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@fudgy1nick . More INFINITY sketches!! Trying to lock down a pose. The creators of INFINITE WONDERS and Pink Lemonade - @fudgy1nick , have a simple and powerful style that's challenging to lock down. #infinitewonders #sketch #sketchbook #wip #fanart ##illustration #drawingcomics #independentartist #instaart #blackandwhiteart #ink #markersketch
@fudgy1nick fan sketch of Infinite from Infinite Wonders. Great vibe, subtle artistry, great colors. I love it!! Check it!! Stay tuned for the final piece #infinitewonders #infinite #indiecomics #sketch #instaart #independentartist #illustration #wip #alternative #part1 #warmup #ballpointpen #penart #anatomystudy
Infinite animation! How neato!
Zipping your way this Friday at RadicalRealmComics.com
The original unused cover for the newest issue of Infinite Wonders! Pretty cool, huh? Read the whole issue free at RadicalRealmComics.com right now!
We're rocking out every day at RadicalRealmComics.com 🎢🎸
No matter how your day has been, or if you need to escape the same old routine, elite dangerous can take you to some pretty amazing places #elitedangerous #space #binarystar #rocketman #fruitloops #toinfinityandbeyond #punchitchewie #toboldlygowherenomanhasgonebefore #infinitewonders
Infinite and Mr. Wonder! Read INFINITE WONDERS free at RadicalRealmComics.com right now! πŸ’₯
Take a visit to Metro City in INFINITE WONDERS at RadicalRealmComics.com πŸ’₯
Infinite and Mr. Wonder (and Pigeon Man) by Eric Clark, the brain behind Pigeon Man, and Oddballs. Find Pigeon Man and more at RadicalRealmComics.com πŸ•Š
We've started a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of a little help with funds for printing some of our comics. We'd be thankful for any donation you could give or even sharing the link: gofundme.com/radicalrealmcomics πŸ’₯
I've started a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of a little help with funds for printing some of our comics. I'd be thankful for anything you could spare! Spreading the word helps, too! Link is on my bio. πŸ’›πŸ’₯
You can buy this nice INFINITE WONDERS print signed by Tristen Bagnall and Nick Cagnetti for only $20 on eBay shop cagscornucopia right now. Go get em!
Enjoy a gingerbread Infinite today, ho ho ho! RadicalRealmComics.com
Happy Holidays from Radical Realm Comics! Stay warm! Or stay cool if you want, we won't judge. πŸ˜Žβ„
Happy holidays from me to you, it's actually cold out for once here in Arizona ❄
We're still standing, world. Read the new issue of Infinite Wonders free at RadicalRealmComics.com right now! Link in bio! πŸŽ„
With the new issue of Infinite Wonders out for a week now, I can share the fancy cover for the next issue! Who wants Mr. Wonder dead? What are the Oddballs up to? Is it time for Infinite to finally throw in the towel? The answers are revealed next issue! When is it out? Gee, 2018 probably! Read the newest book at RadicalRealmComics.com if you haven't yet, you won't regret it. ;)
You know what's good after a long day? New Infinite Wonders, that's what. Read it free, link in our bio! #ncbd #newcomicbookday #newcomicday
Thanks 2 all for your support over the last week on the new issue of Infinite Wonders, we'll all be super-pals forever! Read it all free at RadicalRealmComics.com now if you're late to the party. πŸŽ„πŸŽ…
Good times with good pals in the new issue of Infinite Wonders! Read it free at RadicalRealmComics.com right now 🀸🀹
Fun splash page with a maskless Mr. Wonder flying into the night sky. Wow! From the new issue of Infinite Wonders, which you really should read at RadicalRealmComics.com if you haven't yet β™ΎπŸŽ„
The crowd shot from the new issue of Infinite Wonders, featuring many friends of the series. This page was a bit of a slog, to put it mildly. Read the new issue at RadicalRealmComics.com!
You're already late! But don't miss out on the new issue of Infinite Wonders, we won't fail you out of college if you give it a read! Free at RadicalRealmComics.com
You want the best seat in the house for the new issue of Infinite Wonders? Read it at RadicalRealmComics.com now!
The bonus pinup from inside the new Infinite Wonders issue. You can read the whole issue free at RadicalRealmComics.com!
Have you seen WONDERSTRUCK! yet? I hear it's not a great musical, but you know what is great? The new issue of Infinite Wonders! Read it at RadicalRealmComics.com
One of my favorite pages from the new issue of Infinite Wonders. I always enjoy when I can break from panel structure and just let something flow.
The perk of having superpowers is you don't get eye floaters. Read the full issue free! Link in bio!
Happy we got to bring Eric Clark on board to write and draw an Oddballs story inside the new Infinite Wonders issue. I got to ink it all, which was a treat! Look at this madness! Read the issue at RadicalRealmComics.com 🎈πŸ’₯
The new issue of Infinite Wonders is out now, here's a panel from the Pink Lemonade story inside it. Don't know if it appears this way, but the message in this one is dear to my heart cuz I truly believe comics have the capability to inspire us to dream and be better. My hope is just that you enjoy. β€πŸ‹
Infinite is running to our website to read the new issue of INFINITE WONDERS! Run over there with him. Free to read: link in our bio!
Look at this beautiful page from the new Infinite Wonders issue! Dan knocked it outta the park with colors. Tristen's script is full of heart and humor. What are you waiting for? Go read the issue for free at RadicalRealmComics.com
For the past few months I've been busy coloring Nick's beautiful artwork for his and Tristen's superhero comic, Infinite Wonders. It's finally out now and free to read online! Go to www.RadicalRealmComics.com to check out all of our hard work. It's a lovely piece - and it's issue #1 so no foreknowledge is needed! Dive in right now! (Also try and find me [it's not difficult])
Read the all new issue of INFINITE WONDERS free right now at RadicalRealmComics.com ! 3 tales, full color, our gift to you. πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸ’₯
Go read the new shiny issue of Infinite Wonders free right now at RadicalRealmComics.com - Do it, it's a beautiful book that we poured our hearts into. 🎁πŸ’₯
The last 4 years on & off I've worked on this series, whenever I'm not working on other projects I always come back to this. Tomorrow the new issue is out and we've come a long way. Check it out tomorrow @radicalrealmcomics
πŸ’₯ Surprise! The ALL-NEW Infinite Wonders No.1 is out Wednesday. Don't dare miss it! β™Ύ Featuring an extra-sized main story, an Oddballs backup, AND a Pink Lemonade backup: this one's got all the pop you've been waiting for.
πŸ’₯ Surprise! The ALL-NEW Infinite Wonders No.1 is out Wednesday. Don't dare miss it! β™Ύ Featuring an extra-sized main story, an Oddballs backup, AND a Pink Lemonade backup: this one's got all the pop you've been waiting for.
If I had the chance to explore the universe and learn it's magical mystical wonders by going thru a door like this and it meant saying bye to every one for good n disappearing letting every one think u died . I would go right thru that damn door lol sorry guys but it's a dream come true!!!! βš‘πŸ’œβš‘. so many questions I wish could be answered although I've learned alot about life there's still so much more . Good night ig ✨ #luciddreaming #dreamers #wokefam #life #lifeisthetrip #makethisurheavenorhell #liveforthenow #nottheafterlife #fuckreligion #beingcontrolled #befree #portals #dimensions #scorpio #detective #wonderous #outofthisworld #infinitewonders #eternity #mystical #universalpath #doorofwonders #showmetheway #needanswers #believe #faith #hope #takemeaway #toinfinityandbeyond !
Hey how's it going, guys #InfiniteWonders
Small peek, editing pages, nice colors by Dan.
Sneak peek inside Infinite Wonders #4 . Every time I get a colored page from Daniel I get super jazzed, I mean look at that! This book is gonna kick your butt.
The underside of a huge mushroom. Strangely beautiful! #macro #macronature #macroworld_tr #macroworld #instamacro #instanature #smallsurprise #infinitewonders
We out here at Tucson Comic-Con Day 2!
Remember when I was #CaptainJackSparrow ? lol Better not to know which moment is your last. Every morsel of your entire being alive to the infinite mystery of it all. #InfiniteWonders #InfiniteMysteries #InfinitePossibilities #SurrenderToTheMagick #ModernDaySorcerer
Taking a peek down the rabbit hole: fun shot from the Pink Lemonade backup story in Infinite Wonders no4.
Peek at some art for another backup story inside Infinite Wonders no4. The team-up nobody expected! πŸ’₯
Omg lunch today was so good! Loving the fresh flavours...onion breath for the afternoon but so worth it 😍😍😍. I love the colours of healthy food.
Yesterday I went via mad mex and had Nachos...YUS they are so good! Today I managed a really quick resistance band workout, lots of crunching in my shoulders at the moment so trying to keep moving and stretching so the knots don't give me permanent headaches ✌️. Happy Sunday πŸ€—
Inking this swell Oddballs story written and drawn by Eric, you'll find it as a backup story in Infinite Wonders no.4! Night-Tripper and Heliumtron return. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
That's 4 issues (and a short story) of Infinite Wonders all drawn, I can't believe it! Always very happy to do this series, the newest issue will be our best work yet.
We return to the roots of the series in Infinite Wonders number 4: jogging on roofs
Hey bloomers on my recent time away from clinic I immersed myself with animal magic after visiting two zoos and a theme park! As i mentioned earlier in the month, when we observe our space when around animals we can observe their unique messages and wisdom. Deepak Chopra talks about "animal Wisdom deepens our understanding of the sacred relationship between humans and animals." Today's share includes the rhino. Animal symbolism of the rhinoceros revolves around a mass of misguided perception. The rhino's physical presence is mammoth as the third largest mammal. Although the rhino is known to display aggressive behavior, for the most part it is a passive creature - preferring to roam its wide-open grassy spaces in contemplative solitude. Here we see the first of many paradoxes that lead us to the underlying symbolic theme of the rhinoceros: "things are not as they seem." Rhino animal symbolism reminds us to appreciate the expansive bounty we have around us. When the rhino comes to us in our daily lives it is time for us to stop and give thanks to the infinite wonders occurring in every millimeter and minute of our lives. It is the rhino's intimate connection with the earth that makes it a perfect symbol for confidence, assurance, steadiness, and sure-footedness. The rhino is the perfect symbol to invoke when feeling insecure, nervous, or disconnected. Keep an open mind, you can always choose to change your perception of a situation / challenge.
Another peek at Infinite Wonders #4 ... oh no is Mr. Wonder being replaced next? Oh no
Small details peek at this fun panel from Infinite Wonders no.4 !
(not a Pink Lemonade photo today) I'd say "it's almost showtime" would be a good caption, but it's really not almost showtime... so here I am captionless.
Here's that panel from yesterday inked, to give you another process peek for Infinite Wonders no.4!
I usually don't take pictures of any panels in the pencil stage but here is a picture of a panel in the pencil stage, hey! From Infinite Wonders no4.
Catching some calm peaceful energy and natural wonder, natural surrender while driving through the Rocky Mountains last summer - yep, middle of summer with snow capped mountains - beautiful - #surrendertonature #canadianrockies #rockymountainhigh #icefieldsparkway #wondersofnature #experienceit #letitfillyouup #infinitewonders #scottabelfitness #coachscottabel #seeingisbelieving
Awkward cheesin with this Infinite Wonders no.4 peek 😁
Living large with an Infinite Wonders peek ;)
Try and take a moment out and wonder about the amazing things that the almighty has put into existence, that moment will turn imto eternity! #ramadan #goodvibes #almighty #wonderfulworld #infinitewonders #amazingplace #foodforthought #godisthebestartist #peace #goodtimes #goodpeople
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