAYZING women connect groups from Inspire Church. As a group we are praying for more women to get connected and if our group fits into your schedule, we will see you tomorrow! But if there is a schedule conflict, Connect with me and I’ll help you find a group! We are not meant to do life alone #wearestrongertogether #wewillriseup #sheisfree #wehaveachoice #sheisFIERCE 🔥#connectgroup #inspirechurch
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