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For every hardship there is someone who made it through. For every struggle there is someone else who is in the same position. For every time someone has tried to keep you down, there is greatness in you. You may be struggling today, but remember you are winning because you are ALIVE! If you have made it through a recent struggle, type yes below. #Life #struggle #FutureYou #Alive #Hardship #YouCanDoIt #IWillBeThereForYou #IfYouNeedHelpAskForIt #LegacySentinels
Good morning great minds!!! Every body all ready for the super bowl!!!! But in the mist of that keep your mind on your grind at all times!!!stay focused,don't be distracted by the hype!!!you are bigger than the super bowl,you are great!!!be the best at whatever your goals are !!! Write it down and just do it!! # goals#stayreal #love #dontbeahater #loveyourself #loveothers #loveeachother #helpeachothergrow #ifyouneedhelpaskforit #weareonlyhuman #youarespecial
It's not always easy being married to a social worker, know what's even less easy, being a social worker. They never get paid what they're worth, work crappy schedules, carry around more trauma than anyone will ever know, and rarely get the recognition they deserve. You won't hear them complain too much, for the most part they knew what going into the field meant, doesn't mean it's easy to go to work day after day. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it, they're super heroes without capes. March is National Social Worker Month, if you know one, give them a high five or offer to buy them a cup of coffee or just tell them you appreciate what they do. A little recognition can go quite a long way.
I ate lunch alone which used to embarrass me when I was at schools where I was bullied & shunned, but it was #sweet & #beautifullonliness today, as it meant nearly all the friends I've made in therapy are discharged & #gettingbackoutthere & " #ridingthewave " of life on their own #betherainbowinsomeonesclouds #liveliketheresnotomorrow #bewell #mentalillness , #grief #depression are not something to be ashamed of, #ifyouneedhelpaskforit