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New changes, amazing new opportunities..💖When you walk with God, the devil can't defeat you.✨ #nottodaysatan #goodvibes#newchangescomingsoon
I’m about to read Bianca del Rio. I hope she sees this and reads me 😂 I don’t think I can get any more basic if I tried 🙋🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ (but buy her book it sounds hilarious) #rpdr #biancadelrio #nottodaysatan
Good morning FresNo I am wishing you all a great and positive day. Don't let someone's negativity bring you down..It's them that are truely the ones with the issues unfortunately haters are a part of life let them wollow in there own mire of jellousy and self hatered...Stay in your own lane, blinders on and remain focused and most of all DONT LET THEM EVER STEAL YOUR SHINE..We all are beautiful in our own right so embrace our differences, rise above there negative thoughts and remember they hate themselves more than they ever do you, and learn how to respect and embrace each other's boundaries and differences and rise above the negative be proud to be you because there will only ever be one you. Remain genuine, kind and thoughtful and you will be the one who really wins the race.....#KinzieRoseMusic #CantStealMyShine #NotTodaySatan #RiseAbove #PositiveVibes #Love #Laugh #Respect #Singer #Songwritter #Musician #LyricalMaster #Encourage #Smile #YouCanNeverBeMe
IF YOU KNOW ME, then you know that this is M E ! I do not play those A/C off, windows down games. NO MA’AM, that offends me. it’s too damn hot to be trying to experience nature on a car ride. I am not that girl. Don’t get in my car letting your window down because the A/C is on. My car can be sitting on E ... I bet you the A/C is still on. DO NOT ASK ME TO GO ANYWHERE IF YOU DON’T USE THE AIR OR THAT SHIT DOES NOT WORK! I AM STAYING HOMEEEE! #ihatebeinghot #ihatethesummer #winterandfallaretheseasonsforme #idontgetcold #windowsupacon #dontplayinmyface #nottodaysatan #cuttheairon
Today’s coffee break is fuelled by random quotes from fierce queens 😂 #rupaulsdragrace
Not today Satan 😈 trying some wildflower power to soothe the savage beast this morning 🤞🏻 How frustrating it must be to be so small yet so full of ideas that aren’t OSHA approved 😂 #turnthatfrownupsidedown #nottodaysatan #itainteasybeing3
It’s so amazing to see new faces year after year, but what is equally as amazing is seeing “old” faces... faces of the friends from years past... faces of friends that have now become family. Faces I was introduced to only because of this business. #soblessed #beachbodycoachsummit #dreambig #belief #goforitgirl #sommertucker #joy #purposedrivenlife #purposedrivenbusiness
So excited to dig in to some powerful business training today in Indy! Excited to see the aha moments and lightbulbs going off in our team, as we roll up our sleeves and learn how to serve people better and help them live their best life. . My girl @tracimorrow just opened the day with this... . 👉🏼Who do you want to be a year from today? . Such a great question to think about...not just in health, not just in finances, not just in business... . Who do you want to be, as a person? . Something to think about🤔 . Who do you want to be a year from today?
So why they can never get my order right? #nottodaysatan #ineedcoffee to function!!!!
he better watch out!🙌🏽😁 #nottodaysatan 👊🏻
True beauty shines from within! 💜 Don't dull your shine! ☀️
Some days I really need this shirt!! #nottodaysatan
We have been off budget, we haven’t had an emergency fund in months and I feel so far behind!! 3 months of not getting paid really put us off track so I’m trying really hard to stay motivated and get back on track! July will be a better month. August is up in the air. Between deductibles on my car insurance and medical care from the car accident I’m a little nervous but I refuse to quit. #debtavalanche #payingdowndebt #totalmoneymakeover #debtfreecommunity #financialfreedom #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #financialpeace #cashiering #debtisdumb #livelikenooneelse #debtsnowball #debtavalanche #debtfreejourney #nottodaysatan #praisegod #praisejesus #havefaith
DEAL OF THE DAY Sizes: S-M-L-XL $11.05 when you apply code HILLARY15 at checkout. ••Shop link in bio•• *** Due to the popularity of our Deal Of The Day Sale items such as this, please allow an estimated 3 weeks before shipping #onlineshopping #newarrival #dealoftheday #sale #nottodaysatan #discountcode #erb #graphictee
He did it! After I spent hours trying to figure out the problem, he had it back in five minutes. (In case you missed the last post- computer issues) @farmhausstudios can do anything!! And fix anything! 💪🏻 I had zero worry and complete faith that it would work out! Eyes on God. It changes everything! Take that satan. 🙌🏻👊🏻💪🏻#nottodaysatan #warriornotworrier
Vegans be like come over I'm barbequeing! #nottodaysatan #vegansbelike
#nottodaysatan ✋😎🖤
The Sea tried to take me yesterday.. I still love that crazy bitch anyway. 🙏🏼😍❤️ 🌊 ☀️ #thankful #blessed #nottodaysatan #waveonwave #beachtimeismetime #justkeepgoing #jesustookthewheel 🙏🏼 #seabetrayedme
Fall 2013. I was recovering from a strep infection in my breast. I had to stop nursing Nicholas. When, I was sick before we knew what it was I lay feverish all night. The next morning I’m so sick I know I need to get help so I grab what I thought was a current insurance card. Dennis still laying in bed rolls over and tells me calmly he stopped payment on it because we couldn’t afford it. I knew what money was coming in but not what was going out plus I was so sore and sick and now hurt. We did have enough if we stuck to the budget. Betrayal. I knew he was using the money for something else and not telling me. This is when I started noticing the abuse would escalate when it wasn’t the Dennis show. He has to be sicker, sadder, more wronged, more needy than you. So I drive myself to the urgent care next to value village, pay $300 for a shot in my butt cheek. It was always like that. I never knew when I’d need a lot of cash for an emergency so I’d hoard what I could earn and try to keep it from him. He’d rage at me to put him on my accounts. When I tried talking to him about the money, as usual, a screaming fit. We lived on the bottom cement floor. He’s so angry and indignant he storms off. How dare I discuss finances. Confusing yeah? Imagine living in it. Nicholas is holding on to the wall just learning to stand with assistance, Dennis clips him on his rant and then that sound. SMACK, the back of Nicholas’s head on the ground. Dennis keeps walking. We are trapped with a monster in a basement who can’t stand Nicholas’s crying, (it’s one of his PTSD triggers) so I rush over confused sad and hopeless. I am glad this chapter is done. That’s not even the right word. Glad is too shallow of a word. If you are feeling bad feelings in your gut. Trust it. And act on it. I remember reading in one of my massage magazines that they either already are or are close to classifying the gut as it’s own system, much like the circulatory and digestive system. Neat yeah? Trust yourself. You were born with the light of Christ in you whether you believe in it or not. #ctr #lightofchrist #getthehellout #nottodaysatan #ptsd #veteran #hell
You know l woke up this morning and it just HIT me... You know those feelings of being overwhelmed that we get and how they take off and take flight into something BIGGER like sheer and utter PANIC? Yeah l was there last night and SINKING into an even bigger pit of doom and gloom. But l woke up this morning and this is where l am now....When things all seem to be crashing down at you all at once we sometimes forget who is number 1 on our team. Today has the power to CRUSH me but l know that l am covered by the blood to Jesus and that l am not going into any of these situations alone. Giving this to God and letting him handle it. I REFUSE to give up or let the enemy win. Boy is the enemy working OVERTIME lately. God is my shield and sword and my rock and l will stand up with my head held high and l will NOT fear because the Lord my God is with me. My God is BIGGER than any situation l'm facing and he does the IMPOSSIBLE and l know that he is with me today💕🙌😇🙏 Sharing this so that anyone else that might be feeling this way can find some hope and climb out of that pit this morning🙏🙌 Hope you all have a great day Love Ya'll💜 Stay FABULOUS😘 #godsgothis #nottodaysatan #jesustakethewheel #coveredbythebloodofjesus #godsloveconquersall #godspresence #teamjesus
G’morning☕️ ☺️ Do you ever feel... stuck? Last night it hit me kinda hard how many areas of my life I want to improve on. Honestly it felt a little overwhelming. Like where do I begin? And how? I decided to change up my daily routine because what we do everyday are our habits. So this morning I woke up even EARLIER than usual! 😳👌🏽😂 It was 3:33am. I kinda laughed when I looked at the clock cause I was like There’s that 11 again. I guess that’s a good sign! Instead of getting up and sitting down with my coffee and phone first thing ( like I usually do) I started getting ready for the gym. And now it’s 5am and I’m catching myself wanting to stay in my comfort zone and my usual routine. 🙄👎🏽 NOPE! I refuse. #NotTodaySatan #ThoughtfulThursday #life #habits #unstuck #selfimprovement #coffee #earlybirdgetstheworm #goodmorning
Don't destroy yourself by allowing negative people add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive but discreet, so that those with unhealthy tongues won't have any other option than to infest themselves with their own diseases. #motivationalquotes #hatersbelike #nottodaysatan #bebetternotbitter
This is why it's so hard for me to stay on target! I walked into the lunchroom at work and this is what I saw sitting there on a table calling my name! I walked past made my coffee & heated my keto pancakes. #nottodaysatan #notketo #ketolife #keto #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketogenicdiet #ketodietchallenge #lowcarb #hflc #lchf #fitgirl #myway   #ketofam #weightloss
And what doesn’t kill me today better run 😂 #thursday #nottodaysatan
Don't be trying to mess up others happiness. Let them be great. #thenonrelationshipexpert #millennials #dontslideoverhere #nottodaysatan #relationshipissues #letstalkaboutit
I could seriously live without today, i have work in 2 hours lol #makeup #messyhair #nottodaysatan #nosleep #brunettes
Be smart people 🤓 stay safe at the beach when drinking 🤣😎🍺#dontdrinknswim #nottodaysatan #livingmybestlife
Those 12 o’clock can I have nudes ones 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #nottodaysatan #clean #no
When you were sure you had heat damage because you forgot to use heat protectant but God🙌🏾💃🏾💃🏾😭😂😂 #naturalnigerian #naturalhair #naturalhairproblems #nottodaysatan #naturalhairgoals #type4hair #kinkycurlycoilyhair
🚨 Embarrassing moment alert 🚨 Just coming from the gym really sore & literally got chased by a family of skunks to my car... _____________________ You would be surprised even when you're at pure exhaustion what you're able to push yourself to do. _____________________ Best believe I was able to still sprint to my car. Point is from a professional, business standpoint we have the ability to go further than what we think even when we feel we have given everything. The barrier could be you lost a job, looking for a better job, work hours, work load, client relationships, employee relationships, work/life balance, self doubts in your leadership, etc... Well whatever that barrier is that's giving you resistance remember you don't get stronger without some type of resistance. You adapt, find a new angle, and discover how much you truly can handle. Never stop. Just hold on to what motivates you. Keep a roof over your family, keep food on the table, your goal to be a speaker, entrepreneur, leader, CEO, hit a certain number of sales, rise up the ranks of your beloved company, etc. Remember, you need to find a way to let stress out: exercise, side hustle, praying, meditation, Netflix binging, etc. (Trying to make an embarrassing moment motivational 😂😂) @wearefightback 👀👀 _____________________ ____________________ #FindTroy #Motivation #Sore #EverythingHurts #Running #PushYourself #WeAreFightBack #Gym #BabySteps #Skunk #NotTodaySatan #GymRat #Exercise #Funny #JustDoIt #StayFocused #Business #Goals #Stress #Hustle
A washing basket and some balloons, he’s happy and contained which means mama loves it too! #balloons #happybaby #pleasebestill #stoptrashingthehouse #nottodaysatan
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