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✨Community Announcement✨We are currently #recruiting “Reading Coaches” that want to sign up to become “Tutors” Fall 2018 for our “SLT Reading Campaign”. There will be two components: Children/Youth and Adult Literacy. When you #mentor a #child ...a #youth ...and see that they are struggling to read and then you #talk with the #parent and they share that they can’t read...what do U do? Article Link: https://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/education-news-roundup/illiteracy-in-america/ > ✨ We are open to partner with other organizations because we understand that our program alone can not touch everyone life BUT with the collective of “change agents” we can!!! More announcements to come about site locations. Email info@speaklifetour.org or DM. #reading #tutor #coach #speaklife #teacher #motivator #book #campaign #speaklifetour #community #closingthegap #equaleducation #literacy #children #youth #adultliteracy
✨Community Announcement✨We are currently #recruiting “Reading Coaches” that want to sign up to become “Tutors” Fall 2018 for our “SLT Reading Campaign”. There will be two components: Children/Youth and Adult Literacy. If there are #organizations that want to #partner with this initiative please contact us. More announcements to come about site locations. Email info@speaklifetour.org or DM. #reading #tutor #coach #speaklife #teacher #motivator #book #campaign #speaklifetour #community #closingthegap #equaleducation #literacy #children #youth #adultliteracy
Our first holiday together as a non long distance couple! Being together is definitely worth celebrating! To every LDR couple out there, hang on, it’ll all be worth it in the end! ❤️ ✈️ #ldr #longdistancerelationship #closingthegap #togetherforever #love
This year Closing the Gap™ expanded our reach by ministering to college students. We partnered with @ffw_unt , a women’s ministry, on the campus of @unt , and through this connection we met an on-fire-for-God young lady named Alex! Alex is part of a remnant of young adults who love God with their whole heart, strives to live holy and is walking in her calling at a young age. We are eternally grateful for our connection. Thank you for these kind words Alex!!!!❤️#closingthegap
Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through the week 🤗
Day 17: Meekatharra, Western Australia. An awesome couple of days in Meekatharra with the very talented team that’s not afraid to jump in and help out wherever the need is. Pic one is the awesome leadership team with Brooke (Regional Leader for WA) & Jackie (Program Manager) who is 2 weeks into the job here and already kicking some awesome goals and settling in like a local. Thank you Meeka Mob for welcoming me and talking so passionately about your work. You sure are deadly! #danstrickgoeswest #MissionAustralia #meekatharra @mission_aust #westernaustralia #strengtheningcommunities #togetherwestand #closingthegap #aboriginalcommunity #aboriginal #lovemyjob #charity #meekamob #deadlymob #deadly #yamatji #yamatjicountry
This pic is from two years ago on June 25, 2016, at the very first Closing the Gap™. I did not know fully what this ministry was, or what it would become, I was simply being obedient to the call. Because I am a preacher/teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I was concerned, initially, about hosting a meeting that served only women. I feared being typecast as a “women only” preacher. However, after our first meeting, I understood the call more clearly. One of the definitions of the word gap is a break in continuity. As the Holy Spirit began to unveil the purpose of Closing the Gap™, I became aware that a break had occurred spiritually, and the only way to close that break is through the Word of God. God is a generational God! He was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Therefore, our goal is to create a place where women of all ages can gather to receive biblical instruction and prayer in a community that offers safety and transparency. Closing the Gap™ seeks to close the gap between the churched and un-churched, as well as the older and younger, uniting wisdom and strength. We are excited to celebrate two years of teaching/preaching, laying on of hands, showing love, shedding tears, having compassion, learning and growing, receiving correction and sharing our testimonies to facilitate healing and wholeness for all who attend. All week I will be flooding my timeline with pictures, videos, and testimonies of countless women who have been blessed by the ministry of Closing the Gap™. “This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23
This contouring palette is a favourite of both me and my teenage daughter. When I arrived home from an evening out she’d been experimenting and had used the contour colour as part of her eye makeup. Unfortunately the only photographic proof was uploaded to Snapchat. . . . . #contouring #contour #contouringpalette #makeup #makeuplover #contourandhighlight #highlighter #blusher #contourlikeapro #eyemakeup #snapchat #closingthegap #generationgap #favouritethings
Amy Cuddy @amycuddy is a body language expert who is best known for her 2012 #TED talk on power posing, the second most popular video in the platform's history with over 47 million views. She joins us on the podcast to share her research on the link between confidence, competence and body language❤️ Link in bio!
@kelly_lawson_ has been crushing it! She’s upped her game in a big way this season. Total commitment to her training, improving her skills, race preparation, and maybe most importantly recovery! It’s tough for high performance athletes to listen to their bodies with all of the inherent external and internal pressures; taking a day off without even looking at your bike feels like garbage! Using and accepting recovery as a tool is every bit as important as the hard training days..arguably more important! Kelly figured it out..no hesitation to ask for an extra day off when the sensations are poor. Extra recovery makes the training days more effective..crazy. Awesome performance, Kelly! @thecrankandsprocketbicycleco @orilliachirophysio @guzmananne @goldn_shred @ridecannondale @hardwoodskibike @ymcasm #recovery #commitment #performance #closingthegap @teamhardwoodnextwave 📸 @ashby1585
Uluru National Deadly Fun Run championShips 2018. 20 communities from around Australia. Around 150 runners. Port Macquarie girls team. First all female team to finish relay. 12km’s around Uluru. 1st leg - Chemeeka Fernando. 2nd leg - Lily Westaway 3rd leg - Shontai Fernando. 4th leg - Kaiya O’Brien. So proud of these superstars, role models to all other youth in their community to live healthy and active lifestyles. #indigenousmarathonfoundation #empoweringyouth #closingthegap #uluru #strongblackwomen #becauseofherwecan #mylittlesisters ❤️
Thanks to everyone who has already signed up to this year’s P500. Our target of 150 donors is still a little way off so please encourage others to join us on a giving journey and together we’ll make a big impact in our own backyard. Tag a mate, colleague, or family member! Link in bio. Thanks again to all on board so far. #geelong #geelongyouth #closingthegap #collective #community #commongoals #p500 #givingfeelsgood #gogeelong #geelongcommunity #connectedcommunities #gyp
I came across this article by National Public Radio while I was researching about Diastasis Recti and the title (“Flattening The 'Mummy Tummy' With 1 Exercise, 10 Minutes A Day”) caught my attention so I read on. If you go back to my previous posts, you will see that I also sport diastasis recti from my pregnancy and to put myself back together I subscribed to a program called Tupler Technique by Julie Tupler. I managed to reduce my separation from three fingers to two fingers with the Tupler Technique but I personally found it to be quite time-consuming. For one of the main exercises, I was expected to do 10 sets x 100 reps (that 1,000 reps for one exercise!). Usually they expect you to do two exercises per day, when one of the exercises is already 1,000 reps, it became too much of a challenge to keep it up for me. However, clients who were able to adhere to this regimen, by Tupler seemed to have very positive outcome in closing their diastasis. . As mums, we tend to be very busy but the Keller’s program from the NPR article offers an alternative - using only 10 minutes a day seemed very achievable to me. In the article, the research team claimed that out of 63 subjects who participated in the workout program, after 12 weeks of doing the exercise 10 minutes per day, 100% of the sample achieved full closure of their gap – a pretty impressive claim. . I’m going to give this exercise a go and will be reporting my progress throughout the 12 weeks. I want to test it myself. And I also want to test whether the claim that it helps back pain also stacks up! Starting today, I will finish on 14thJuly - Who’s going to try with me?!? . Link to the article in the bio . #closingthegap #diastasisrecti #mymummyfirst
One of us likes to play basketball one of us can ... compare the pair. Ricky is now heading up the amazing @girlsacademyaustralia doing wonderful things for Indigenous girls right around Australia. #Basketball + #girls + #education + #closingthegap all of my favourite things. *And yes #aphbasketball I invited him to #hoops tomorrow @edhusicmp ping @perthwildcats
Me and my baby 😊♥ Together we stand strong 🇳🇱🇳🇬 it's been a rocky road so far but we are still on it ✌ This picture is like 4 years back 😮 still wearing this bracelet tho! #love #myman #ghana #nigeria #holland #distance #longdistancerelationship #goals #couplegoals #closingthegap #workingonourfuture
When people choose to live the life God has for them... other peoples opinions should not be requested required or relevant ❤️ Such an amazing teaching about our identities #closingthegap
Distance is so hard, but you’re worth every mile. I miss you so much baby. -N 🇨🇦 #longdistancelove #longdistancerelationship #closingthegap #ldrmeeting #ldr #ldrquotes #ldrcouple #ldrsupport #longdistance #fiance #milesapart
I could sit here with him saying nothing. Just enjoying the beautiful weather and each others presence. He wasnt with me on this beautiful day, he was another time zone away, 2 states between us, 10+ hours to drive. We are going on 2 years of having a long distance relationship. Its been the most beautifully, challenging, trying, tough, rewarding 2 years of my life. He came into my life unexpectedly and ever since then my life turned around and he helped me find and put the pieces of myself back together. October 5th 2018 He is making the trip here so we can rent a U-Haul, pack up my apartment and head back to Ohio to start our lives together finally. I know in my heart that this time I am moving for all the right reasons. I love you so much. 😍[TLDR:] 3months, 2weeks, 5days until we move in together #ldr #closingthegap #movinginthreemonths #beautiful #missinghim
Infinity Contact Center Hermosillo, Sonora, México. Espacio de oficinas destinado a operaciones telefónicas y servicios en línea. El edificio cubre un programa de necesidades para una alta densidad de personas que ejecutarán labores de operadores, así como espacios privados para funciones administrativas. La arquitectura se integra a la imagen empresarial. Los volúmenes del edificio mantienen una imagen sobria con el uso predominante del blanco, aunado a este se implementa un muro de ladrillo aparente que refleja el contexto regional en el que el proyecto está emplazado. #arquitectura #arquitectosmexicanos #architecture #contemporary #inspirebydesign #sonora #méxico #infinity #closingthegap #architectureinspiration #amazingarchitecture
More companies are realizing that closing the gender gap isn’t a “female” issue, it’s an “all of us” issue - and a business imperative for organizations that want to excel. Props to @IMG College for standing up for #genderequalityforall . #thatswhatshesaid #closingthegap #leadbyexample (photo credit IMG College)
Getting prepped and ready for our 2 week Summer Teen Workshop with Texas Academy Of Figurative Art. This year we are adding a uniquely tailored Social Emotional Learning component that will encourage the students to speak confidently about their process, understand their weaknesses, and grow in their understanding of artistic skills and techniques! Can't wait to meet the 12 high school applicants who will be participating in this one of a kind opportunity 🔥#collegeandcareerreadiness #closingthegap #SEL #summerprograms @imagination_fw @sidrichardsonmuseum @texasacademyoffigurativeart
When you and your coworker both have awesome sense of style (unplanned of course) 😉
Here is an interesting article that depicts the “bad guys” as having a cleft lip. It’s been written by a journalist who was born with a cleft lip and palate and who like everyone else affected by clefts keeps asking “why” this continues to happen. In the article he writes… “As a journalist, you don’t want to make yourself part of the story. But with a little extra time left in my interview with id Software studio director Tim Willits, I asked why the cleft lip and palate imagery made the cut from Rage to Rage 2. To his credit, he didn’t spin his response. Here’s the transcript.” Click here to read the article: https://www.polygon.com/e3/2018/6/14/17462430/rage-2-interview-e3-2018-id-avalanche #cleftfriends #closingthegap #youarenotalone #smilefoundationsa #makingadifference #doinggood
A little over a year ago I left Poland not knowing when I would see you next... and well now here you are. Life never stops surprising me with the most amazing things. I have exactly what I wished for and I couldn't be happier. 💕🌎✈🌍👫 . . . . #ldr #couplegoals #love #closingthegap #happy #drumheller #badlands #travelalberta #instatravel #instahappy #smile #alberta #finallytogether #kochanie #moje #blueskies
Massive 24 hours. Played a primary school in melbourne yesterday morning. Drove to the airport, flew to the Gold Coast and met up with @philgaudion @taviswardlaw @thebigmick Andrew Kitchen, and played a set for the legends at the CFMEU national conference (after sitting through a HILARIOUS set by Lawrence Mooney. Quick nightcap with our superstar agent Scotty, a few hours sleep, and a 6.30am flight home. Now on my way to Aquinas College in Melbourne to sing and speak to 250 year 12’s. #rocknroll #lovemylife #closingthegap #guitar #rock #melbourne #goldcoast #yidaki #darlow
Our founder @belindamjbrown will be attending a 5-day intensive program developed by @tonyrobbins in Rotterdam, Netherlands this month. ⠀ .⠀ #leadbychoice #leadbyexample #coachbeingcoached #talent #closingthegap #personalbranding #equanimityexecutive #executivecoaching #leadershipcoaching #businessmastery2018
This was us at the airport on 2 hours of sleep (if that). Nathan was so done with me because I was delusional 😂 -K #ldr #ldrmeeting #ldrcouples #ldrproblems #ldrcouple #longdistancerelationship #longdistance #longdistancelove #longdistancerelationships #closingthegap #closingthedistance
Prayer is one of the things we need to do in order to close gap between ourselves and the Lord. When we don’t pray we are saying we are self sufficient but when we pray we are showing that we depend on God to move on our behalf. #ClosingTheGap #Pray #DependOnGod #GiveHimYourUndividedAttention #EbenezerFellowiship #RevealingGrace #EmpoweringTransformation
#throwback to this time last year when I’d just returned home from preaching in the UK. It’s time to go back!💗 • • • • • • • • • #tbt #unitedkingdom #gonepreachin #faith #preach #teacher #empower #inspiration #motivation #itstime #believer #nofear #ready #usa #uk #travel #ministry #closingthegap #believe #throwbackthursday #womeninministry
This is about to be so sappy so read at your own risk. It was motivating and pretty nostalgic to be around these students as it reminds me of my last year self haha. It was an honour to be able to hear their stories and anecdotes that each of this student brings, and to share my personal experience with them. It felt almost cathartic. One thing that struck me the most is just how ambitious they are, one says “I want to be an astrophysicist”, the other says “I want to become a baby doctor! (paediatrician)” the list goes on and on. Last year, I was lucky enough to be a part of the @closingthegapmy ’s scholar that aims to minimise the education gap for underprivileged students. And the programme has changed my life as cliche as that sounds but its true though. I’ve met an incredible team and my mentor (@firdausfaiz ) who never cease to give me support to the best as they could, for believing in me optimistically when I don’t believe in myself, grooming me to become a better person and the support system that I have received is one thing that I will forever be grateful for. I am happy to learn that the community is growing and will continue to do so hopefully, because I for one have benefitted immensely in the programme so I hope there will be more students out there who are able to treasure this opportunity as well. #closingthegap #beattheodds
4 x 8min uphill. Continue improving 👊 #closingthegap @swix_sport @beijing_2022
The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. It’s so important to embrace this and respect one another’s culture, history, challenges and aspirations.
Thank you Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for having GPHA on the panel "Closing the Gap". #hispanicchamberofcommerce #diversity #closingthegap #community #partnerships #jobs #everyonewins #hotels #hospitality #restaurant @greaterphiladelphiahotel
Another awesome reason why Kip McGrath is the place to go to get support with your child’s maths, reading or English tutoring. Well done, Trey! #feelingconfident #boostingselfesteem #achievinggoals #closingthegap #mathtutoring #kipmcgrath #varsitylakes
Today, we are celebrating Mikayla’s 1 year anniversary with our company!! We are so thankful for all of your hard work, Mikayla!! 😊
And we’re off. My eyes hurt from crying so much and I can’t believe this is it but here’s to new adventures with this crazy amazing man! 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #ldr #longdistancerelationship #closingthegap
Nigel Barker, @nigelbarker the internationally renowned fashion photographer, best known for his role as a judge on the show, America’s Next Top Model, is also a passionate #feminist . While Barker says he has always been a #genderequality advocate, it was when he became a father to his son and daughter that he decided to take action. “With my young daughter growing up in this world I want her to be as empowered, confident and educated as she can possibly be. Certainly, as an equal to my son. I want her to have every opportunity I can possibly give her,” says Barker. Click the link in bio to read the full article✨
Start to miss u guys alrdy😂 Had a fun experience with u guys....finally can recognize u guys and know all of you after 3meetings(but i attended two times only)😂 #closingthegap #4days3nightscamp #friendship
Please join us in celebrating Neil Rutman, Deliver Hope’s 2017 recipient of the Dare to Dream Award. Today Mr. Rutman was recognized by Judge Troy Braswell and Mayor Bart Castleberry for his continued commitment to our community, our justice system and the youth it serves. We are so thankful for and inspired by Mr. Rutman and the way he has impacted the lives of so many young men in our community. #DeliverHope
Looking after my baby niece today whom has been up all night sick 🤮 doesn’t keep her from smiling though 🙃 #doctorstoday #unwell #sick #ctg #closingthegap #medicare #gastro #daysoffschool #wagger #cutie
I’m bored so like this photo and comment your fave thing about your partner and I’ll shout you out in our story. 🤩🤩 The LDR community is huge, let’s all get to know one another. 💖✈️ -K #ldr #ldrlove #ldrshoutout #ldrcouples #ldrmeeting #longdistancerelationship #longdistance #longdistancelove #closingthegap #closingthedistance #shoutout
Jesus said to him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. (Mark 9:23-24) ... ALL things are possible if you believe! • • • • • • • • • #tuesday #motivation #believe #believer #faith #love #jesus #scripture #theword #nofear #ready #itstime #letsgo #bible #closingthegap #instagood #inspiration #change #transformation
Today I did something BIG. I got my first set of Invisalign. My entire life I have been self conscious about my smile. I have had boys not want to date me because of my teeth. I have had people actually tell me I would be beautiful if it wasn’t for my teeth. And let’s be honest, when people describe me I’m 99% sure they say “you know, the girl with the gap”. After a while I thought of my gap as a filter of sorts. If someone couldn’t see me through my gap then I didn’t need such a superficial person in my life. A smile. It’s the smallest, yet warmest gesture you could give someone and it was always something I hated to share. Sure, when hanging out with friends and family I could set my issues aside and my confidence would shine through, but let me catch a glimpse in a mirror, or see someone aim a camera my way and my smile would fade. My gap morphed into a crutch... “they don’t like me because of my gap”, or “I don’t fit in because they’re so perfect and I’m not”. I’m not exactly sure why I felt this way. I don’t think that of others when I see they have a gap. Maybe it’s because kids are always more honest than adults. There’s the previous mentioned stuff I heard as a kid, then within the last ten years I have have three different kids, all around the age of four, get excited when they thought my gap was instead a missing tooth. Maybe they related more to me because of that? I don’t know, but their parents were mortified. As was I, but I answered with the truth, “God makes everyone different, and this was how he made me”. Because of that last sentence I was very torn about making any changes to God’s design. Then I thought, God wants us to be at peace, and I would love to enjoy smiling. When telling people I wanted to close the gap I was met with, “but it’s you. You wouldn’t be you without the gap”. That’s not true. My gap isn’t ME. Yes, it’s a part of me, but it’s not who I am. Getting rid of the gap won’t make me beautiful, it won’t make more people like me, or make me fit in places I didn’t before. I’m not doing this for anyone other than myself. ***More in comments*** #invisalign #fortyandfabulous #doingthisforme #closingthegap
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