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Some of my first sculpts in ZBrush. It’s easy to fall in love with this program but it’s definitely easier to get lost and frustrated in its interface 😅 either way really having fun learning the ins and outs. #1stweek #zbrush #disney #jafar #yao #3dmodeling #moretocome
Hikaru, the Disney Warrior and the Street Rats resistance army vs. Jafar (member of the Four Great Generals of Chernabog) As Hikaru, the Disney Warrior entered Agrabah in the middle of battle between the Street Rats resistance army and Jafar’s foot soldiers, the Disney Blade reacted. Another Disney Villain was ahead; he saw the Sultan’s Palace and went inside. He witnessed Aladdin and Jasmine fighting the Grand Vizier, and Hikaru unsheathed Red Dawn and the Disney Blade to land the next strike to Jafar. After that, the three drew their weapons and the fight began. Aladdin and Jasmine unleashed “Twin Sandstorm Slash” on Jafar, while Hikaru pulled off “Ten Thousand Stingers” to the Grand Vizier, and took out Gold and Silver to unleash “Rainstorm” on him. He then drew the Disney Blade to land the last strike to Jafar, causing him to react in pain. Jafar unleashed his full power to transform into an all-powerful Genie, appearing over the skies of Agrabah. Hikaru got on the Magic Carpet, flew towards Jafar and unleashed everything towards him, slashing him with Red Dawn and the Disney Blade, and firing a hailstorm of bullets from Gold and Silver. Jafar, weakened by Hikaru’s abilities, saw him picking up the Magic Lamp, trapping him back inside, tossed it the air and destroyed it with a single slash from Red Dawn. With Jafar’s death, peace returned to Agrabah and Aladdin and Jasmine thanked the Disney Warrior for stopping him. With his task done, Hikaru departed Agrabah and disappeared into the sands of war. Elsewhere, Maleficent grew more desperate due to Jafar’s death at the hands of the Disney Warrior. With two of the Four Great Generals of Chernabog dead, Maleficent looked over the battlefield, her forces rallying to fight the Disney Warrior and his allies. KO! #2017 #FanMade #FanFiction #Disney #DisneyWarrior #DisneyVillains #Aladdin #Jafar #ジャファー
I think it's time we say goodbye to prince Abooboo. . . . . #atx #wizardworld #wizardworldcomiccon #disney #disneycosplay #aladdin #jafar
JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules merupakan kapsul yang berisi serum Royal Jelly yang diformulasikan khusus untuk perawatan mata. Produk ini mengandung Sirtuin Activators yang dikombinasi dengan Royal Jelly. Kompleks ganda aktif eksklusif tersebut membantu mengurangi garis halus sekaligus merangsang mekanisme perlindungan kulit. JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan vitalitas kulit di sekitar mata agar tampak muda. Fungsi dan Manfaat JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules > Meningkatkan penampilan kulit di sekitar area mata bila digunakan secara rutin setiap hari. > Mengurangi garis-garis halus dan kerutan di sekitar mata, kulit menjadi halus dan kenyal dalam sekejap. > Melembabkan kulit sekitar mata. > Studi menunjukkan Sirtuin Activators yang dikombinasikan dengan Royal Jelly dapat meningkatkan vitalitas kulit dan membuat kulit tampak lebih muda. > Tidak mengandung wewangian (parfum). Kelebihan JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules Hasil jangka panjang setelah 4 minggu penggunaan JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules secara rutin: 100% menunjukkan kulit sekitar mata terasa lebih halus dan lembut 75% tercatat warna kulit area mata menjadi lebih merata 70% tercatat kulit area mata menjadi lebih kencang Hasil yang terlihat setelah 2 jam penggunaan JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules: 95% tercatat fleksibilitas kulit area mata meningkat 85% tercatat kulit area mata lebih bercahaya 80% tercatat garis-garis halus dan kerutan berkurang Cara Pakai JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules – Ambil 1 kapsul JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules – Buka kapsul dengan cara memutar bagian kecil kapsul – Oleskan isi JAFRA Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules di kulit sekitar mata secara lembut dan merata dengan ujung jari. – Satu kapsul mengandung isi yang cukup untuk kedua belah mata. – Gunakan setiap pagi atau malam hari untuk mendapatkan hasil optimal. [io] Isi Kemasan: 60 kapsul #jafar #jafra #jafraindonesia #jafra #jafrabogor #jafrajakarta #jafrabogor
Raffle going down right now. Halfway full. Check out @sumleottlepopshop and try to win this Disney grail!!! #disney #funko #pop #funkoverse #popviynl #originalfunko #aladdin #jafar #raffle #funkofam
Thank you for 70,000 followers. When I started this account over a year ago my goal was 100 followers and only a little over a year later I have 70k! This account wouldn’t have grown like this without these people: @Bwayidiot , @bwayvideos , @yamiltonmusical , @bookofbway , @christiansborle , @broadwayfordays , @rachelsaltmarsh , @bwayducks , @hamilclips , @broadway.land , and @playbillstore101 !!! Thank you guys for supporting me and all being such great friends!!! Thank you to everyone who follows me and likes my posts and all the actors and actresses who’ve done takeovers for me! Idk where I would be without this account!!! • #aladdin #aladdinMusical #aladdinbroadway #aladdintour #princessjasmine #jafar #AdamJacobs #jamesmonroeiglehart #disney #broadway #theatre
Con lo stregone più potente di tutta Agrabah 🧞‍♂️ #jafar #aladin #disneylandparis #disney #parigi #paris #geniodellalampada
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