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New Outtake of @ladygaga being photographed by Liz Johnson-Artur for @blendermagazine. ( February, 4 2009 )
New Outtake of @ladygaga being photographed by Liz Johnson-Artur for @blendermagazine. ( February, 4 2009 )
@ladygaga via her Instastory with Christian Carino! 🌅 ( July, 23 2018 )
Lady Gaga during The Fame era
According to @billboard ’s Mid Year Touring Report, @ladygaga ’s #JOANNEworldtour ranks at #8 on the “ Top 10 Highest - Grossing Tours “list!
I can feel her power 💛 #TheMonsterBall
Nova publicação de Lady Gaga no Instagram Stories. ♥
New Instagram story via @ladygaga
#Throwback to @ladygaga performing at the staples center, Los Angles, California during her #artRAVE THE #ARTPOP ball. ( July 22, 2014 )
#CAKELIKELADYGAGA . In slowmotion. 🍰
Moments #37 : Billboard's Best Music Videos of the past 4 decades ( 1980s - #MichaelJackson - Thriller / 1990s - #BritneySpears - Baby One More Time / 2000s - #LadyGaga - Bad Romance / 2010s - Lady Gaga ft. #Beyoncé - Telephone )
Moments #36 : Lady Gaga performing Telephone at the Joanne World Tour [2017]
Well, Warner Bros. Entertainment has going wild, they started advertising on @pornhub. Gaga is also classified as a porn star on pornhub. 🧡
Surprise. #GRAMMYs
I'm back.
Surprise. #Alejandro
A journalist that has seen #AStarIsBorn has allegedly said that the final song in the movie has potential to be as big as @whitneyhouston ’s iconic #IWillAlwaysLoveYou cover
According to Billboard’s Mid-Year Touring Report @ladygaga 's #JoanneWorldTour ranks at #8 in the “Top 10 Highest-Grossing Tours”
When I lay in bed I touch myself and think of you #Coachella
Snippet from #DWUW demo was posted. #ARTPOP
Moments #35 : Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance ( live at Sidney Monster Hall ) [2011]
LALEAKS from AHS vol.4
LEAKS vol.3
Lady Gaga #Coachella backdrop
Lady Gaga photographed by Liz Johnson-Artur via OGL
JOANNE ERA OUTFITS. JOANNE ERA OUTFITS. (almost all). #joanne #ladygaga #gaga #littlemonster #mothermonster #gaganews #like #joanneera #era #outfit #outfits
Download the full video in my BIO
There’s only three men that I am a certain my whole life, it’s my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ #JoCalderone
July 20, 2011: @ladygaga went to Nebraska to shoot #YouAndI music video directed by Laurieann Gibson
It's been a long time since I came around
We need to hear it!!! 🔥 #RedOne #Frankenstein
Lady Gaga isn’t happy with what #RedOne said🤭
July 20, 2009: @ladygaga made an appearance on German TV wearing a jacket of frogs. Kermit the Frog must have been an inspiration for her at that time
@ladygaga ranks at #6 on Billboard’s 2018 Money Makers: she earned $29.7M from 2.3M music sales, streaming, publishing and tour. Gaga is the highest-paid female musician! 💰
A Billboard publicou um ranking dos 50 músicos mais bem pagos de 2018. Lady Gaga aparece na 6° posição com 29,7 milhões de dólares. Ela é a única artista feminina entre os 10 mais bem pagos.
Are you exciting for American Horror Story: Apocalypse? 😍 📸 @ladygaga X #AHSHotel • Hair @fredericaspiras • Makeup @sarahtannomakeup
Moments #34 : Gaga by Mario Testino (2009)
According to Deadline #AStarIsBorn is set to have a world premiere in Italy at the Venice Film Festival on August 31. It is also expected to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival
Algumas fontes informaram ao Deadline que "A Star Is Born" terá sua estreia mundial no Festival Internacional de Cinema de Veneza, no dia 31 de agosto.
Enigma popstar is fun #SWINEFEST
MY NAME IS......
According to Ticketmaster, the tickets for @ladygaga 's Las Vegas residency should be going on sale in 8 days. They also confirmed a 2-day show called “Enigma and Limited Jazz & Piano Engagement” scheduled in October
Ticketmaster also confirmed a 2 day show called ‘Enigma and Limited Jazz & Piano Engagement’.
According to @Ticketmaster tickets for @ladygaga ’s Vegas residency go on sale in 8 days! #VegasGoesGaga
One of my favorite looks 💣
July 18, 2011: @ladygaga going/at Sirius XM Studios for Howard Stern Hair @fredericaspiras Makeup @taralizsavelo
"Ela é incrível neste filme!!!" - Andrew Dice Clay no Instagram
A Billboard iniciou a votação para o "Fan Army: Face-Off" 2018, Lady Gaga está disputando contra grupo TWICE. >> Link da votação na bio
The main cast @ladygaga , Bradley Cooper, @andrewdiceclay and Sam Elliott recorded an interview about #AStarIsBorn yesterday
“We ended up making amazing music [...] We already had something that would surprise the world! For example, a song called “Frankenstein”, could surprise the world and drive Gaga fans crazy.” - @redone on working with @ladygaga in early 2016. This is from a new interview on a Spanish podcast: he says they had many songs ready to be released but Gaga and her team decided she'd go for a softer, country style and everything was discarded
Here we go! Vote for @ladygaga by clicking the link in our bio! #FanArmyFaceOff @billboard
Andrew Dice Clay publicou estas imagens no Instagram ao lado de Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper e Sam Elliott. Em “A Star Is Born”, Andrew Dice Clay é pai de Ally (Gaga), e Sam Elliott interpreta o empresário de Ally.
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