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If this week feels like it left you a little sore it's a good thing .... Keep pushing, you doing great ! #burncalories #metabolicconditioning #burnclub #personaltrainer #strongnotskinny #nikewomen #betterforit
I love a room full of strong women learning strong skills! Every class I try to give time for ppl to learn something new and just mess around with it, practice, have time to actually learn it. I'm so inspired by the hard work of all my peeps!💘💪💘
So blessed to know these women! I loved learning and growing with them tonight! 😍 thank you @nelstana for creating a safe and strong place for women to grow and love! . Sister, your playing small serves NO ONE. You were created to shine, and shine as far as God allows! 🙌🏼😍👯‍♀️ #risesisterrise
No i dont wanna be pretty..... i wanna be strong n invincible#girlswholift #strongwoman #strongnotskinny #beyourownkindofbeautiful
Did another at home workout since I didn’t have a lot of time today. My classes are really picking up so I did a quick #BBG arms and abs workout and finished with some stretching. One thing I’m bad at is making sure to stretch so I try to allot time at least twice a week. - - - - - - - #bbgfam #bbgcommunity #bbgarmsandabs #armsandabs #homeworkout #fitness #fitnessmotivation #athomeworkout #fitstagram #fitspo #strongnotskinny #stretching #stretch #workout #weights #arms #abs #recovery #collegefitness #fit
It all begins and ends in your mind. What you think is what you perceive and feel. . Cultivate a positive mindset and it will project in your surroundings, your work and the people you attract. . Sad to happy. Weak to strong. Angry to calm. It takes an instant to change from negative to positive, as long as you are aware of it, and know that you have the power to change it. . Sometimes we fight the positive change in our mind, even though we are aware of it. Don’t be that person. Why choose dark when there can be so much light? . I always move when I’m particularly low and lean towards yoga or dancing in my living room. The result is always happy ♥️ . #fitness #training #mind #body #positive #strongnotskinny #everydamnday #firgirl #strength #yoga #love #justmove
“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” - Albert Einstein
My body is changing & I couldn’t be more excited. Not where I wanted to be but FAR from where I started! #selfmotivation #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #gymlife
Is it just me counting the days?! #cantwaitforsummer
This was supposed to be today's packed lunch but my tummy got irritated all night long yesterday like a group of under experienced youth protest that I had decided to ditch the perfectly cooked salmon for bubur ayam McDonald's instead. So it remains in the bento box just like it does in my heart. #cewah #sweetsikitdengansalmon
My eyes aren’t actually closed. I’m actually dead from single leg isolation exercises. 😒 #pray4me 100% my fave leg machine- this one gives you so much more depth than the other leg presses, trust 🙌🏼
I struggle with self doubt with the belief that I'm not fast enough or I'm not strong enough so constantly reminding myself that I'm my only competition. The goal is and will always be to be a better version of me and change happens when you step outside your comfort zone. So when coach @getsomexfit says jump I say how high or use this higher weight instead I put on a smile and say "ok" even though I'm dying on the inside. At the end I'm always thankful that at I went for it because taking risks is way better than regretting that I didn't try. 📸 credit @getsomexfit (well said coach). Homework with my lifting crew tonight assigned by the one and only @leos.den ✓ back squats 8x8 70% (67kg). Legs were toast so no front squats for this lady. Thanks for meeting me at the bar crew. 📸 credit @alohafitlove . . . . . #squats #squatitout #dropitlikeitshot #findyourreason #strongnotskinny #thickandfit #loveyourbody #healthylifestyle #getfitordietrying #fitnessismydrugofchoice #fitness #progressnotperfection #nolimits #eatcleantraindirty #youareyouronlycompetition #giveitallyougot #girlswholift #fitchicks
Dreaming of cotton candy skies, salt water and sun dresses. 💗
HOLY GUACAMOLE CROSSFIT AIN’T NO JOKE 🥑 If you thought CrossFit has its own culture, it definitely does + that’s what I’m studying for my Cross Cultural Communications class! How cool is that? 🤓 My group and I kicked off our cultural immersion tonight with @wacostufit ’s free student week! We can’t wait to be back on Saturday 🏋🏻‍♀️
02·21·18-- Looking as rough as I feel today. 😣 Pushed through an hour on the elliptical while I watched the olympics. Struggled a bit to get through it, my head just wasn't in the game. Didn't give up. Sometimes bad days are there to remind you there's plenty of good ones around the corner! Keep on keepin' on. 💙 -------------------------------------------------- #operationskinnymomma #oneyearin #thebefore #theduring #goalsgoalsgoals #strongereveryday #onestepatatime #weightlossjourney #strongnotskinny #journeytoselflove #onlythebeginning #turtleclub 🐢🏁
Another quick, simple, and low point dinner for me. Long day at work and I’m really tired. It’s also a challenge to be motivated to cook dinner for one person. My husband BBQ’d me chicken when he was home (such a treat you have no idea how delicious his bbq is)! I whipped up chicken burritos with the leftovers! 2 tortillas (2SP), plop of NF Greek yogurt, TJ guac and some FF mozzarella cheese (1SP). Cut up some chicken into strips and then topped it with fresh tomatoes. 3SP for both burritos. I had some left over rice and corn I mixed together and tossed in the microwave. (2SP for the rice) Buster is not one to usually beg but he knows the smell of daddy J’s bbq chicken. 🤣 #weightwatchers #ilovetoeat #onelbatatime #freestyle #lifetimemember #weightlossjourney #nurselife #wwnurses #keepingitreal #strongnotskinny #iwanttobeanambassador @weightwatchers Check out the link in my bio for my most recent YouTube video and make sure you subscribe to see my new videos! I’ve made videos on: -Turkey Burgers (0SP) guest starring momma! We show you how to food prep them so you are always prepared for a ZERO point meal! -Kodiak chocolate cookies (1SP) -Lemon cheesecake (4SP for the ENTIRE pie) My most ‘popular’ one with over 1,000 views ☺️. -all about food prepping and how to’s for some of my go to snacks (Taco Bell bean burritos, trail mix) -2 ingredient pizza dough (6SP for the entire personal pizza)
Time to take charge Delhi!! Hope you are all set for @idbi_fli_newdelhimarathon ✨✨ You are bound to enjoy this one, flat course, pleasant weather & one of the finest tracks to crack your ‘Personal Best’ 💯😃 . . Wishing you all participating a super strong run 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ . . . . . . . . . #running #runners #adidasrunning #idbinewdelhimarathon2018 #halfmarathon #delhi #runnersofinstagram #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #fitgirl #strongnotskinny #instafit #instarunners #adidasrunners
Burger, brownies, cookies, and a good workout makes for an awesome day!😎#80dayobsession #refeedday
👋🏼Today in my accountability group, I asked my team mates what their favorite training move was or which ones we used to dislike and now love. So much fun to read through their victories and see which are their favorite and why. (can’t wait to respond tonight) It’s so easy for us to roll our eyes and hate on a certain workout (I do it too), but what if we directed our attention to the ones we love? Do you think your workout overall would be more enjoyable? Do you think it would go by faster? Do you think we would have better results? I do. ❤️Here is my current favorite workout move. ⭐️Tricep kickbacks with bicycle legs⭐️ I have to do them slow because it requires a lot of concentration for me, but I love the stability and burn 🔥😍 #growtricepsgrow
This is a move I love to hate! I’ve always felt like my shoulders aren’t strong, but I was able to do all 30 reps on each side with a 10 pound weight. I guess all the planks we’re doing in this program are helping make my shoulders stronger! 💪🏻 I love a good #nonscalevictory 😊 — . . . . #homegym #goals #shoulderstrength
Day 21: "Foot on Pole" . . Have no clue what this ones called lol #boomerang @thevertitudesantarosa #PoleWineRetreat Challenge.
This is what I keep repeating to myself 🧘🏼‍♀️ Tomorrow is a #newday and another day to get that much #stronger 💪🏼 #soretoday #strongtomorrow #workouts #soremuscles #icanhardlymove #whateverittakes #fitnessmotivation #fitmind #strongnotskinny #summervibes #summerready #bikinilife #gettingready
Total body done! One midterm done! . . Feeling good, now off to drink a shake 😋
Spent my whole day walking around NYC today!🗽Had a meeting to go to and then met up with @brandondeleva for some shopping, food and fun☺️ I walked a total of 8 miles today whooo!!🙌🏻 At least I got my LISS in for this week haha I’m also feeling that hamstring burn from yesterday’s hamstring workout💪🏻 Win on win on wins!! How was everyone’s day today?👇🏼
Friday morning tea treats! These are sugar free cookie dough protein balls, and I based my recipe on the @wholefoodsimply 's recipe, swapping out the honey for rice malt syrup and the chocolate chips for @loving_earth dark and salted caramel chocolate 💕 ------- As many of you would know, I've dabbled in the #sugarfree life from time to time, and whilst I do agree that balance is necessary, I also don't like the boom or bust energy spikes that come from eating sugary treats and hidden sugars in packaged products. This last fortnight I've been struggling with my energy levels again, and feeling quite fatigued. My sugar levels (I'm a type 2 diabetic) are also not the greatest. -------- As such, after a pre scheduled high tea on Saturday@, I'm going to do a month refined sugar free, which I classify as eating no dairy with over 5g per 100 (approx first 5 is lactose), only 2 serves of low GI fruit a day (this is what I do now), and no products where sugar is an ingredient. I will allow stevia and rice malt syrup in small amounts sparingly. This won't be for everyone, and it's not something I am doing to promote weight loss, I just generally function better when I cut it out of my diet. In this period of time, I do have a wedding, and life's too short to worry about optional food habits when you celebrating love so I'll just live and let live on this night 🙌
After my post last night, I have received SO MANY MESSAGES from women who want to know more about my hormonal imbalance, progesterone and what I have done/am doing to make sure my hormones are in check. Y’all, I FIRMLY believe that my baby boy was born healthy and whole because the Lord provided the right people with the right wisdom to encourage me to look into my progesterone levels and do the things I needed to do to make sure my body had PLENTY of progesterone during my pregnancy. I will respond to each and every message personally, but I also feel led to hop on a live tomorrow and share my heart and story with you— so be looking out for that tomorrow! I suffered for so. long. with so many issues, and the answer to my healing was not antidepressants, anti anxiety medications, specialists or the like. Instead, the answer has been pretty dang straight forward, natural, life-giving and life CHANGING. And I want to share it because I genuinely believe so many women could benefit. Keep the messages coming, y’all! This stuff FIRES ME UP. Thanking God tonight for my precious baby boy and all God has provided in these last months.
Put yourself at the top of your TO-DO list every single day and the rest will fall into place. Arms. Are. DEAD. Was literally shaking as I took this pic🤦🏽‍♀️🔥 . . . . . . #inspire #fitnation #nike #femalefitness #fitfam #tuesday #24hourfitness #thevalley #empower #encourage #motivation #happy #smile #potivevibes #girlswholift #muscles #athletes #lifestyle #balance #weightlifting #fitnessmotivation #strongwoman #woodlandhills #socal #socallife #californiagirl #keepitreal #armworkout #strongnotskinny
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