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😳😳VISUALISATION😳😳. Are you trying to achieve a goal without knowing what it really looks like when it’s been achieved ? Whether it’s trying to lose weight, get healthy, save money, buy a car, build muscle, get to a destination it is way more effective to know what you are aiming for visually, half the battle is won if you do 🙌🏻 I’ve got my ultimate body parts saved, so that I can look at them and visualise what I want my legs, arms, back to look like😍 I even imagine my muscles contacting and expanding when they work out, visualise the blood pumping through each muscle growing stronger and leaner, all the while trying to imagine and create more energy in the midst of my workout.👊🏻💥 This is such a powerful skill to harness and well worth a go, I mean you don’t get in a car to go somewhere without having directions or a map of where to go do you ( unless that’s your aim). You don’t buy a house without knowing what features you want do you...... do you??!!??😁👏 You will achieve your goals with the result firmly in your minds eye, so get creative and make it fun, see what great pictures you can find for whatever your goal is, get some Patooty in ya booty 💖💖💖💖😇🙏🏻🙏🏻 #buttgoals #squats #selfbelief #weightlosstransformation #isabodychallenge #isabody #isabody
Shot Calden Scott Jamieson for the pics! And Aaron Henry-Taripo thanks for lending me your tummy so I could get my knee flow on 😂 really appreciate it 💁🏻‍♀️ #planAworkedout #caldenjamiesonphotography #photooftheday #muaythai #kickboxing #martialarts #fight #fighter #fitnessaddict #fitgirls #knee #clinch #fitness #grappling #warmup #gameplan #girlpower #eshotpowered
Algunas ocaciones sentimos que estamos en la vida prendidos de un solo hilo, temiendo caer y tocar fondo. Sin darnos cuenta, que en ultimas; el fondo no es ni tan hondo. . Que bueno la pasamos en esta aventura, los espero en la próxima.💪🏼 . @genexisteam . . #GenexisTeam #Genexis #GenexisCali #voyporlos15MM #retoisabody #star #staryourlife #isabodychallenge #suplementos #body #Isagenix #Deporte #CaliCo #Cali #fit #malemodel   #LifeStyle #CalidadDeVida #Fitness #gym #workout #sisepuede #love #lift #muscle #iron #strength
Oh my goodness!!!! @krisliss85 You totally rocked your IsaBody Challenge! Kristin is a momma to 4 cute kids and her youngest is only 8 months old! She’s still breastfeeding and STILL had amazing results while transforming her body, achieving her goals, and maintaining her milk supply throughout all of this! She’s fueled her body and her baby with amazing nutrition and she’s been such an amazing example to her kids by showing them how to make great choices with their food and showing them how important exercise is. She made her health a major priority without sacrificing her family life. She’s such an example of taking care of yourself first, so you can fully take care of and love those who mean the most to us. And she’s an example of balance and harmony as a momma! Kristin!! Great job my friend! You rocked this!! #fitmomma #isabody #isabodychallenge
#isabodychallenge #Isagenix #healthychoices #healthyfood #healthyeating #challenges #letsdoit #letsgo think 🤔 I want to do the isa body challenge, make me do something for myself
Only got in one workout last week. Herniated discs took control and the pain was the worst I have experienced in more than 10+ years. Very debilitating. It’s a new day, a new week and hopefully they will cooperate. Feels so good to be back at the gym despite still having some pain. We will work through it and get it done. 💪🏼#monday #newweek #newday #backatit #backatthegym #gym #fitfam #pain #backpain #fitfam #myjourney #myjourneycontinues #klub20 #cooperate #stretch #workingout #hardworkpaysoff #feelssogood #isa #isabodychallenge #nevergiveup #dontstop #keeppushing
If you focus on the fruit and ignore the root, the tree will die. If you invest in the root and make culture a priority, you will receive an abundant and steady supply of fruit. Meaning; if you look at how far you have to go to get to your goal, you’ve already lost and you’re focusing on the fruit. Your mindset is the root, focus on winning 1 day at a time. Just over 4 months ago I knew I wanted to look like this.....I saw it clear in my head, vivid. I could feel how I walked, how I carried myself, the jeans i would fit into, felt my confidence go up, energy increased, workouts more intense. However I hadn’t even started yet, but most would think it’s a 4 month over night success. I just applied what I learned with personal development, focus on winning the short game, the daily goals, owned everyday 1 day at a time. Over and over for 120 days, and now it’s habit. You’ll get closer to whatever your goal is, if you start right now.
Commit to a healthier lifestyle. If all you can do is one push up, then do one. It’s a start. #healthylifestyle #healthyeating ##workout #sinister7 #isabodychallenge #isagenix #running
Sometimes we have to fail in order to grow. The strongest have failed more times than the weakest have ever tried.
Here is a morning flex.. I was asked how my isagenix challenge is going and I'm finding more and more energy I am officially one month in.. Time to turn it up again. I want to push the limits and see what I can do. #isagenix #isabodychallenge #fitness #fitfam #proud #gains #growing #strength #strongmind #potd #beast #beastmode #ican #h20 #dacrew705 #mylife #bethechange #anxiety #iamchange #iam #yoga #4amworkout #myjourney #mytherapy #myworld #changetheworld #discipline #nofear #ptsd #mentalhealthwarrior
Great to have special guest and 2017 Isabody champion @claudiatomczyk join us for a 6am sweat sesh. Love your work Clauds. Keep inspiring us!! #isabodychallenge #transformation #champion @hurtlockerrichmond
New challenge. Reset to smash new goals #isabodychallenge
I want to give a massive shoutout to this woman right here!! Seeing you walk up on stage on the weekend and collect your well deserved cheque of $3000 was definitely worth the trip to Melbourne just on it’s own. @bee_wally to lose 5 kgs is a massive achievement let alone 50kgs!!! To be a finalist in your 10th isabody gives the rest of us hope that if we stay committed we can do it too. I know how petrified you were walking on that stage but you absolutely smashed it!! Well done Bee you rock. Just believe it 💗
Yesss it’s time for that long post!! What an epic night last night! Great experience at Lethal Ladies as per usual, Rochelle Stroh and Michelle Preston you girls know how to put a great show on, thank you for having me there again 😍 I came away with a good win last night. Mad respect to my opponent Sara from South Island Lee Gar, you are awesome! Im glad I was able to stick to the game plan. It’s what I have been working with my coaches and glad i could get it done. I had not been able to properly make use of my knees during training because of injuries ... so I may have got a little excited when I could finally knee again! Hence why that’s all I did the whole fight, all rounds 😂😂😂 ffs. Sorry if you came to watch me punch, teep or kick 💁🏻‍♀️ maybe next time I’ll do that 😉 maybe 💁🏻‍♀️😂 or maybe I’ll just get better at clinch and knee some more lol surpriseee haha MASSIVE thanks to my corner, I felt honoured to have not only the best looking corner ever, but also a corner of experienced champions who Im also proud to call family. Thank you for keeping me calm and making me laugh and relax before getting in the ring. You guys know me too well. I felt overwhelmed also with the huge support from my friends. Old and new friends. Gym friends and non gym friends. The cheering, the messages, the support , the love... wow ! Honestly, I was blown away!!!!!! I’m so freaken thankful for you guys. Thank you my Smac Gym family for coming to see me but also for putting up with me at training. Thank you for the hard sparring and for prepping me for the fight. Thank you Sam Tha Shank Hill Karl Gavin And Yai Thepkan for sharing your knowledge with me. You guys are freaken awesome! Baby Nansen.... thank you for being my coach, friend , sister , counselor , hairdresser, and thank you for everything you do for me. I’ll never take that for granted. Jess thanks for being there for me and missing the other party 😛 Couldn’t finish this status without giving my best flatmate and friend Eden and Brent a shoutout, because guess who came to the fights with 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and caramel M&Ms! #muaythai #fight #fighter #photooftheday #kickboxing #fitness
We’ve been together for 4 years now- Here’s a before and after. From August 2015 to June 2018. The internal transformation has been much more substantial than the external. I’m so thankful I’ve gotten into this journey with my #1 . . . ** We have a 12 day challenge coming up ** - Sign up by THIS Friday - Get results and encourage others 👌 (what life is about thooo) - Win a $150 gift card to a store of your choice! - Message me fore details! ** Free shipping (saves up to $50) ** #JuiceBody #summerslimdownchallenge #IsaBodyChallenge
Isabody Challenge #8 in the books!! ✅ So you’re saying: “Isabody WHAT?” Right?!?! The Isabody Challenge has been one of my favorite accountability tools that goes along with my nutrition system for FREE. Not only is it free but it’s so EASY and has MAJOR REWARDS. It’s SO SIMPLE: Step 1️⃣: Get enrolled with me TONIGHT and get FREE enrollment AND FREE shipping(that’s one helluva deal you guys😃...it ends tonight!😢) Step 2️⃣: Join the Challenge by submitting before pics(kept totally 100% private-absolutely no one will see them!) Step 3️⃣: Follow the program for 16 weeks! Step4️⃣: Submit after pics(again 100% private!) Step 5️⃣: Collect $200 worth of your choice of products REGARDLESS of your results! Yep that’s right $200!!! AND you are also eligible for BIG TIME prizes(like big time cash and trips!)if you have one of the top transformations! So let’s do the math on this...I have completed 8 challenges! 8 challenges X $200= $1600 free groceries!! So in less than 3 years I’ve gotten $1600 worth of FREE HEALTHY groceries AND Dan does it with me and he also gets $200 each time so you can imagine the Isabody Challenge is kind of a BIG DEAL in our house!! 😉 Not just because of the free groceries but because of all the support and accountability that comes along with it! ❤️ I absolutely LOVE sharing this lifestyle AND all the amazing things that go along with it with everyone! So if you’re ready to start working on your transformation we need to connect!! #isabodychallenge #realresults #youcantoo #freegroceries #bettereveryday #easypeasy #letmehelpyousucceed #FREEshipping #FREEenrollment #ENDSTONIGHT ‼️
When people say “I can’t do what you do” I just want to scream “yes you can!” I am by no means perfect and I have treats, I just don’t let them dictate my life and I am always striving for balance! Tonight I enjoyed this ice cream and tomorrow it’s back on track! #sarahgetsitdone #isabodychallenge #isabody #balance #treatmeal #sometimesfood #summer #icecream
It took a long time but ive let go of the past and i am excited for my future ❤ Thank you Isagenix for giving me complete body nourishment and my mojo back and thank you to @northlakeshotel spa team for all your great advice, encouragement and support...loving life #fitnesmotivation #fitnessgoals #gym #workouts #isagenixtransformation #isagenix30day #isabodychallenge
Each #isabodychallenge I’ve completed has helped me to focus on my goals which included... losing weight, getting stronger and keeping a positive mindset. The last 6mos I’ve back tracked into old habits because of stress and some pretty big changes. 🤦🏽‍♀️ The next Isabody Challenge is coming up and I’m working on my goals for it. I’m ready for it, not just for the t-shirt or $200 coupon just for completing, but because the accountability really keeps me focused. Who wants to do it with me??!! Community has helped me with so much lately and I want to bring it to this!! If you want to be a part, let me know! 💚 #healthylifestyle #startyourlife #goals
Take time... ⌚ To appreciate nature 🌳 To appreciate life 😁 To appreciate health 🙏 To appreciate love ❤ Furthest post injury run 🏃‍♀️ in this beautiful "summer" weather! ⛅ . . . . . #SundayRunday #RunnerGirl #RunHappy #Runspiration #VeggieAthlete #FueledByPlants #NoMeatAthlete #runningcommunity #Runningismytherapy #Runningweather #runnershigh #IsaBodyChallenge #IsaRunner #girlswhorun #enduranceathlete #summerrun #FitnessLife #Nutrition #FueledByAMPED #LiveHealthyLiveHappy #LiveWithPassion #LiveWithPurpose #GoalDigger #Goals
Today is a brand new day, fresh with no mistakes, you can create it however you want, start small, keep trying, keep being a better version on yourself than you were yesterday🙌🏻👊🏻. You really do have that power within, like a seed that will germinate and overtime you can be that POWERHOUSE for change👊🏻🙌🏻💥. You don’t have to be perfect you just have to try to be the best version of yourself😘😍💖. Have a most outstanding week everyone💥🙌🏻👏💯%. #weightlosstransformation #selfbelief #motivationalquotes #isabodychallenge #isabody #powerhouse #
Had an incredible weekend at #UIA in Melbourne with my isa crew and being trained by master trainer @davidtswood for the second time in 12 months. So grateful to have these opportunities to not only develop and grow my business but also myself at the same time. In fact it’s growing myself that will grow my business. After the heart palpitations and anxiety of a few weeks ago, I took a step back to concentrate more on my daily practices and to strengthen my routine and mindset. This event was EXACTLY what I needed at this time. @davidtswood is funny, relatable, approachable and brings out the best in you because he doesn’t see any other way to live and it rubs off on you. It’s made me want to continue to grow into the person I know I can be and to not be afraid to succeed, I want to live a life of choice and freedom and I’m not going to apologise about that. But I’m not doing it alone and I won’t leave anyone behind that I love or who wants to join me on my journey to achieving being my dreams. I want to live an abundant life and I want those around me to as well! I am so incredibly grateful to have loving friends, family, colleagues and my team mates too. Life can throw what it wants at me, I just throw back a smile :) it’s time to sit back, glass of wine in hand and reflect, in front of my version of a fireplace.
Day 5/112! Heat pack, goal setting and a warm cleanse drink = a happy Nicole! Today my body was telling me to rest and reset so I decided to do a cleanse day! I haven't done a cleanse day for a while and my body was screaming for it. I've felt sluggish and moody all week so I knew it was time to listen to what my body actually needed and get rid of the build up of toxins! Tomorrow I'm going to wake up as fresh as a daisy! I'm so grateful I am able to put these products into my body and give it what it really needs! ❤ #nutritionalcleansing #isabodychallenge
This gentleman is a Kuwaiti Military Officer. Mad respect for him. He completed the most challenging part of show prep/diet during Ramadan. Fasting from sun up to sun down. He looks amazing!!! #ramadan2018 #desertclassic #mensphysique #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #isagenix #isabodychallenge #nowater #kuwaitbodybuilding #army #comradery #fitness #fitnessmotivation #sixpack #obliques #npc #musclemania #musclemaniaworld #fitnessmodel
Wow! What a weekend. #Bae and I are so overwhelmed and filled with gratitude. . I was announced a Round 1 Isabody finalist 2018, and gifted #chequebae (who is now tucked up in bed 😜) . For those unsure like daisy what this means: 👉🏻I entered my 9th 16 week challenge 👉🏻I got results and shared my story. 👉🏻It means out of over 3500 completed entries across Aus and NZ for round 1, I was chosen in the top 5!!! 😱 . 👉🏻Not only have I released 50kgs in total to date and a new lease on life. But as a finalist I receive: 🏅$3000 🏅Photoshoot makeover 🏅stage recognition 🏅All-inclusive trip to Retreat 2019 🏅trip to company’s annual celebration in Brisbane 🏅Chance to win the grand prize -> $10k, trip to America 🏅(what this weekend was) a great weekend of meeting amazing people, being recognised on stage (GULP) and learning some wicked stuff from the man himself #davidtswood . Wow! Thank you Isabody challenge 🙏 . . . #isabodyfinalist #isabodychallenge #isabodyanz #chequespam #sorrynotsorry #grateful
Did you know? We rarely think of avocados as a cleansing food, but these nutritional powerhouses lower cholesterol and dilate blood vessels while blocking artery-destroying toxicity. Avocados contain a nutrient called glutathione, which blocks at least thirty different carcinogens while helping the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals. . #fitjourney #healthygirl #fitnessbody #fitmommy #fitnessgoal #healthier #fitgoals #fitnesslove #healthyfamily #fitnessmom #weightlosssuccess #weightlossfood #trainhardorgohome #weightlossresults #shreading #fitnessfam #fitforlife #livehealthy #cleanseforlife #healthyeat #herbalife #itworks #advocare #isagenix #isabodychallenge #boostmetabolism #teamisagenix #weareisagenix #melbourne #australiagram
TRANSFORM 🌸✖️ • One of our leaders @caitymermaid has been crushing goals with #thebodyloveproject for over 9 months now. To date she has lost over 16kgs, but she always says “that’s the bonus”! The real game changer since starting she says is the “endless daily energy. I’m up at like 6am and participating like a man women in Zumba in the evenings!” ⚡️ • We love working with you Caity! Can’t wait to continue on this journey with you as your goals continue to shift with your mindset of more self love 💖 • #thebodylovetransformations
PERSPECTIVE 🤔🤔🤔 People ask me if our program is expensive and I often think “compared to what”? I immediately start to think well… iPhones 📲 are expensive, mani/pedis 💅🏼, haircuts 💇🏼, a new outfit 👗 are expensive. Fast food 🍔🍕 & takeaway coffees ☕️ are expensive. Makeup 💄, shoes 👠, & handbags 👛 are expensive. Dinner out 🍽 with a bottle of wine 🍾🍷 is expensive. The non-essential things I buy myself and give to other people 🎁 are expensive. I find money 💰 for all these things but none of them profoundly impact how I show up in the world, what kind of person I am, or how I FEEL about my health. None of these things listed above can make me “healthy" 🤔 The answer, "No, this program is not expensive". It requires that you pay upfront for meals that are GUARANTEED to transform how you look and feel, for less than $4 per meal. This is an INSTEAD OF COST rather than an ADDED COST to your monthly food bill. The question really isn’t “What does it cost?” as much as it is “What will you save?” You will save money without a doubt (groceries, vitamins, sports drinks, lunches out, coffee, soda, pre-post workout nutrition, and more) but more importantly, you will also be saving your HEALTH. And what price do you put on that? ❤️ So while we all do what we can on the outside to make ourselves “look & feel better” it’s really just a band-aid, if we ignore or refuse to address the root of the problems on the inside. ✨ I GUARANTEE you will feel like a new person. #Perspective #Project365Solutions #isabodychallenge #isagenixanz #fitmama
I finished the 16 week IsaBody Challenge! 🌟Not only can I see a difference in inches but look how much more confident I feel! I really didn’t think I’d see much of a change but putting the pictures side by side I do!! Now I wait for my FREE shirt and $200 in FREE products! Who wants to do the next one with me?? We have FREE membership and FREE shipping today and tomorrow!!! AND 30 day money back guarantee!! You can’t lose!! Message me if you’re in it with me!! 💯💪💥 Don’t wait on this! You will feel so good about yourself! ❤️❤️ #isabodychallenge #change #decide #selflove #IDidIt
💖💖💖YAYYY💖💖💖💖I’m an official member of Les Mills!!!😁😁 I can even download the virtual app, so that I can do classes when I’m working in India for 5 weeks!!! EEEK!!! So fricken excited and literally can’t believe I’m actually excited about coming to the gym!!💥💥. Just because you may not like or be happy with the way things are today, doesn’t mean that you won’t grow to like or love those things in the future❤️❤️. Life can throw you curve balls but it’s all about how you learn to catch them and smash them back in the face of life!!!💥💥💥👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 2 years after my hysterectomy my life has never ever looked so exciting and inspiring and I never would have thought that my mental strength would be where it’s at now! You can totally train yourself and motivate yourself to overcome literally anything, it won’t happen overnight but your daily actions, fueling your mind, surrounding yourself with the right team will end up getting you there👊🏻🙏🏻😇💖😍💥🙌🏻 #selfbelief #weightlosstransformation #isabodychallenge #isabody #mindsetiseverything #mindset #nutritionalcleansing #thisisthemoment #fitnlean2018
#progresspic I’m sooo happy with the way my body is transforming...except for my damn thighs! 😅 why you no disappear thighs? 😆 it’s not the biggest deal, but do you know how hard it is shopping for shorts and jeans when everything is smaller but those damn thighs aren’t?! 😫😆 • • • • • • #thickthighproblems #shortysaiditsallhers #whyherthighsdontmatch #bootygainz #healthylifestyle #fitness #motivation #16weekchallenge #isabodychallenge #fitspo #healthymama
POST CLEANSE DAY// My breakfast every morning. Seriously can not get enough of these shakes. A full meal formulated for the best results. - High quality protein to build muscle and burn fat - 21 vitamins and minerals - Low GI carbs for sustained energy - healthy fats The best part. I can't believe i'm drinking a VEGAN shake that tastes this damn good.
I'm not sorry #forrealtho
Day 7 Did myself a favour yesterday and blended some ice and berries so the only thing I had to do this morning was to shake shake shake to get breakfast 🍓🍓#isabodychallenge #isaleanshake #isagenixanz #healthylife #healthierme #happy #sunday #morning
We are opening up registration this Monday for the 16week nutrition and body transformation challenge! 💥 We have a HUGE savings 💰💰 going on right now!! If you are up for the challenge and want details send me a message! Check out my friend Joe’s story from his experience doing the challenge. ⬇️ Since I started my isa journey I’ve lost 200+ pounds on Wednesday June 13th I had my body fat and lien muscle test done by Kimberly Dillavou. My results were shocking. I am at 24 percent body fat and 196 pounds lean muscle. Aprox 54 pounds fat. On this challenge I am 4 days in on the 16 week challenge I have my diet on point and my daily protein req on point i have set a goal for myself of 35 pounds over the 16 weeks my transformation is going to be amazing. I’m not special I’m just following the program making adjustments anyone can do this #Belikejoe #isabodychallenge #planetfitness #todayistheday #16weekchallenge #transformyourbody #weightloss #freecoaching #transformyourlife
Since I started my isa journey I’ve lost 200+ pounds on Wednesday June 13th I had my body fat and lien muscle test done by Kimberly Dillavou. My results were shocking. I am at 24 percent body fat and 196 pounds lien muscle. Aprox 54 pounds fat. On this challenge I am 4 days in on the 16 week challenge I have my diet on point and my daily protein req on point i have set a goal for myself of 35 pounds over the 16 weeks my transformation is going to be amazing. #Belikejoe #isabodychallenge #planetfitness #todayistheday I’m not special I’m just following the program making adjustments anyone can do this If you are up for the challenge send me a pm #Belikejoe #isabodychallenge #planetfitness #todayistheday
I went to the beach on Memorial Day and was super disappointed when this swim suit didn’t fit. The top just would not clasp!! Today voila! It fits like a dream! 👙more importantly I feel great ! 😸I have been following my simple nutritional cleansing systems, making healthy choices most of the time. I am the first to admit I have not followed it strictly 100 percent these past 3 weeks, but have have made some significant lifestyle changes. Progress not perfection!! #isabodyoutside #healthyfromtheinsideout #isabodychallenge
It's shake time! Why not turn your shake into a delicious, rich, healthy pudding. We all love chocolate (isa delights), avocados and bananas, so why not combine them to make a delicious and decadent pudding that could be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #fitforlife #livehealthy #recipeoftheday #startyourlife #recipeshare #recipeideas #healthyfoodideas #cleanseforlife #focusing #focusingonme #healthier #eatgoodfeelgood #trainhardorgohome #workoutfit #fitnesschick #weightlosssuccess #weightlossfood #weightlossresults #shreading #fitnessfam #healthyeat #workoutgoals #squatguide #advocare #isagenix #isabodychallenge #teamisagenix
✨I embrace the imperfections and celebrate them✨ . I wasn’t always like this, I used to be so hard on myself, always pushing myself to be perfect, always comparing myself to other, always looking for external validation. Guess what all these were doing to me? That’s right , causing more stress and insecurities. . As I take my @isabody challenge after pictures today I reflect how much I have grown, I am in better place today mentally and physically than I was 16 weeks ago. No more insecurities , no more comparison, no more trying to be perfect! Grateful for my tribe for all the support and motivation. . Today I celebrate me and what I have accomplished. Super excited to start my next 16 week challenge tomorrow and step on stage in 16 weeks @cathysavageofficial Be Amazing Fitness Showcase. Tan by @sugaredandbronzed Make up by @makeupbysyuzie Outfit by @affitnity . . . . #poweredbyisagenix #isabodychallenge #isabody #fitness #healthymindandbody #fitnessmotivation #womenwhoempowerwomen #beamazingshowcase #selfie
Seguimos en el reto...superamos dos días de detox. @alice_de_cuevas #isabodychallenge
Desert Classic posing routine. It was 115° and I didn't go through my dehydration plan for that reason. I didn't quite look the way I wanted to but was focused on safety, pumping up the crowd and having fun. I think I succeeded. #desertclassic #kuwaitheat #115 ° #paintrain #bodiesbyrich #army #armylife #warrantofficer #bodybuilding #ifbbprooneday #isagenix #isabodychallenge #isaleanpro #oreo
Great start to my Saturday 💥🎉❤️ • • • 6 mike run with Mom and then did Piyo ❤️ love mornings that start with those two; I feel so energized and ready to take on my day 👍🏻 #preworkoutsnack #preworkout #run #breakfast #piyo #shake #repeat 😜
This week I finished up IsaBody Challenge #6 . As I wrote up my little essay about my experience, I found myself feeling all the feels. 😭 Here’s what I learned over the last 16 weeks… Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a game changer. I am capable of so much more. I am worth taking care of. Here’s what I mean… . I feel called in my life to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves, to walk out their God-given callings to the best of their abilities, and to be confident of who they are in HIM! I spent too many years walking in insecurity because I was uncomfortable in my physical body. How I show up in the world is everything. Being comfortable in my own skin has allowed me to SHOW UP more fully for my own life! . It is incredible how much more you can actually do when you really SHOW UP for your own life!! I realize now that I am capable of so much more. More in the gym, more as a mom, more in my ministry. That doesn’t mean that I am striving and working and exhausting myself to DO more. I think it just means that when I fully show up, more happens!! . I meet women every day who don’t take care of themselves. They are exhausted shells of themselves. And it isn’t because of the cliche’ “I am too busy taking care of others” thing. It is because of a self-worth thing!! They don’t feel worthy of big dreams, of setting goals, or of wanting more for their lives. My heart is huge for women in this place, mostly because I was there for so long!! But what I am learning is- God has created us to DREAM bigger, for ourselves, our lives, our ministries, our kids, our callings… it is all connected!!! In the same way that I want my kids to be excited about their own lives, God wants me, HIS CHILD, to be excited about the life he has given me!! . Who knew a silly little 16-week challenge would clarify all of these things for me? If any part of this journey of mine has resonated with you, and if you are ready to start your own, let’s have a conversation. It’s time. ❤️ #boymom #isabodychallenge #livefullyalive #youareworthit
🌟”Motivation is when you get hold of an idea✨ and carry it through to its conclusion, and inspiration is when an idea ✨gets hold of you and carries you where you are intended to go." Dr Wayne Dyer Both propel you forward and GRATITUDE supports both. How will you utilize these 2 concepts to move closer to your goals today? I know you can do it! 😉 #Grateful #Goals #Isabodychallenge #Holisticnutrition #Fitmom #Healthandwellness #Feelingfabat44 #Energy #Oneteam #Pathwithpurpose #Lifestyle
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