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Had a number of plans on how to spend my Saturday but this was only what I've done. My colds and headaches is still outstanding. It is expected though as I wasn't really able to rest properly on my 2-day leave. My body needs more rest. I really hate it when I'm sick but this time, I gotta listen to what my body wants. No more #wonderwoman -ing this time. Hehe! Now back to my bookshelf, I wanted to go to the #BigBadWolfCebu booksale but I guess these mostly unread random purchase and gifts need some love. Haha! I used to read a lot before but nowadays, reading without stopping mid-way and wanting to blog or write my own book is a normal occurence. Phew! So I'm giving myself a challenge - finish at least one book from cover to cover without interuptions and only then will I buy something new. Haha! Talk about punishing myself for #unjustifiedpurchases . Lol If there's one monumental change that has amazed me in this beautiful season of #pregnancy , it is becoming a little more OC of my random impulses. Unlike before, I am now able to just look around and admire things without wanting to take them home. And yes, that #maternityshopping last Sunday is not random. I have thought about buying for the longest time. Same case with #UnyaraSeresa stuffs. I just don't want to buy anything for the sake of buying. Every purchase must be justified. Is it the #mommybrain happening to me? Hmmm! #MommyMigaDiaries
Who'd know both of my wrists are still painful in this picture? Had to visit my OB. I haven't slept well because of the pain. Labs are due tomorrow but short explanation was it might be because #UnyaraSeresa is growing fast. She's 2 weeks beyond her size in a span of 3 weeks. My OB seems chill about it. I should too plus I have my big God. And considering how #Godguarded everything was, this too shall pass. Just the right kind of kick to get me back on the #pregnancy grind. Was slacking since Monday. Not listening to my body screaming rest since I got colds and headaches. Must have forgotten that I'm no longer the #wonderwoman that I used to be. Oh well, someone had to step in again to remind me that my body is no longer just mine alone. Was ordered to rest tomorrow too. While I hate the idea of feeling weak and out of #fitness control, this time I know I have to give in. In between sleeping and waiting for OB checkup, finally have the time to finish watching #BeforeSunrise and now currently on #BeforeSunset , thus the quote. I remembered being overwhelmed by the trilogy of the #BeforeSeries and was inspired to write an autobiography too. Haha! Ah---the long overdue #bucketlist of publishing my own book. Oh well, maybe someday! Right now, kringwrote.wordpress.com will do but maybe I'll have the time on my 4 months maternity leave? #WishfulThinking #PregnantFashionista #OOTD #3rdOf4Attire #PregnancyCarpalTunnel #SilverLining #GodIsGood #ForcedRest #GodIsInControl
Migo @dzulaiers - the #Timezone kid. He can't wait to bring #UnyaraSeresa here one day and teach her dance revo, guitar hero, tap master and all others! Haha!
Last week of the #2ndTrimester at #Week26 . Today was supposed to be a lazy Sunday but someone's kick brought me out of the lazy blues. Everything looks rounder nowadays but I'm happy that my #fitness attire still fits. Hurray! Got time to video my belly dancing (link@bio ). The husband even joined a little. Yay!!! Once a week dancing is good for now but once October starts, I'll have to do it everyday for faster labor. Only God knows #UnyaraSeresa 's birthdate but it does makes me feel accountable by staying on top of my health & fitness all throughout. #MommyMigaDiaries #GodGuardedPregnancy #FitPregnancy
Chilling like a Boss aw #Buntit diay! #UnyaraSeresa at #Week26 ! Last week of the #2ndTrimester ! Caffeine free drink at @cbtlph while waiting for @citichurchph #ConnectMinistry video recording for #MinistrySunday after attending the #LadiesPrayer . So happy to have achieved my goal of waking up to attend the 8AM prayer meeting. Connected with 1 new lady today (Mika) and catch up with my ministry and life group ladies. #BeyondBlessed to be surrounded with amazing #GodlyWomen . Excited to be introducing Unyara to this caring and loving world. She will be cared and guided growing up compared to my messed up childhood. Praying that we will not only be twinning in our fashion but in our faith as well. There's so much that a mother could impart to her child but the best gift that she could share to her is the gift of being God-reliant. Once she understands the might and power of the King of Kings, she will be unstoppable, protected and world-proof. It is our everyday prayer to give Unyara the kind of life that would mold her to be the person God wants her to be. #NewParentsPrayer #AMothersFaith #GodsGift #AnAnsweredPrayer #PCOSBaby #MiracleBaby #Pregnancy #MommyMigaDiaries #GodGuardedPregnancy
Countdown from 100 starts tomorrow! Yay! How time flies indeed! 10+ days and #UnyaraSeresa will be on #3rdtrimester . Already anticipating the back pains and other adjustments but of course I won't be anxious anymore if I don't get any. Every #pregnancy is different. Practicing the #AttitudeOfGratitude instead of wondering why I'm different. No use of comparing journeys. #25Weeks #GodguardedPregnancy #BeautifulPregnancy #GodIsGood #MommyMigaDiaries
#GodlyWomen are the prettiest! Just so thankful that God made it happen this week! He fueled my resolve to attend last Tuesday's prayer meeting and today's Bible study. Last week has been a reminder that I was not fully connected to my spiritual source. Fellowship with children of God is as important as connecting with Him everyday. Today's #CommunityBibleStudyInternational lesson was a wake up call to not be deceived with busyness. It is also a reminder to be God-reliant and without hesitation when called by Him for His purpose. Moses has been a reluctant servant and leader. He was not qualified to be God's messenger but God does not call the qualified but qualifies those He has called. Sometimes, I feel guilty for stopping my efforts to point people to Him thinking I already did my part. Today, He reminded me of my excuses. Last Tuesday's prayer meeting was a time of thanksgiving. I was blessed by the testimonials and felt Unyara's kick as if telling me I should share too. Maybe next time. :) This 1st half of the year has been so awesome and Godguarded. I can't thanked Him enough for everything that He showered us with. :) #UnyaraSeresa at #Week24 . #LifeAtCitichurchCebu #GodIsGood
It's been almost 6 months into my most awesome season ever but I haven't yet imposed #PregnancyPerks on anything. Just thankful I just receive it freely or someone lobbies for me. Often forgot my right on the PWD lane. There wasn't any PWD counter at BDO and it looks like everyone was in a hurry. I decided to wait in line until a concerned citizen actually went to the counter to ask for it. Just wow! Thank you so much po and to all those good samaritans in the taxi line, the jeepney and everywhere. God is good indeed. #UnyaraSeresa at #Week24 #MommyMigaDiaries #BeautifulPregnancy #GoodPeople #AwesomeGod
We are down to 16 weeks! #UnyaraSeresa at #Week24 today! Hurray! Our baby love is growing excellently. Ideal #FundicHeight is +/-2 cm against gestational age. She is at 23cm as of Thursday's #PrenatalCheckup ! Remembered to check my #AbdominalCircumference too. Now at 104cm against 80cm on Week 6. Not feeling the 9 inches addtl tummy increase. #GodIsGood #GodguardedPregnancy #LimitationNotDeprivation #BeautifulPregnancy #October2018Baby
#WorkFromHome is love! Snacks or dinner na? Lookie husband @dzulaiers !!! All my favorite in one plate! Hurray!!! #UnyaraSeresa at #Week23 ! #FruitsPlate #Foodstagram #Fruitstagram #PregnancyDiet #EmpoweredPregnancy
3rd Year of #CebuBoardGamers Summer #WeekendGaming . 2016 was Sogod (North). 2017 was Badian (South). This year was in Pinamungahan (West) - a recap of Day 1! #MonTerayFarm #CebuBoardGamingSociety #UnyaraSeresa #Week23
An #EmpoweredWife is not possible without an awesome husband. So thankful to God for you, husband @dzulaiers ! Happy Father's day! #UnyaraSeresa is so lucky to have you as a dad. Can't wait to see how God transforms you to be the father that he plans you to be. ❤ #DadToBe #TheJuliosArePregnant #GodGuarded
I remember myself fearing for what turned out to be my most beautiful season ever. I'd squirm everytime #pregnancy comes in the table. There were so many reasons why it was not an option. Then, God came and the transformation begin. He changed my heart and made me believe in miracle. 🙏 📸 @dzulaiers #UnyaraSeresa #MommyMigaDiaries #GodGuarded #EmpoweredPregnancy #TheJuliosArePregnant #ChangeOfHeart
Never felt more beautiful and confident in a two piece than this. 💪 Stretch marks and all, these are awesome reminders of how amazing #Pregnancy can be. Thank you Jesus for the experience and much love to my ultra super supportive husband @dzulaiers ! We are both nailing it! #UnyaraSeresa at #Week22 ! #TheJuliosArePregnant #BuntitAndLovingIt #BuntitTravels #EmpoweredPregnancy #EmpoweredPregnancyExperience #MommyMigaDiaries
#Siargao turned #Asturias because of #UnyaraSeresa . We were prepared to let go of our promo ticket but thankfully the sched was changed so we were able to refund instead. Yay! God is good! #NowExploring #NorthWesternCebu at #Week22 #Pregnancy ! #MommyMigaDiaries #MigoMigaTravels #TheWanderfullLifePH #RusticAnniversaryWeekend
#Poetry in #Pregnancy - I used to write a lot of #poems until blogging took the spotlight! Now it's harder to form the words. Praying I'll be able to write more for #UnyaraSeresa . 🙏 #MommyMigaDiaries
"Yara dearie, how are you today?" . . #Week21 #OOTD #UnyaraSeresa #October2018Baby #MommyMigaDiaries . . 📸@gennbarb , @enriqueuy
There isn't anything like the journey of #Pregnancy ! Every passing weeks is a milestone on it's own but I'd be lying if I say that the itch to know who will we welcome on October didn't excite me. It got me too pump up that as soon as I hit the #2ndTrimester , I went to have an ultrasound to check if it can be seen already. Haha! Of course it was too early lol but it wasn't all for nought as I got my #2ndtrimester ultrasound snapshot plus I learned I have an #AnteriorPlacenta , low lying and a #breech . It was a scare but thankfully, my placenta is now high lying and baby is #cephalic . The placenta is still anterior but I learned that because of it, I will have a hard time feeling baby in tummy so I touch her below than the normal position. #GenderHasBeenRevealed , see biolink if you haven't read about it. The next stop is the #CongenitalAnatomyScan and feeling #UnyaraSeresa 's first dance. Can't wait but of course always listening to my God's guidance in everything. As human, we are limited but with Him we can be more. Excited to be #RaisingYara as one of His #GodlyChildren . 🙏 #MommyMigaDiaries #October2018Baby #MMDTrimesterRecap
Thanks for the libre Ate Gracey :) #BucketShrimpsCebu craving's solved! Belated happy birthday! Thanks God for your life! Always know that despite our busy lives, @channbear1987 and I will always be here for you! #Jogurls 📸 by @channbear1987 #MommyMigaDiaries #October2018Baby #UnyaraSeresa
Is it a little gentleman or a little lady? A mini-Miga or a mini-Migo? A prince or a princess? Boy or Girl? What's your guess? Check if it's right: https://lifewithkring.wordpress.com/2018/05/26/is-it-gani-or-yara/ or click bio link! #TheJuliosIsExpecting #OctoberBaby #MommyMigaDiaries #GenderReveal #GenderRevealed #GenderRevealedFinally #UnyaraSeresa