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💪🏽✌🏽❤️... Morning post: Woke up feeling well, healthy, tight from my workout the day before lol so I prayed in my head about these things and more that I had to be grateful for. Always give praise and gratitude to the most high before anything. #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphorm
A WHOLE LOTTA FITNESS HAPPENED TODAY. Paying the man on a Tuesday because there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW. Starting earlier and staying late to incorporate more accessory work...but not too late because there’s another thing to pay called rent 😂. #sales - Bench Press -135x10, 155x10, 185x10, 205x3, 215x3, 225x3 - Slow eccentric flat dumbbell press -3x10 70lbs - ☠️COMPLEX☠️-**build to threshold and then complete 4 sets with a moderate weight #200 **- 1 hang power clean+1 power jerk+1 hang power clean+1 power jerk - DUMBBELL PARTY 🎉💁🏽‍♂️ 8, 6, 4 #50 , #60 , #70 **rest 1 minute** 4, 6, 8 #70 , #60 , #50 - ACCESSORY SUPERSET 4x12- Lat pull down + Seated rows #iam1stphorm ______________________________________________#legionofboom #neversettle #1stphorm #olympicweightlifting #weightlifting #wedothework #work #fitness #phamily #work #dedication #barbellcycling #metcon #power #compete #1stphormathletesearch #strength #neversettle #energy #100to0 #sacrifice #motivator #wellness #health #mental #crossfit @1stphorm
This book...... I first heard of @seanwwhalen while listening to the MFCEO project hosted by @andyfrisella and thought it was so amazing hearing two bad ass dudes discuss business, failure, and success together so naturally when I heard Sean was releasing a book I had to immediately put myself on the list!!! 📖 . . Now I ordered 3 copies to help share the love and the post office managed to get one delivered to me, so hopefully the other 2 managed to get in the hands of someone who needed it as much as me 🖤 . . This book is a game changer and my first night reading it made it about half way thru and loved every word of it! So if you have a chance, head on over to Amazon and get your hands on this thing!!!!! 💋
Enjoyed Presidents’ Day off by the beach! #beach #california #s2 #S2faction #1stphorm #legionofboom #dominate #iam1stphorm #flexing
No matter where life takes me, I think the greatest lesson I will have ever learned is the value of real, actual hard work. The kind that gets your hands dirty and leaves your body exhausted/aching. Growing up in small towns of 500 and then 2500 people, I spent most of working hours roofing houses, taking care of cattle, shoveling dirt, laying out irrigation pipe and other shit like that. I was constantly surrounded by blue collar men and women who had to genuinely bust their ass (and having to do the same for myself) to get the things we wanted, and thats something that will stick with me forever. Whatever kind of car you drive, how many digits are in your bank account, what you do for fun, who’s in “your circle,” - none of that matters. As long as you push your mind and body past its limits ALL THE TIME you will become a better version of yourself. And you will be happy.
A FIBER FILLED BREAKFAST . 🔸 1/2 cup gluten free oats 🔸 1/3 cup almond milk 🔸 1 tbsp chia seeds 🔸 1/2 cup fresh raspberries & blueberries 🔸 1-1.5 tbsp almond butter Combine in container, refrigerate overnight, enjoy for a healthy, nutrient filled breakfast! ✅ Fiber ✅ Healthy fat ✅ Vitamin C . Fiber is important in our diet for several key reasons including better digestion, colon health, improve cholesterol, lower risk of diseases, and helping us feel full longer. . . . . . . . . #eatingright #healthyfood #breakfast #overnightoats #fiber #nutrients #healthy #nutrition #healthylifestyle #motivation #fitnessjourney #health #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitlife #fitlifestyle #igfitness #fitnessaddict #fitnesslife #fitness #fit #legionofboom #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #fitspiration #fitnesslifestyle #healthyeats #fitnesscoach #healthyeating #healthymeals
Shout out to the @theironkitchen931 for making awesome food ready to go, without breaking the bank. I work in the restaurant industry and honestly just don't feel like cooking on my days off. They have enough variety to keep my food from getting bored while fueling my goals at the same time. I've already devoured some mini chicken tacos and a taco bowl. #fitfam #ironkitchen #phamily #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #leggionaire #macros #phamily
Sweet potatoes, ground turkey, & broccoli. Simple, but effective! Not sure how to portion out your meals?Here's a SUPER easy hack!!! 👋🏼Protein should be the size of your palm. ✊🏼Carbohydrates should be the size of your fist. ✊🏼Vegetables should be the size of your fist. 💪🏼If you're trying to bulk up, double your carbs! . . . #eatright #healthy #fitfam #consistencyiskey #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphorm
Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them🔥 Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. To be great you must live as if you will never die💯 #fitness #bodybuilding #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmodel #model #motivation #fit #bodygoals #WSHHFitness #1stPhorm #iam1stPhorm #1stPhormAthleteSearch #legionofboom #bethe1 #duespaid #wedothework
The journey to grow the booty and shrink the waist continues! 🍑 I had a great workout this morning. I did not forget why I was getting up early today, lol. 😂 I'm surprised I'm not passed out at my desk at work because I was up late meal prepping. 😪 I ran out of gas on Sunday which is normally meal prep day so I couldn't use the stove. #mexicoproblems I was determined to get my lunches prepped for the week though so after I finished teaching at 11 pm I got to cooking. I just gotta keep on chugging until Saturday and then I can take a nap lol! 😪 The grind will be worth it though! Happy Tuesday fam!
Happy Tuesday, I am headed back from ☀️ Florida back to cold ❄️ Oklahoma 😏. We drove so we have about 15 hours or so left on this road trip, riding home and reflecting on my vacation I am so grateful to have been able to take my family on a vacation to Florida 🙏 , we had so much fun if you go to Orlando stay at the @gaylordpalms it’s amazing!! We went to siesta key beach 🏖, universal studios , and ate some amazing food!!! I posted the other day about my eating ...well I legit jumped off the cliff in a pink donut 🍩 I ate all when i say all i mean every sweet they sold i ate 🙄 the last 2 days, I am ready to get back home to meal prep and my gym. My plan to get back on track is adding in some @1stphorm Level 1 meal replacement shakes in place of some meals, so much you can do with this protein (🎂 🥞 🍦-my fave is protein ice cream or late snack protein smoothie w/frozen fruit and Opti-greens), prepping my meals as soon as I get home, and reflecting on my whys, scheduling my training days in my planner!! Don’t let bad days turn into bad weeks or months we all fall of track no one is perfect it’s a journey there will be ups and downs tho it may seem like people on instagram are perfect no one has a perfect life everyone has struggles!! I am a foodie and I like beer 🍺 balance is key!! LETS GO JOIN ME IN GETTING BACK ON TRACK TO OUR GOALS ! Have a great Tuesday peeps!! . . . Questions about level 1 hit me up!! Want free shipping link is in my bio 😘 . . #liftheavy #strong #bestrong #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #ironaddict #wedothework #fitness #bejuststrong #gwpl #100to0 #earnednotgiven #powerliftingwomen #fitnesstips #fitmom #beobsessed #healthylife #healthytips #faith #thankful #fitnessmotivation #strongwomen #getstrong
I used to hate the gym. I used to feel like it was a chore to get my ass up and do extra. But I started seeing people I love suffer from health complications that could have easily been prevented if they cared a little more about their health. So I did my own research and started getting my ass out the door to pay my dues. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be and do the best you can do! I had no idea what I was doing in the gym, luckily my husband, @doreybeastsaw has always been an athlete so he was able to show me and teach me. The process isn't easy, but it certainly is worth it. This video here makes me proud because my form is great! I used to dwell on the fact I could not throw around heavy weight. But I've learned that your form is the foundation of being able to throw weight around. Just gotta be patient and trust the process! #BaskInBrittany #GirlsWhoLift #SafetyFirst #Rows #StrongIsSexy #MotivateDontHate #TodayFeelsLikeMonday #Inspire #Phormbilt #legionofboom #1stphorm @in_the_nexus
🍼44 days until due date🍼. Just trying to move and keep the loads moderately and comfortably heavy. But let’s be serious, pregnant or not, high percentages are never comfortable 😒. These bunch of triples felt good. #8monthspregnant #deadlifts @1stphorm
Doing a little walking this morning. Also made a trip down the hall and back around noon. I may be down but I'm not out. #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #neversettle #wedothework #duespaid #legionofboom #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #rehab #positivity #blessed #faithful
How Sugary is your Smoothie? — Can you believe that!? 108 grams of sugar in a medium “fit & healthy” smoothie!? Our bodies can really only process 25-37 grams of sugar A DAY- this smoothie has over 4X that amount of sugar! 😬 — Companies will purposefully label things as “fit”, “healthy” or “natural” to TRICK YOU into buying their product. Good old diet culture at its finest! —— Be smarter than that... READ 👏🏻NUTRITION 👏🏻LABLES! —— #StrongChoiceTraining #TeamStrongChoice
Starting week 5 off strong! I’m feeling so motivated and driven to be the best version of me! Every week brings new challenges and with that comes new accomplishments. My #1stphorm friends are keeping me accountable and giving me inspiration when I have moments of doubt, I’m so grateful for this awesome group! Hope everyone goes hard this week!!! #4weeksdown4togo #phamily #transphormation #weightlosstransformation #legionofboom #iam1stphorm
Today I successfully hit a deadlift PR of 205 🤗 - I haven’t quite figured out what I want my end goal PR to be yet but I think I can hit 215 by meh birthday 💪🏽 - I am in LERV with my @fitcops rep shirt get yourself some bomb ass gear using the link in my bio and code Kimber10 - These leggings are squat proof and I’m convinced help me make PRs 😂 @1stphorm has the women’s legging game on point-I’m in a Medium-the link for free shipping is also in my bio - Video creds to @squat4thrive13 and goal crushing studio brought to you by @fenixstrongdotcom - 🤔 what should my next DL PR be....and who is participating in the open this week!? #iam1stphorm #tattooedfitgirls #nativeathletes #swatgirl #nativeweightloss #softballcoach #neversettle #duespaid #fitcopsfemales #fitcopsrep #bethe1 #legionofboom #deadliftsfordays #allthewayup #nativemodel #nikewomen #fitforduty #femaleathlete
Every excuse you make, you’re just wasting your time in actually reaching a goal. . Stop letting excuses dictate your future. Get the work done, and you WILL see the end result. Period. . #trainerbonnie #noexcuses #truth #realtalk #neversettle #personaltrainer #nutrition #honesty #fitspo #iam1stphorm
I used to wonder why people always raves about fish oil. And I’m sure there plenty of people out there who wonder too. Why spend money on a supplement when you can just eat fish? How will fish oil benefit me more? What even is fish oil? . Fish oil is a healthy fat that contains omega 3 fatty acids— a good type of fat. Often times store bought fish is of poor quality and doesn’t contain adequate amounts of omega 3s. What’s so good about omega 3s? . Omega 3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, provide something for EVERYBODY . They: ❤️help lower blood pressure and LDL, increase HDL, lower triglycerides levels and reduce arrhythmia episodes. Basically, fish oil is very good for your heart! ❤️fish oil can also help reduce cortisol levels (belly fat inducing hormone) and regulate insulin sensitivity making it ideal for those trying to lose weight. ❤️fish oil helps improve mood and cognition. Perfect those who struggle with health mentally or just need an overall brain boost. . Why is full Mega such a good fish oil supplement? Full mega doesn’t cause fishy burps (which many fish oil supplements do) because of the antioxidants blend it contains. It also has 720 mg of EPA and 4890 of DHA per serving. To learn more about full mega, click the link in my bio or DM me! #iam1stphorm #wedothework #girlwhoactuallylift #legionofboom
35 days down 26 in counting💅🏻 Feeling great & hitting PR’s every week! - If you fell off get the fuuuck back up and bust out these 26 days! I’ve seen some killer transformations already and stoked for everyone’s ending results. Seriously this is such a cool movement especially how many people are in it changing their lives.💪🏼 - #mytransphormationstartstoday #inittowinit #gains #personalrecord #everyday #fitfam #1stphorm #pham #legionofboom #sprintchallenge #neversettle #boxing #usaboxing #pink #reebok #adidas
MOST UNDERRATED SUPPLEMENT🚨 . When it is released into the small intestine, or when taken as a supplement, bile mixes into the food in our digestive tract and helps to act on any fat there, much like a detergent. This means that it takes big fat globules and makes them into tiny balls that lipase (the fat digesting enzyme) can easily work on. Some people, who have had their gallbladder removed, use ox bile to supplement their bile production with meals since they no longer have a storage place for their own bile. With improved digestion of fats, the ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K improves as well. I highly suggest you add this to your vitamin regimen . . #GameChanger #Supplementation #BodyBuilding #Fitness #CantStopWontStop #DuesPaid #TeamCleanEats #Iam1stPhorm #LegionOfboom #1stPhorm
Very pleased with my workout today.. every day, getting closer... #neversettle #mytransphormation #iam1stphorm #lifeafter40 #legionofboom #100to0
Welp I’m back at the counter for another episode of some supplement knowledge! - I had someone reach out to me about natural remedies to help with anxiety, which is actually something I’m very familiar with because I struggle with that myself! - Pictured are a few things I like to use to help me out. - Fish oils and Omega-3 fatty acids are a major building block for optimal brain chemistry. The American diet tends to get enough Omega-6s from but will typically fall short in Omega-3s. This can cause improper transmission of nerve signals. To keep it simple, when your brain isn’t functioning optimally, you can feel anxious and depressed. So take your fish oils people! - Another common reason for mild depression and anxiety is an imbalance in brain neurotransmitters that can act as mood enhancers by helping transmit signals between brain cells. One neurotransmitter in particular would be serotonin (which medicines like Prozac act on). A more natural way to combat this is supplementing with B Vitamins. What that can do is conserve the amino acid tryptophan and convert as much of that as possible into serotonin. - 5 HTP, to keep it simple, is another natural supplement that can up your serotonin levels without using prescription meds. Lots of studies show it works just as good, if not better with less side effects. - Multiple studies have also shown that vitamin D can also help improve neurotransmitter function. - Bottom line is, you can fight tons of issues with natural supplementation. Just need to find that right stuff! - As always, message me with any questions! . . #supplementsuperstores #s2faction #dominateyourlife #1stphorm #neversettle #legionofboom #phamily #instafit #instafam #like #new #instafitness #fitness #fitfam #killit #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #motivation #guyswholift #workhustlekill #whateverittakes #cleaneat #workout #lift #fitlife #fitspo
Leg day!!!! It’s my fave but today was less my fave. Front squats and 3 sec negative hack squat.....why?!? So mean, but I’ll be stronger in the end. Or that’s what I hear! 😂 and as always epic level video skills! #powerliftingwomen #frontsquat #legday #hurtssogood #betterthanyesterday
There are some days where I'm moving non stop. I'm in and out of the house cutting pieces, fitting pieces, etc. I need to get a far along as I can and the last thing I have time for is to stop and eat. The comment I hear from people the most is that they don't have time to eat. I get it, really. It's hard sometimes to get a full meal in. It's hard to take the time but we all know that we should. Our metabolism slows and our ability to fight off infection drastically decreases when we fail to eat as we should. So what do you do when you don't have time to eat? 🔸protein shakes. Super easy to dump a scoop in and shake! It takes all of 2 seconds. 🔸something pre portioned you can munch on while you work. I've been making trail mix, muffins, breads, and granola. They have full servings of protein, fats, and carbs but are already portioned to make easy snacking. 🔸pre-made smoothies with protein, fats, and carbs Are you struggling with not having time to eat? What do you do?
#Bumpdate or #transformationtuesday 😂 - The difference 3.5 weeks makes. 12 weeks vs 15 weeks. I see very slight changes. ( the only things growing at a ridiculous rate are my (.)(.) 😳) But this #babybump has a mind of its own. 🙄 - I’m still tired allllll the time, which is getting frustrating, seeing as I was hoping I would get some of my energy back around now. But, everyone is different. 🤷🏼‍♀️ - Still working out everyday, even if it’s just fast paced walking for 45 min. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. - Have a great rest of your Tuesday Phamily 💪🏼
GST Lower and Handstand work. Felt much more stable on the handstand stuff this week. I think I was just resting on my head too much last week. Was very acti let pushing my hands hard into the mat the entire time and it felt much much better. . @theperformancevibe Andy this is some of that Gymnastics Strength Training I was talking to you about at your seminar. . Also if you guys aren't following @theperformancevibe both here and on YouTube you are doing yourself a great disservice. Andy and Nick are extremely knowledgeable and just honest to goodness great people.
My biggest REGRETS👇 ⚪️ Have been from my moments of hesitation with choices with obviously POSITIVE outcomes. ⚪️ I try not to think about it, but it frustrates me thinking that I could have felt this good about my health and fitness YEARS ago. ⚪️ But I was in denial. ⚪️ I remember 6 years ago when my wife (gf at the time) was worried because she could feel and see the ribs on my back. I lost all my muscle mass and wasn’t eating correctly and she would always encourage me to get back to training and eating right. ⚪️ But I was comfortable and had way to many excuses to not get to the gym. To not work with the right mentors to get to where I needed to be. ⚪️ When we don’t understand the feeling to reach a whole new level of fitness, to truly work for a body that we are 100% confident in... we take for granted that opportunity because we don’t understand how truly amazing it feels. ⚪️ We hesitate. ⚪️ Then when we finally do make those decisions to take true action for dramatic change, You can’t help but look back at when those exact same decisions were brought before you years before. Realizing you could have had this change in your body and mind a long time ago. ⚪️ Let’s not hesitate towards positive action! ⚪️ Like this post if you are an ACTION TAKER, or will start being a POSITIVE action taker today 🔥🙌. ⚪️ #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #transformation #planetfitness #legionofboom #duespaid #wedothework #iam1stphorm #fitness #garagegymlife #crossfit #conditioning #training #metcon
As Human beings we are always judged on how we react to situations. Most times you can't control how a person treats you, but you can always control how you react. Don't let your emotions supersede your intelligence. Best advice someone gave me, When are you going to look in the mirror and say I'm a superstar and it's time to start acting like it! #iambuffalodunlap #road2monster #overtrain #overtraining #stupidpump #betterbodies #ebonyfitness #fitness #ifbb #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #aesthetic #shredded #1stphorm #legionofboom #pumpchasers #beastmode #dynamikmuscle #gainz #gains #stayready #noexcuses #whateverittakes #npc #imsoalpha #ebonymuscle #neversettle #duespaid #tigerfitness #motivationalquotes
BOOKMARK THIS AB CIRCUIT 🤓 . X-Crunch x10 Side Plank w/ Rotation x10 ea side Plank Toe Taps x10 ea leg DB Woodchop x10 ea side Swiss Ball Roll Out x10 REPEAT X4 . Your abs will be on fire🔥🔥🔥 . 💻 online coaching: www.aimeejfitness.com 🏡 fit from home eBook: $20 👚1st phorm crop top: free shipping w/ my link! all links in my bio 👆🏼 . #workoutguide #1stphorm #legionofboom #neversettle #iam1stphorm #homeworkout #getfit #shredded #abs #fitfam #fitfromhome #FFHGuide #ajfitfam #workout
Even at work I still have time for ICE CREAM SANDWICH 😍😍😍 🍦 If you are like me and don't have time to physically stop and eat during the day, drop me a message and I'll be more than glad to help you all find the gaps and fill them with the appropriate solution. @1stphorm @jarrettwbond22 @andyfrisella @will2win50 #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #neversettle #100to0
I have really felt like my legs are lagging behind in my upper body #gains lately...BUT I did 15 reps, between 3 sets to failure, at 205lbs 🤩 You could say I’m pretty #pumped #hipthrust #glutes #legday
For every level there is another devil! Don't become complacent! You can always find a way to improve! Always!!
The quickest way to know if your on the right path to success - - 1) You care less about your ego and failures 2) Quickest and fastest way to success 3) Other people’s opinions o
I took a rest day yesterday, I was so swollen and miserable from all the festivities this weekend. So I listened to my body and stayed home. Today was a new day tho... Woke up with so much energy I didn’t even take my megawatt😱😱 WHAAAAAT. Oh yeah needless to say I crushed some chest and back so herrrrrr ya go! Oh yeah and if you haven’t been to @chelseyfitfactory then WTF are you even doing?!? Go check it out!!!!!! #iam1stphorm #wedothework #legionofboom #100to0 #fitnessmotivation #chelseyfitfactory #instafit #fitlife #cleaneating #gymlife #fitjourney #nutrition1 #itsalifestyle #strongmom #
Exogenous Ketones and Keto testing strips! Ketones are produced in the body by the liver during times of fasting and low carbohydrate diets. The liver then releases the ketones into the blood stream. Once the ketones reach the mitochondria of the muscle cell they're converted to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is considered your body's universal energy molecule. Ketones yield a value of 4.5-5.5 calories which is a greater energy value than glucose. If you are on a low to no carbohydrate diet, supplementing with exogenous ketones before your workout will increase ATP production allowing you to push out more reputations and recover faster in between sets. #keto #ketogenic #preworkout #vacaville #roseville #aesthetics #crossfit #mma #bjj #ifbb #wbff #physique #bodybuilding #bikini #figure #workout #gym #muscle #flex #fit #npc #fitspo #fitness #gymmemes #fitspiration #fitfan #legionofboom #gains #bulking @nutrishopusa
If you've written me asking questions about diet: . Your diet and exercise is all a science, you just have to figure out your balance based on your goals.. The magic formula IS: Energy intake(food) VS Energy output(exercise).💥 If you consume more energy than you're exerting, you will inevitably gain weight. Same with the opposition.. For example, somebody that is obese will not have the same plan as somebody with my body type, that has a hard time holding weight. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain, it is imperative that you are consuming the right kinds of fuel for your body, in order to build muscle and replace fat. •If you are trying to gain healthy weight, I suggest remaining in 'feast mode' consistently throughout your day eating lean protein and heavy carbs with some clean fats in each of your meals, while building up in weight at the gym using Pyramid Sets maxing out with 6-8 reps. . •If you are trying to lose weight, I suggest a higher lean protein intake with less of a carb intake. Replace your carbs with healthier ones like dark green veggies or a supplement like Ignition from @1stphorm.. while lifting fairly heavily at the gym, but for high reps of up to 4 sets of 15 reps on each workout. Integrate cardio at the END of your work out to burn some bonus calories!😘 . •Always consume a carb before your lift and a lean protein after your lift! . •Stick with the approved foods 6 days a week!⬇️⬇️ 2012/02/29/eating-clean-approved-foods-list/
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein French Toast MADE BY: @minifitjulia 👌🏼 🤤 -1/2 cup Vanilla Muscle Egg -1 scoop Chocolate Prozein Synthesis protein -1 tsp vanilla extract -2 pieces of bread of choice -Walden farms pancake syrup -3 tablespoons Chike PB powder Optional: -enjoy life chocolate chips -cinnamon -cocoa powder -Mix muscle egg, protein powder and vanilla extract in shallow bowl -soak pieces of bread on each side for a total for 5 min - heat sprayed pan to medium heat - cook until golden brown on each side (3-5 min) -layer with Pb powder and with your toppings of choice -Enjoy! Protein: 48.2, Fat: 4g Carb: 49.5 #breakfast #nutrishoproseville #roseville #aesthetics #crossfit #mma #bjj #ifbb #wbff #physique #bodybuilding #bikini #figure #workout #gym #muscle #flex #fit #npc #fitspo #fitness #gymmemes #fitspiration #fitfam #legionofboom #gains #bulking @nutrishopusa
Homemade nut butter! Macadamia, almond and walnut with coconut flakes and coconut oil! . Creamy and delicious. . #homemadeisbetter #naturalnutbutters
Alrighttyy peeeps... I have typed and retyped this caption too many times trying to organize my thoughts so if you make it to the end of this... you da best! - Yesterday I let negativity win. I played the comparison game and got discouraged. I had a poo attitude all day and went to bed mad at myself for being mad at myself.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ - I woke up today and remembered I’m human. I have feelings and it’s okay to feel them.. but what’s not okay is to sit and soak in them.. 🙅🏼‍♀️ - So I listened to the @mfceoproject How to “Find” Yourself by @andyfrisella. 1. His podcast series will blow your mind 🤯 and make you evaluate your life.. if you are not listening >> go now!! 2. He discusses that self discovery is an intentional journey of decisions you choose to make regarding who you want to be and then act on. >>> in my terms of understanding, finding yourself is not like Pocahontas where the colors of the wind blow through your hair and boom it hits you!... (dang you Disney) - I am choosing to be the happy, positive, confident woman I know I can be. To radiate happiness and hope that it rubs off on someone because let’s be honest, we are still breathing and getting the opportunity to live another day of this crazy thing called life! This choice is a piece of the puzzle to the bigger picture I see for myself, piece by piece I will build the picture and become who I want to be doing what I want to be doing. - So I ask all of you reading.. who are you going to be and what actions are you going to take to be that person? Not just today but everyday ♥️ - With a new attitude this morning I had one of the best workouts in a while! See below: •squats with leg elevated on bosu ball 4x12 •single leg glute bridges 4x12 •good mornings 4x10 •abductor machine 4x15 •lateral cable leg raises & kickbacks 4x15 •deadlifts 4x10 •side steps with resistance band 4x20 And to finish it off... 5 rounds of as many burpees in 1 minute with 30 seconds rest between. Did you make it to the end?? #mytransphormation #lctransphormationgroup #transphormationchallenge #1stphormtransphormationchallenge #1stphorm #legionofboom #duespaid
Nothing in life is promised, not even free-time is So, only chase dreams, and only chase commas Won't happen on its own, trust, trust, we've been through it If it was easy, everyone would do it This game is not… - G Eazy I don’t post often about a cardio session. It’s not flashy or sexy. But it’s the process. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. How you use them is important. Pulling out a cardio session in the middle of the work day instead of relaxing and enjoying my lunch isn’t fun, but necessary to my growth. This is only a beginning. Bodybuilding is only a platform to bigger ideas. We all want more, but how many of us are taking action to align with those thoughts? It’s easy to dream, but bringing the dream to life is a different story. I have my days like anyone else where things don’t always seem so great. This bodybuilding journey has taught me a lot about myself and is shaping my mind more to my goals that are bigger than bodybuilding. The two biggest things I’ve realized so far are consistency and a plan will take you further than you ever thought. 5 weeks out! #Hustle —————————————————#fithusbandproject #fitness #fitdad #fitdads #fithusband #bodybuilding #classicphysique #bodybuilder #growth #mindset #dad #father #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #noexcuses #goals #challengeyourself #changeyourself #gymlife #fitlifestyle #healthylifestyle #cardio
BOXING TRAINING!!!!!!! . Last night my buddy Garret braved the rain and came over for some boxing and a workout. Since being gone and then coming back I was sick and then a car accident so getting back to my regular schedule and routine has been difficult but we are getting back at it. . Last night I had Garret wear some weighted gloves under his 12 OZ gloves and we threw some combos. Then when we took the weight gloves off his speed was a lot faster. . Always making sure to vary the training and give the guys new things to do. . #legacy #1stphorm #1stphorm4life #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #legionofboom #neversettle #duespaid #boxing #coach #motivation #hardwork #goals #fit #fitness #dedication #power #passion #inspiration #inspire #train #training #exercise #workout
Everyone knows that water is important for your over all health. An adult body is made of up to 60% of it! Let me throw some interesting facts at you about the importance of water! I drink at least a gallon a day, I would suggest 64oz-100oz a day! 1. Increases Energy and Relieves Fatigue: since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and be more alert! 2. Promotes Weight loss: removes by products of fat, reduces eating intake, reduces hunger, raises your metabolism, and has ZERO CALORIES 3. Improves Skin Complexion: moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, glowing and smooth and is anti aging! 4. Prevents Cramps and Strains: proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain is less likely. 5. AND IT SAVES YOU MONEY! Even if you buy water it is cheaper than sugary drinks. Some people say they don't like the taste of water... try diffusing some fruit in with it to add some taste and still a healthy choice :) #iam1stphorm #thebasics #waterisimportant #legionofboom
It’s incredible the power one human being has to manifest the life they want: . _ To image what you want. To taste it. To smell it. To fear the struggle. The growth. . _ You manifest the good with the bad. So stop jinxing yourself and attract exactly what you deserve. . _ Even if it means accepting the universe has a plan for you and it’s way more than you ever expected out of life.
Down 13lbs in 4 weeks thanks to @1stphorm. They provided the tools and I provided the sweat! 4 weeks to go! #myweightlossjourney #mytransformation #iamfirstphorm #legionofboom #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation
💋 I want to help YOU be~ •Bigger •Better •Stronger •Happier •More Blissful •More intelligent So, tell me. What is something YOU want? Not what society or others think you should want. Not what you think you SHOULD want..but something YOU, deep down to the very core- want. Even if you don't think it'd be reachable. It can be materialistic, a living creature, feature, goal, experience, anything. And everything. Something I want? Is to become selfless. And me helping YOU is helping me reach that goal. Message or comment one thing you want. I will try to respond to everyone. #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #impossibledreams #WHATAREYOURGOALS #motovation
Recover like a boss!🤘🏽 . I’d like to stress the importance of proper recovery supplementation while strength training.☝🏽 . Heavy weight loads stress the muscle creating hypertrophy.💪🏽 . To add to the stress, while on a caloric deficit for the cut, your body will start bumping down to catabolic mode.🤯 . This is why on a cut you can loose a lot of muscle mass if you’re not careful.😨 . I have chosen to supplement using BCAAs to urge my body to keep the muscle.😎 . Quoted from the American Society of Nutrition. Exclusive from the Penn Biomedical Library. . “High-performance physical activity and postexercise recovery lead to significant changes in amino acid and protein metabolism in skeletal muscle” 🤓 . “Leucine’s effect is synergistic with insulin via the PI3K signaling pathway. Together, insulin and leucine allow skeletal muscle to coordinate protein synthesis with physiological state and dietary intake”🤓 . Thus, I HIGHLY recommend using BCCAs for your CUTTING DAYS because it is a way to obtain Leucine without adding extra calories.🔥🔥 . On a bulk, taking BCAAs is not necessary because you should be obtaining these through your diet.☝🏽 . Follow link in bio for ACADEMIC review on this supplement.📚 . PS: Green Apple is my favorite! Comment below if you have any flavor suggestions!💥 . As always, or DM me with questions and requests regarding workout routines, diet, supplements, and mindsets! 😁 . #IAM1STPHORM #CheckMyPhorm #NionFitness #1stphorm #legionofboom #bethe1 #wedothework #duespaid #neversettle #performancerising #redefineyourself #gymtime #workout #getstrong #justdoit #youcandoit #bodybuilding #weightraining #strongnotskinny #muscleandhealth #FitnessMotivation #Fitspo #GoalSetting #YouCanDoIt #FitnessGoals #TrainHard #NoExcuses
510 & Dick. 3 weeks until my first meet! I have no idea what numbers I'm chasing to beat. But I like to compete. So. Screw it. . . First time pulling heavy since last week. Only fit in one good full body pump work out, and A LOT of beer curls while on my Florida mini vacation. . . Maybe the little rest did me well. Cheers to diving into the unknown.. LESSGOOO. #iAm1stPhorm #100to0 #1stPhorm #1stphormlegionnaire #legionofboom #NeverSettle #wedothework #duespaid #transphormation #mytransphormation #mytransphormationstartstoday #fit #fitness #powerlifting #usmc #vet #veteran #wintheday #competition #bestself #1pbarbenders #liftheavy #liftweights
- Keep pushing forward even the MR. Olympia's had a beginning.... just like every journey don't worry about the NAYSAYER's or the critics KEEP DOING YOU. - Keep Moving Forward If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality. - Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks. - @andyfrisella @mai_tyler @mrfrisella @1stphorm #100to0 ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ #YeahIamDifferent #truckerfitness #truckdriver #trucker #mytransphormation #mytransphormationstartstoday #legionofboom  #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #duespaid #weightlossjourney #transphormation #legionofboom #weightloss #weightlossstory #fitnessjourney #fitness #mytransphmation #transphormation #StopBitching #NoExcuses #lvft
Love this exercise. - I first found this when I used to do @krisgethin 12 week muscle building trainer. - These are great for hamstrings and glutes. My sets went as follows: 20 reps- no weight 18 reps- 10lbs 15 reps- 25 lbs 15 reps- 35 lbs 12 reps- 45 lbs 10 reps- 50 lbs - I also did some 50 pound kettle bell swings between sets for 15 reps.
Figured I’d post a picture of this handsome pup to brighten up this Tuesday! 🐶☀️ ✨ Now, go continue on with your day and give a pup a hug if you get a chance! ✨ #notfitnessrelated #justhappyrelated #ainthethecutest
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