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Don’t let it fool you. This is not your average “protein shake.” This wonderful chocolatey goodness is made with plant-based nutrition that is backed by science to help with weight loss, healthy aging and performance. THIS superfood nutrition: ▪️Has given me the confidence to feel good in my own skin ▪️Has helped me lose weight I haven’t been able to lose in years ▪️Has given me tons of energy that lasts all day ▪️Has made me part of a community of women that lift and empower each other every single day ▪️Has provided thousands of families the opportunity to live financially free and not depend on the 9-5 ▪️Has saved me time and money on meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking ▪️Has allowed my husband to not be dependent on certain medications ▪️Has given me the ability to share this nutrition with the people I love . . . . SO... What does your “protein shake” do for you?? #nutritionalcleansing #shakeshakeshake #superfoodnutrition #isalife #shakeday #notadietbutalifestyle
I put frozen raspberries in my chocolate shake today, poured it into this cup & then realized that what it looks like on the outside is what it tastes like on the inside. Like chocolate raspberry soft serve. Speaking of raspberry... our new seasonal shake just launched today. 🍰RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE 🍰 Girrrrrl go get you some! My inbox is eagerly waitin’ for ya!! 😋
Every damn day 🤩🤗😍 #shakeday
Unleash the BEAST with our MILEHIGH SHAKE💪🏼😱 We’re talking Chocolate Gelato, Chocolate Syrup, Belgium Waffle, Waffle Cone with Vanilla Gelato, drizzled in Nutella and topped off with a Wafer Stick #intomybelly #g6shakes #mondayinspo #shakeday #bulkingseason
If you search Isagenix shakes on Pinterest there’s all KINDS of shake recipes. But I’m honestly way too lazy to make those. Most of the time, I mix my flavor of choice with water, sometimes a quarter of a banana🍌 I’m currently going through a big strawberry phase 🍓 #soyummy #shakedaysaturday
Guys! It was a big day! Josh and I managed to go to lunch today. I had a little trouble with the height of the table and reaching my sandwich, but we did it! ✨AND✨ I made my own blended drink in the bullet (which happens to taste just like a green tea frap...) and got a selfie... not my best picture, but I snapped one just so I could document this mile stone in my recovery. 😉 It hurt, but I did it...and that should count for something lol. Here’s the recipe for anyone who loves matcha, but hates the calories of Frappuccino’s. Matcha Cream Frap 4-5 ice cubes 1 teaspoon matcha powder 3/4 C unsweetened almond milk 1 teaspoon no calorie vanilla coffee creamer (I used powder). 1/2 scoop natural vanilla isalean protein powder Blend #ShakeDaySaturday #milestone And yes my apartment is a clutterbox.
When Saturday starts early to prep for a 5-year-old’s birthday party 😱 and a garage sale 🛍 I count on things like @stephaniescupcakecompany for beautiful, delicious, already-made cupcakes and this shake that takes me less than a minute to prepare even with my collagen + greens add-ons! 🥤⏳
Lunch time. Today's shake features handful of berries for a flavour shake up #isagenix #shakeday @isagenixanz
It’s Friday! BE ADVENTUROUS TODAY & come try some of our new shakes like glazed donut...yes..a glazed donut🤤🍩 #herbalifeshakes #shakeday
#❤❤❤❤ #🍓 #😊#Strawberrypoland #strawberry #❤️ #😊 #strawberryshake #delicious #strawberrydrink #drinks #drinkday #shakeday #😊😊 #😍 #🍓อยากขาวหันมาใช้สตอเบอรี่เทอร์โบสิจ้ะ
“SHAKE DAY”❗️ No es tomar licuados todo el día, pero así le llamamos 😉 🔹Reemplazas dos de tus comidas por un shake: ⬆️Proteína⬆️Fibra ⬇️Carbs⬇️Azúcar ➕Tu comida regular balanceada ➕2 snacks ➕Chocolates! 🔹Natural, No OGM, No gluten ni soya, opción vegana ✨ #shakeday #shake #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthychoices #healthy #yum #fruit #proteinshake #teamanchored
Whipped up this quick nutritious green smoothie for lunch 💚 after back to back sessions with fabulous clients. Hope you're having a fantastic Friday too!
Not much else to say!! #5 :2 #lchf #shakeday #exante #earlynight
...unless you’re drinking the shakes that I drink on the daily. Not sure how I’d get through most days without the natural energy I get from drinking these shakes. 🤗
10 signs you are ready for this nutritional re-balancing program: 1) You can’t button your favorite pants 👖 2) You can’t control your cravings 🍦 🍰 🍭 🍪 🍩 3) You eat a full meal and still feel hungry 😋 🍽 4) You aren’t regular 💩 5) You don’t want to try ANOTHER diet 🍎 6) You want real results, not a quick fix 💪🏻 7) You live to eat food instead of eat food to live 🍔 🍕 8)You HAVE to take naps everyday to function 😴 9) You “survive” off several cups of coffee, bottles of soda or handfuls of candy throughout your day ☕ 🍬 10) you just do not feel energetic...😞 Can you relate? Invest in yourself and take advantage of these sweet summer savings! This nutritional program has helped me lose 25 pounds and stay committed to a healthier lifestyle for the last 6 months 🤩 FREE shipping FREE membership on qualifying orders for new members right now!!! Send me a PM if you are interested or would like more information.. #weightlossmotivation #summer #promo #nutrition #shakeday #proteinshake #weightloss #energy #sweet #deal
Today is the day, I reset my metabolism...again!💪🏻#30daychallenge #isagenix #shakeday #chocolatemint
j’adore @070shake #ShakeDay
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @070shake Join us all day today as we celebrate the YUNG ICON herself, Shake!! We’re dropping exclusive footage behind the scenes footage alll day!! #ShakeDay 🌍
#Miercoles Refréscate con el #ShakeDay 😍 #2x1 en🥤 #Shakês , #Frío #Delicioso #Congelado 😋❄️ Elaborado con tus🍦 helados favoritos 🥤 Sweet Shakê™ es el mejor #Compañero de #LaCrepaQueTeMereces ™️ Sucursal López Mateos, Acuña. A lado de Grupo Concretos De Acuña.*Consulta términos y condiciones en https://www.facebook.com/CrepeMx/. No es acumulable. No aplica con otras promociones.
This is what I start on Wednesday... 💪🏻😊 #isagenix30day #isagenix #shakeday #cleanseday
AFTERNOON SMACK the other half of the fruit will go in my second shake 🍎🍌🍓 #herbalife #arlaprotein #shakeday
I've been mailing out and handing out sample packs of blender cups full of goodies like crazy lately! For those of you on the fence now's a great time to take the plunge! FREE SHIPPING now through July 1! #shakeday #freeshipping #getalkaline #delicious #eatcleanfood #samplepack #getfitnow #sharethehealth
So grateful for this nutrition!😀After closing my business and becoming a full time stay at home wife and Mom I found myself not eating that great and as a result I put on 10 toxic pounds.🚫This nutrition helped me lose all of my baby weight 2 years ago so I know fueling my body with the combination of organic whey and 72 trace organic minerals will get me back on track and feeling good again.💃#fitmom #shakeday #glutenfree #bestnutrition #startyourlife #fitafter35 #soarbeyondlimits
But, I’m not a shake person....#superfoodssunday . I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this. And you know what, I’m wasn’t either. I don’t know too many people who start out loving shakes, but soon after they start they don’t want to stop. Their body craves it and they LOVE what they do for them. . Having my shake each morning makes me feel great, energized, more balanced out throughout the day, etc. I know that I am getting the nutrients I need to make my body feel amazing - protein, super foods, antioxidants, greens, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics and more! . Just like with other things you may not like - exercising, eating your vegetables, avoiding excess sugar, etc. It’s not that you like to do those things, but you KNOW that you should, and need to, so you feel your best. Getting in some superfoods, even if it’s not something you like to do, is one of those things that you should do for your overall health. . If you are wanting to feel your best and you know that you need more good, quality nutrition in your diet, I highly recommend adding in a superfood shake to your diet. You body will surely thank you and you will feel better and notice the benefits in no time! . . . #superfoodssunday #shakeday #lovemysuperfoods #lifestylewellness #beachbodycoach #changinghabits #changinglives #healthylifestyle
A super #productive morning + #avocados that are about to turn means I get to indulge in a #delicious between-meal #snack ! #soyummy #tunasalad #simpleeats #healthysnack #shakeday #workoutcomplete
“Sometimes to change a situation you are in requires you to take a GIANT LEAP or even a little JUMP! But....you won't be able to fly unless you are willing try and that will lead to an amazing transformation.” ~ RunsFiercely 💪🏼🖤FLEX FRIDAY🖤💪🏼 Let’s blast 💥Some calories and rev up our metabolism with an Fierce HIIT workout! 🖤FAST FEET 1 minute 💪🏼10 Push-ups 10 tricep dips 🖤JUMP SQUAT 20 💪🏼10 Push-ups 10 tricep dips 🖤LATERAL JUMPS 30 💪🏼10 Push-ups 10 tricep dips 🖤STAR JUMPS 10 💪🏼10 Push-ups 10 tricep dips Repeat 4 times. Modify if you need to, but push your self. Want to know why I love 🖤💪🏼 HIIT WORKOUTS? Because you blast calories, maximize gains in the least amount of time and you rev up your metabolism. #runsfiercely #exercise #hitt #flexfriday #fitnessfriday #80 %nutrition20%exercise #workout #shakeday #HIIT #starjump #coachmichelle #cleaneating #personaltrainer #exercise #fitnessmotivation #freeworkouts #justjump #moveyourbody
Vandaag weer een #shakeday ! Een of tweemaal per dag een shake met snacks tussendoor, gevolgd door een gezonde avondmaaltijd! #isagenix #isagenixnetherlands #isaleanshake
💚 Can you imagine having 30 fruits and vegetables for your meal?! Our shakes are Power packed with over 242 different nutrients. NO GMO'S NO SOY NO GLUTEN NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS 100% PURE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS So if you are looking for an answer for any of the below- WEIGHT LOSS BUILD LEAN MUSCLE HAVE BETTER SLEEP LESS STRESS BETTER RECOVERY MORE ENERGY Nutritional Cleansing is the way to go ❤️❤️☺️☺️#nutritionalcleansing #weightmanagement #shakeday #ogranicgoodness #vitamins #minerals
My shake has...⠀ ⠀ - 24 grams of high-quality protein ⠀ - Energy fueling carbohydrates⠀ - Active enzymes to help ease digestion ⠀ -Natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners⠀ - So much more⠀ ⠀ ...AND it's a full balanced meal replacement. ⠀ -⠀ This nutritional system has helped me so much in my health journey this past year. ⠀ -⠀ I wake up everyday feeling energized, nourished and focused all because of this shake.⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ ⠀ #healthyliving #shakeday #healthisyourwealth #balanceiskey #healthiskey #healthylifestyle
Let’s talk about perspective! After all, the right perspective can transform any situation in your life! 💯 On some days it can seem anything that can go wrong does go wrong. Old Murph might have been onto something! Today, I felt burned out! I was up later than usual, my productivity was not what I wanted it to be and my energy was lousy. I rode my bike to and from work, but it was a slow ride. Then when I got home, out little man has missed his nap, so he was screaming the house down. Why do I tell you all this? The reason I share this is because I want to demonstrate the power of perspective! You see, out of my entire day, the list above is all I have to complain about! In the past, it would have been enough for me to get home and feel sorry for myself. But now, I full appreciate how lucky I am. This is so much more than just positive thinking. This is truth. Some people were starving to death today, others were fighting for their lives and people would have taken their last breath today. No matter what has happened today, if you still have breath in your lungs, you are blessed! If you have a roof over your head, a bed, food, you are privileged. Perspective. It’s a game changer. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to do it better than ever before. Let’s not waste it! 💯👊🏻
#Miercoles Refréscate con el #ShakeDay 😍 #2x1 en🥤 #Shakês , #Frío #Delicioso #Congelado 😋❄️ Elaborado con tus🍦 helados favoritos 🥤 Sweet Shakê™ es el mejor #Compañero de #LaCrepaQueTeMereces ™️
Today is day one! I can’t wait to see how it goes, the only thing I’m nervous about is drinking enough water but I always struggle with that. Day 1 of at least 112 come at me 👍🏻
It’s a NEW day...we got home late last night, nearly 24 hours of travel! Woke up this morning to my pups and our sweet humble abode(nothing better). I started to unpack and pulled out a packing cube of all my (CLEAN) workout clothes😂. I had every intention of doing some strength workouts, but we walked nearly 10 miles a day instead. You all know I’m about that ‘balanced life’ and many parts of the last few weeks were none of that...bread, pasta, cheese, gelato! However, one thing remained the same, #shakeday erryday! With a side of croissant and my cafe’ americano of course...oh well, I’m not mad about it! I’m gonna go work out now and get right back on track, cause I have the best tools on earth...oh, and I hear it’s #bendfarmersmarket day!? 👊🏼🌱 . . .
Blueberries orange juice ginger isalean chocolate mint #shakeday #isagenix #isalean #smoothie #purple #gulp #sticktoyourdiet
When my lunch looks this pretty, it’s easy to pretend my couch isn’t covered in laundry and my kitchen sink isn’t full of dishes! Sitting down to eat midday is a luxury for this mama. Taking full advantage of nap time today! Even if it is only for 5 minutes.
That feeling when you want a shake, but don't want the blender to wake the family up 🤔🤔 #dontdoshakers #shakeday #feelings #tummysrumbling #waittillaftertraining #nutritionalcleanse #cleanseforlife
Everyday is a new day to start your Herbalife.... #tuesday #shakeday #everyday #dailynutrition
I changed my instagram handle 😱and there are some new faces around here so I thought I’d re-introduce myself. I’m Karla & a bee flew into my hair after taking this selfie. It’s all good. I just screamed & flailed my head around like an idiot while people just walked past me on the trail pretending to be really into their phones but I digress. I am 29 years old, born & raised in Connecticut & work at a small school here. • • My husband and I were married this past Labor Day weekend so I still consider us newlyweds. This Saturday will be one year in our first home we bought together. He’s the light of my life, good at everything, my best friend & I’m clearly a huge cheese ball when it comes to showing my love for him. • • I’m on a path to lose 50lbs before I turn 30 in August and my nutrition program is helping me get there as I drink shakes that taste like they should be 85927 calories & then watch the weight fall off. 🤗 I went from a size 16 to a size 10 in 2 months!! • • Although I love getting older, turning 30 freaks me out a bit & it’s been hard for me to make friends as an adult, but I’m always on the quest for like-minded people. Go-getters, dream-chasers & people who strive for better every single day. So if you’ve made it this far, reach out! Say hi! Tell me that you hate 🐝 too! Or that I shouldn’t take selfies in front of bee infested rhododendrons. 😂 I’m always looking to connect with people regardless ☺️💗
Head phones went flat. Used a baby blanket as a gym towel. Forgot my water. But I still powered on and did a killer workout. Excuses are the worst! 🤣
This is a whole food with high nutritional density and low calories. It has an excellent nutritional profile for these reasons. 1. Pure whey protein, processed at a low temperature to preserve the nutritional value( undenatured ). 2. It contains all 18 amino acids which the body cannot produce on its own and are the building blocks for every cell in our body. These amino acids protect the lean body tissue and mass, which is what all our organs are made of. 3. It contains isalite trace minerals which are co-factors that help the body ABSORB and use other nutrients. 4. A comprehensive array of vitamins which the body needs on a daily basis. 5. A live enzyme delivery system which is activated when mixed with water to deliver the proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to our cells, organs and blood. *The doctors and nutritionist on the Isagenix scientific Advisory Board all assert that you get more nutrition from the few sips of the Isalean Shake then you would from all the food normally consumed in one day, even if you are eating a well-balanced organic diet.😮 #wholefood #macromeal #lowcalorie #delicious #childsafe #undematured #newzealand #grassfed #leanmuscle #leucine #aminoacids #everyday #shakeday #nutrientdense #cheers #strawberrycream #yum
Start you day right ✌🏼 Have a great Sunday 😀🌻 #sundayvibes #shakeday #letshavefun #letsgetfit #weight
Not being able to sleep is a common problem. And when I say PROBLEM, I mean it. It’s not something that should be accepted as “That’s just the way I am.” There are direct links to sleep issues and health problems- including high blood pressure. AND...for those who rely on taking a pill to sleep...they’re often linked to cognitive decline in the future. Would you like to take something night after night that might lead you to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s somewhere down the road? My guess is NO. Solving the problem of WHY you’re struggling with sleep is crucial.
Carbing it up for lunch, Finally I get to sit and eat! Steamed Fish, Sweet Potato, Baby Spinach and Poached Egg! Get in my Belly 😋 #nutritionalcleanse #shakeday #nutrition #protien #carbohydrates #weighttraining #healthyfood
I snuck away for a delicious lunch with my baby #seester , @seekerofsparkle today! We definitely found our new favorite lunch date spot at Forage Kitchen on State Street. Fabulous and healthy bowls with #blackrice , #sweetpotato , #avocado , #curry , #cilantro , and more. #soyum #shakeday #healthiness #makesmybodyhappy
Let’s talk about bars... : : : : Not the kind that involves alcohol. Generally speaking, they don’t exactly bring out the best in people. I’m talking about the bar that measures your standards. Look around. It’s easy to see a relatively low bar. Low standards are everywhere. Seems as though most people are content living with mediocrity and struggle. Low expectations for yourself and for your children. Accepting rudeness and disrespect. Refusing to be accountable for your words and actions. Assuming that living paycheck to paycheck, or in poor health, is your destiny. It’s not. You’re wrong. It’s time to raise the bar. Who’s with me?
Looking for a simple way to stop cravings? I have the secret! 🌟 • Reply More info below for details •
My morning start!! A shot full of energy and nutrition 😘 Shake for breakfast 😍😍 Day #1 of my 16 week challenge, so far so good!! Currently sitting here in the work staffroom having another shake while everyone around me are having pies and sushi and I'm not even phased... they'll be crying when the see my results in a week!! I took my before photos last night and I legit want to cry because I'm so fat 😂😂 Joy's of living in the city where maccas is 1 min away from me!! So done with being a chunky monkey! I'm literally sitting on my ass while this system burns my fat! #winning Ps, send me tips and stuff because I'll need it!! Also I need to go back to F45 so someone needs to kick my ass into it!! #day1 #nutritionalcleansing #nutrition #shakeday #healthylifestyle #fat #chunkymonkey #16weekchallenge #isabodychallenge #isabody #whoswithme #byefat #needtoworkout
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