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P👏🏼 R👏🏼 E 👏🏼 C 👏🏼H:: :...I don’t know about you but I needed this :: Personal add: GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION 🙌🏼🙌🏼#mondaymotivation
Growing into your 'inner gooddess' means knowing the importance of self love and selfcare, and feeling empowered to be the best version of yourself possible- mentally, physically, & emotionally. In my past I struggled with many issues- from health & wellness to self-limiting beliefs that prevented me from pursuing my passion.. and after overcoming them all I knew I wanted to help other women on their journey, so I founded OhWhatAWoman.com... On our website you'll find all the support and resources you need to be your absolute best! Click the link in our bio to become an OWAW Goddess, and visit our website to get help from our certified coaches on everything from love & relationships to starting your own business. . . #goddess #ohwhatawoman_ #becomethebestyou #fempreneur
“Menina aquela ideia de precisares de alguém, além de ti, que te salve: esquece-a. Lembra-te, a onda não pede não pede licença à pedra.” . . . #womanquotes #womanpower #girlquote #selfishlove #loveyourself #motivationalquotes #inkedgirl #fitnesmodel #fitnessgirl #fitnessgoals #fitnesslifestyle #fit #booty #glutes #shesquatsbro #girlswhosquat #fitnessportugal #sexyisthenewstrong #esmagaquecresce #seamelhorversaodetimesmo
Your kids are watching.Lets help stop the problem now❤️
Most of our patterns can be traced to childhood.What is your pattern.Trace it back to childhood if necessary and think hard❤️
How many hearts do you have?Work on self love
If your story never changes it's time to dig deep.Whats your pattern
Patterns.Whats You story or continuous narrative
It takes a lot of time to know that a relationship is toxic , but by then we fall for the person , not realizing that all he can ever cause is hurt. It's high time we identify a toxic person early in our lives. #relationshipquotes #toxicpeople #realizewhatyouhave #love #hurtquotes #selfishlove #brokenheart #brokenheartquotes
Loving and appreciating your body doesn't mean you don't want to improve it. I workout because I love myself and I want the best for me. #bestrong #fitnessisimportant #beabetteryou #selfishlove #loveyourselfenoughtoliveahealthylifestyle
A little late to this album but I love Jessie Ware's Glasshouse (2017). Her voice is next level as is the production, some by Cashmere Cat (of whom I was already a fan). The single "Selfish Love" is a woozy, soul, trip-hop song and I love the video's noirish tale and for the architecture. Directed by Tom Beard and filmed in Mallorca, I thought the building looked familiar and sure enough, it's The Neuendorf House by John Pawson. Pawson is the king of minimalism and one of my heroes. More on this, but she used it for the cover of the album too. Love it. @jessieware #jessieware #glasshouse #vinylalbum #heavenlyvoice #soul #triphop #nextlevel @cashmerecat #musicproducer #selfishlove #musicvideo #tombeard #director #mallorca #amazingbuilding #architectureandmusic #neuendorfhouse #johnpawson @johnpawson #britisharchitect #minimalism #minimalistarchitecture
First CHALLENGE group COMPLETE! 💕 ✨Who wants to join my next one? In just 3 WEEKS, I lost 5LBS & more importantly gained back lost strength and MUSCLE mass. All while eating food I enjoy, and only working out 30 min a day/4 days a week! Summer is winding down and it is not too late to make a move in the right direction! If you need help with: • learning how and what to eat • workouts • cutting cravings • having more energy Shoot me a message or comment below!👇🏼 Results are guaranteed! Invest in yourself, SELF LOVE IS NOT SELFISH. 💪🏼
" Story about young Leonardo what fell in love with his own reflection in the mirror" only he by his own could clearly see what hides under his cover, only that who got to know real torment of love could get cured in selfish love, how many times I have to say sorry before I get your forgiveness, my reflection.#artist #art #portrait #selfportrait #youngleonardo #balcony #artistic #feelings #vibes #evening #creature #selfishlove
Niente paura, niente paura Niente paura, ci pensa la vita, mi han detto così..... #beach #beachwear #relax #relaxation #relaxing #girl #powergirl #braziliangirl #brazil #selfishlove #italy #sea #seaside
Am I hence Selfish to think so? #selfishlove #selfishness #selfishsunday
Dont rush thing that take time to grow. Oh my God... i😣 want that banana gives me fruit tomorrow!! 😂 #selfishlove #bepatient #villakanaribatukaras #journeywithin #choosejoy #journey #traveldiary #batukaras
Yaa , masih di edisi badan ramping dimana menurut gw ini keren sihh cuma salah pake baju aja jadinyaa "hello my name is fuck" Cuma mau pastiin aja don't see me like you see them #nikahan #selfishlove #brilliant #unstopable #lamusic #slim #young #begin #gig #onemanshow
N O B L U R R E D L I N E S #selfishlove #imgladimme
Hot topic 💰#selfishlove
Self Love Friday. So I have to admit this has been a tough week.Something seemed to have triggered me and without warning and not knowing what was wrong I was hurting all over again.Then I lost my appetite.I was hungry but the food I had craved so much and taken the time to cook tasted like paper.For the last three days I stopped by restaurants and bought great meals still it tasted like ,even things I have loved eating before.I mean I do not love eating out much but because I was not able to find something I like I tried, three different restaurants. Why did I do this?Because I matter,because it's important that I give myself things that I need,because I need to learn how to try harder for me,because I am also learning that even if my effort is worthless..just finding solutions to make it better means I care.No I was not angry with myself for feeling this way.I accepted what I was feeling and just wrote it off as a baby week and went ahead to baby sit myself.Sometimes a baby cries for no reason.It is because it needs attention. Sometimes it just wants the be listened to and nurtured.Sometimes we need to baby sit that inner child and let it do what it wants as long as it's not dangerous.Have we not been controlled for too long,have our needs not been ignored for too long,have we not been forced to do things we don't want for too long? Do not shut that child in or down.Let it come out and play.Set your soul free and let that joy come forth.Its ok..It's ok to play and it's time we learned how to play..We can't spend our whole life carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.We are free to play ❤️❤️❤️
I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t get that done. I’m sorry about my mood earlier. I’m sorry I cried. I’m sorry I didn’t answer the phone. I’m sorry that my apartment isn’t perfectly clean. I’m sorry that my I didn’t text back earlier. I’m sorry I can’t accommodate your needs right now because I have a lot going on. I’m sorry. I’m just sorry! • What is it with saying I’m sorry? • I think sometimes we get sucked into this black hole vortex of saying “I’m sorry” for almost everything. Instead of saying this is just how I feel right now. And oftentimes it’s apologizing for being me and how I feel! • I’m tired of saying I’m sorry all the time. • I’m just telling you. • I need to be selfish and not to be made to feel bad about putting myself first. I have a lot going on, just because I post a pretty picture/story on Instagram from time to time doesn’t mean all is well, it just means I have good moments and I’d like to share the happy moments. I also don’t have to explain myself yet here I am explaining! I try so much to make everyone around me happy and trick myself into thinking because I’ve made those around me happy therefor I’m happy. No! I’m tired of giving a helping hand and when things don’t go right I’m to blame, then it’s back to the “I’m sorry” spiral. I’m tired. I’m bloody exhausted. I’m not perfect! But moving on I’m putting me first, I can’t keep pouring from an empty cup and apologizing when I can no longer provide! • I don’t have to apologize if Im feeling overwhelmed. We don’t ever have to apologize for being real. Love yourself. Actually, learn to give yourself grace. Even in the crazy. Let yourself feel. Let yourself have the grace to feel overwhelmed and not be sorry that you didn’t get everything done that day. Because truth? You probably completed WAY MORE than you thought. You made it through. You didn’t stop. Maybe your apartment and your life looks crazy right now, but you know what? It won’t stay that way. Because I know you – because I know me. We don’t stop. We keep going. We show up for our lives and are awesome in the little big everyday ordinary things. So, I’m sorry ,I’m not sorry anymore!
Took my bedroom mirror out to the living room so I could see my form this morning. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but weight lifting is fun. It’s a new challenge for me, + I’m digging it. I would have NEVER picked up a set of weights at a gym, in a public setting. Would I now that I knew what I was doing? Maaaybe.. — But that would require leaving the house, so that’s a firm no 🙅🏼‍♀️😂😂 #introvertsohard
And until then, remain loyal to your self-love ❤
આ સમજવા વાળા દોસ્ત માટે😘 @prem_nu_cocktails @lagni_no_medo_ 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Follow #followers #selfishlove #lovequotes #gujju #gujju #gujratilove #love #india #mumbai #ahemdabad
I only want you When I cant have you, So why don’t you give me what I want? 🥀 #selfishlove #seaofstrangers
Sit down be humble 👑
Giving myself credit because I'm pretty good at what I do 💋🔑
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