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New figures to my collection and it’s this awesome pack of #SupermanAnimatedSeries with figure of #Superman and #LoisLane from the line of figures of #BatmanAnimatedSeries The box it’s awesome with art of the tv serie. Had as accesories a hand change to both figures. A basement with draws of both characters. The sculpt and painting it’s completely defined. This figures it’s perfectly complain to the figures of Batman TAS and NBTAS... #Batman #Superman #Timmverse #DCAnimatedUniverse #Dccomics #Dccollectibles #Dccollection #Dccollector #DCUniverse #DCDirect #Dcfan #dcnation #dcallaccess #toypic #toyphoto #toyphotography #mexicancollector #geek #comic #heroes #villian Bueno solo dire que estás figuras son increíbles y representan demasiado mi infancia, bueno ya la última parte de ella jeje pero me enseñó que los superhéroes son más allá que historias tontas, capítulos como “Apokolips Now” o los crossovers con otros héroes del universo de DC me lo dejaron bien en claro. Gracias por su apoyo a esta cuenta y espero seguir sorprendiéndolos.
Timmverse inspired Nightwing. In my own cannon Dick and Barbara live happy ever after #timmverse #nightwing #dickgrayson #batmantheanimatedseries #batmannewadventures
This scene was the cherry on top of an already amazing movie♥️. 〰️ This scene is a comeback to a previous conversation in the movie where Bruce told Terry to give back the Batman suit, and Terry tried to convince him otherwise, by telling how by being Batman he becomes a worthwhile human being. 〰️ “Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker” was already an exciting incredible movie😍, but then this scene came and made it all a 100 times better, with Bruce going to visit Tim at the hospital, which is only fitting after everything that happens, and then that mini motivational speech to Terry, it just makes you happy😁.
According to the logic of this action figure, Bizzaro is evil so the bizzaro version of Bizzaro would be "Good Bizzaro". Do I have that right panel of experts @blackcatburbank ? #superman #bizzaro #dccomics #actionfigures #toys #logic #goodvsevil #curious #burbank #inquiringmindswanttoknow #suoermantheanimatedseries #stas #timmverse
Yeah, you tell him Batman💪🏻💪🏻 Maybe it’s just me, but I HATE it when in the Batman live-action movies he says “I’m Batman”, the way he says it with the tone, and the context of the scene, it just annoys me😖. But when I watched this scene, I found myself cheering and my whole face lit up, maybe it’s the emotional weight of the scene/episode, or maybe it was Kevin Conroy’s brilliant delivery, it was probably both of these combined to give me one amazing, iconic scene♥️. (Note: This scene is from “Batman The Animated Series” Season 1 Episode 3: “Nothing To Fear”)
😂😂😂😂 I love how Bruce hasn’t gotten “soft” as time passed, on the contrary😅, till now, I don’t know what he did to make Ghoul this terrified, and truthfully, I’m not sure I wanna know😂😂. I know this is the second scene I talk about from this episode, but I can’t help it, this episode is full of gem moments💎♥️, this being one of the biggest. 〰️ In this episode, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman follow a time traveling warlord (Chronos) to the future, to “Batman Beyond”’s time, where they team up with the Justice League from that time to stop him😱. (Note: this scene is from “Justice League Unlimited” Season 1 Episode 13 “The Once And Future Thing, Part Two: Time, Warped”)
The DCAU in order! What is your favorite DCAU show?
MY ATTEMPT AT DRAWING HUNTRESS #1 : I've always loved the character and Amy Acker's performance in Bruce Timm's 'Justice League Unlimited'. It's another character of his that I've wanted to draw. I gave it my first try. I used a sketch he did for reference. One of the biggest problems I have when trying to emulate another drawing and style is getting the width and heights right. But it could've gone worse haha. #huntress #justiceleagueunlimited #amyacker #brucetimm #timmverse #brucetimmstyle
Catwoman (Batman The Animated Series) & Catwoman (The New Batman Adventures) sculpted by Irene Matar for DC Collectibles. Ambas versiones mantienen el estilo de la Gatúbela de Pfeiffer-Burton y esta a su vez la de Julie Newmar <3 #catwoman #catwomen #batmantheanimatedseries #thenewbatmanadventures #dccomics #dccollectibles #selenakyle #pfeiffercatwoman #batmanreturns #burtoncatwoman #julienewmar #diniverse #timmverse #catlady
And with this, ladies and gentlemen, I bid you goodnight! #gilbertgottfried #mistermxyzptlk #supermantheanimatedseries #timmverse #dccomics #dcanimateduniverse
Wanted to go with something a little darker in colour, here is Terry McGinnis the Batman of the future. Hand drawn but coloured digitally, used to draw the Batfamily a lot when I was younger but was never good at getting definition in the dark colours. Now doing commissioned work if you want to drop me a message.
Over a decade ago, Bruce Timm, the creator of the incredibly beautiful Batman: The Animated Series, pitched sketches for a Star Wars project. I never knew I wanted a Star Wars animated series in the Timmverse so bad until right now!
Batman Beyond! Aka a seriously great show. 10/10 would recommend. . . #batman #batfam #terrymcginnis #batmanbeyond #batman2040 #dcau #timmverse #batsy #batmanfan #batfan
*batman the animated series theme plays in the background* . . #batman #brucewayne #batmantheanimatedseries #lightning #batmanfan #batsy #batmananimatedseries #btas #dcau #timmverse
Colecionar uma certa linha e descobrir que algum personagem não foi fabricado é decepcionante! Mas, graças a customização, eis um Besouro Azul nos traços do Bruce Timm (Liga da Justiça sem Limites), com influências do uniforme da animação Justice League Action! . #RonanCustoms #JLU #JLA #BlueBeetle #Custom #Repaint #JLUfigures #JLUcustom #BruceTimm #Timmverse #JaimeReyes #BlueBeetleCustom #ToyCustom #ToyMaker #FigureCustom #DC #CustomJLU #JLUfigure #JusticeLeagueUnlimited #JLUcustomFigure #ToyMakeOver
DC is about to launch their own subscription service: #DCUniverse . And it's already jam-packed with original series including: #Titans #SwampThing #YoungJusticeOutsiders #HarleyQuinn Along with our classic favorites. I just might subscribe to it. : #dc #dccomics #dcentertainment #dcanimateduniverse #dcfilms #dcfu #dceu #batmanmaskofthephantasm #batmantheanimatedseries #supermantheanimatedseries #justiceleague #justiceleagueunlimited #batmanbeyond #brucetimm #timmverse #teentitans #youngjustice
Se a Mattel não disponibiliza a versão Hal Jordan JLU, a gente dá um jeito e faz nossa própria figura! . #RonanCustoms #HalJordan #JLU #Custom #BruceTimm #Timmverse #HaljordanJLU #JLUcustom #HalJordanCustom #DC #CustomJLU #JusticeLeagueUnlimited #JLUhaljordan #JLUfigure #ToyCustom #CustomFigure
This is Part II of my review on “Batman And Harley Quinn”, last time I discussed the movie’s interesting humor, among other things, let’s continue... 🦇 The high level of silliness🤪 here is probably the main reason many people don’t like this movie, and I can see were they’re coming from, it’s so against everything great about the DCAU, but honestly, I can’t be mad at it🤷🏻‍♀️, it’s just not the type of movie you take so seriously, it’s just a night of fun and move along, that’s it. 🦇 There are some good things though, like you feel a father-son relationship between Batman and Nightwing here😍, and I really like that. And there’s that heartwarming scene where Harley tries to comfort a dying man😢. In this movie, Harley’s on parole but she’s struggling to lead a normal life due to her past, so there’s some drama there. And of course Harley and Ivy’s friendship here is really adorable💗, in spite not getting enough scenes with them. There are some good action sequences though but those are not the highlight of the movie. 🦇 ❗️Now this movie might not be for kids as some “sharp” language is used a couple of times throughout the movie, and there are also multiple “questionable” Harley scenes as well, so keep that in mind when deciding if it suits other people. 🦇 If you went into this movie expecting DCAU at its finest, you will be very disappointed, so just see it for the fun😄, and let it slide. 🦇 If I were to describe this movie to anyone I would probably say: “This movie has some cute scenes, and LOTS of jokes, but it’s not DCAU material exactly because drama is traded for humor, and don’t expect a detective story either, just watch it for laughs, not thrills.” 🦇 And that was my take on “Batman And Harley Quinn”, What did you think of it🤔? Do you love it❤️? Do you hate it💔? Is there a particular movie you’d like me to talk about next? Let me know😉...
Last night, I watched a movie I’ve been very excited to get to: “Batman And Harley Quinn”, let’s talk about it... 🦇 My thoughts before watching the movie: This is the first DCAU movie in YEARS, the DCAU’s Batman is my first and my favorite, so it’s safe to say I was very excited to watch it😆. But I was also a bit nervous, because when you’re dealing with greatness, one little thing can ruin everything🤓. 🦇 My thoughts after watching the movie: This movie definitely took me by surprise, it’s got lots of flaws, but honestly, I think this is a movie I’d look back at and smile😊. 🦇 Animation: This movie is in the art style of “The New Batman Adventures”, so the movie feels like you’ve travelled back in time and watching the show again😍, with the same feel of characters new and old. Nostalgia really hits you in this one, I didn’t realize how much I’d missed THIS Gotham👌🏻. 🦇 Voice Acting: There can never be DCAU without Kevin Conroy playing Batman, and he does NOT disappoint, his performance here feels extra special, because this is where he started as Batman♥️. Loren Lester also reprises his role as Nightwing, and it definitely feels/sounds like the dynamic duo is back in action👍🏻. As for Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn, she’s good but she feels different than the DCAU Harley Quinn we know and love🤷🏻‍♀️. 🦇 This movie isn’t what you might expect it to be, when someone thinks of the DCAU, they think dark, grand, heartwarming💖. And then comes this movie, this movie doesn’t have the grandiose plot you might expect, basically Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man plan to spread a virus that turns everyone to plants🙃, I expected something bigger. There isn’t even much investigation, we know the plan very early on🧐. But what surprised me the most in this movie was the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing at multiple scenes🤣 (not sure if that’s a good thing in a Batman movie🤔), a lot of drama is drained for the humor, which bothers me a bit😑, sometimes the jokes work, and sometimes I just wanna look away (like that fart joke🤦🏻‍♀️). There are multiple times where everything is just sillied down (not sure if that’s a word), which made me cringe so hard😬. 🦇 TBC😉..
Ever Vigilant, Ever Hopeful Happy 80th birthday, big guy — looking good for a hero your age! #Superman #superhero #action1000 @dccomics #timmverse #jlu #actionfigures #toys @greenwoodpark
This scene from the movie “Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm” is one of the best yet heartbreaking Alfred-Bruce moments👌🏻. 〰️ SPOILER ALERT🚨🚨🚨 In this movie we’re introduced to Andrea Beaumont, she met Bruce in his very early crime-fighting days (even before he picked up the Bat persona🦇), they were really close, and even engaged to be married, but Andrea’s dad got into trouble with Gotham’s crime bosses, so he and Andrea had to escape the city, ending the engagement😭. Years later, a masked vigilante appears in Gotham KILLING all the crime bosses who were involved with Carl Beaumont (her dad), it was later revealed that it was Andrea seeking revenge for her father who was murdered at their hands😢. And in the final battle she seemingly died in an explosion😫. 〰️ I love all Alfred-Bruce moments♥️, simply because Alfred is the only one who truly understands Bruce, and is always there for him no matter what😌. This has to be the strongest moment between them in the entire DCAU, but why does it have to be so sad💔?!
In this episode, a trio of thieves broke into S.T.A.R. Labs, to steal a microchip, Batman caught one of them while the other two escaped. So Batman started interrogating the remaining thief. The man tries to resist by speaking his native language, assuming Batman can’t understand a word he says. Well that worked😅..... I really enjoy the scenes where he shows everyone he’s the BOSS😎, and this one is definitely among the strongest. Note: This scene is from “Justice League” Season 2 Episode 7: “Maid Of Honor Part 2”.
One of the birthday presents I got for myself, finally opened and started to enjoy. The facial expressions alone are worth it, but I love the rubber duck pool floaty also. #toys #actionfigures #toycollector #actionfigurecollector #batman #batmantheanimatedseries #joker #markhamill #thejoker #dccomics #dcanimateduniverse #timmverse #brucetimm #dccollectibles #jokerexpressionspack #gay #gaynerd #gaygeek #instagay
Thank you to @clayton_blue_art for the idea for this Before and After challenge. Yesterday's Before and After... DC Comics part - Bruce Timm, producer of several animated shows that are officially called the DC Animated Universe; unofficially referred to as the Timmverse. Seinfeld part - recurring character, Tim Whatley, played by Bryan Cranston. Answer - Bruce Tim(m) Whatley #seinfeld #dccomics #beforeandafter #brucetimm #dcanimateduniverse #timmverse #bryancranston #timwhatley
Yeah, you tell ‘em Batman💪🏻 This scene is hilarious actually, it’s one of my favorites without a doubt😂😂. In this episode Lex Luthor activated a canon in the watchtower by remote control to frame the Justice League. As a result, the world has turned against them, so the 7 founding members (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, Martian Manhunter) think it’s best to give themselves up to the government, to kind of, relax the people, show them they mean no harm, well, almost all the founding members..... Note: This scene is from “Justice League Unlimited” season 2 episode 11: ”Panic In The Sky”.
Updated my top 2 shelves in The Fortress of Geekitude tonight.... looking quite SUPER #justiceleague #superman #batman #batmantheanimatedseries #funkopop #dcdirect #diamondselect #dccomics #dcfanboy #dcau #timmverse
This is Part II of my review on “Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker”. Let’s continue..... In spite of Bruce and Barbara refusing to give Terry answers, he kept trying to ask Bruce especially after he told him he was SURE the Joker was dead, but instead of giving him answers, Bruce asked Terry to give back the Batman suit😨!Terry then leaves furious and goes back to his normal life, but when the Jokerz attack HIM, an ordinary guy, something’s definitely up, so he calls Bruce and when there’s no answer he goes back to Wayne manor to witness something horrible😖. This is a movie that stars THE Joker, so I expected disturbing scenes, but no way I would have expected this, Joker used the laughing toxin on BRUCE, I swear I almost teared up😫, it was SO hard seeing him like this. Terry gives him the anti-toxin and calls Barbara for help, and urges her to tell him what happened. And cue another disturbing sequence, she tells him about how years later Joker kidnapped Tim Drake (the 2nd Robin). After 3 weeks, Batman and Batgirl received a hint about his location, when they got there they discovered what happened. Joker drove Robin INSANE😱, revealing all their secrets in the process!!! An angry rage-filled action sequence then follows which ended with Tim shooting Joker. Tim was brought back to sanity, but things were never the same. Talk about being speechless, I liked seeing Bruce in action but it’s just not worth it😔. A great thing about this movie is it’s mystery element. I really like how Terry does most of the detective work👌🏻, he goes from place to place interrogating suspects, gathering clues, etc👍🏻. A suspect in this movie is Tim himself, which is really harsh, the thought of Tim intentionally helping/acting as the Joker, cause chaos and hurt Bruce upset me so much😞. In the end it was revealed that Tim IS Joker, he transforms to him, but without his knowledge, all thanks to a chip encoded with Joker’s DNA set in his brain😲!!! I liked how Terry used a different technique in dealing with the Joker👌🏻, very different from Bruce’s. This movie has the most satisfying ending, the Bruce/Terry moment, and then Bruce visiting Tim in the hospital♥️, beautiful.
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