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Had some feedback so trying bigger in multiples Always Amy Eek not sure why last isn’t square
Yes, sir 🙌 I remember finding Spiegelmans’ ‘Maus’ in our primary school library and finding it so interesting that I bought a copy from The Australian War Memorial. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I’ve misplaced it 😐 It won a special Pulitzer Prize, so definitely worth checking out! I also never knew he co-created the Garbage Pail Kids, either, haha . . . . . #artspiegelman #maus #comic #comics #cartoon #cartoonist #quote #quotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #reading #literacy #calendar #independent @awmemorial
🗣🗣REPORT THIS PAGE PLEASE🗣🗣 So recently I’ve been looking for a digital Cartoonist so I came across a few cartoonist on instagram and messaged and emailed like 10 of them this Guy Named Malcom his instagram name is @cartoon_illustration he was the first person to respond I asked him how do I go about having him make my cartoon I told him I wanted two cartoons made he said fine and gave me a price and his PayPal I made the purchase on the 1st Of February he told me that he was locked out of his PayPal account after a Day Of me waiting and paying him we communicated through emails ail for awhile he tried to get me to scam PayPal customer service and told me to call them and tell them I was scammed I called they said he had to get into his account and refund me the money back he never gave me my money back and I’ve been contacting him and been waiting patiently we messaged for 3-4 Days Straight about returning my money and i was still willing to give him a chance and pay him for the cartoons but the asshole has been playing games with me since the 1st Of February so today I dm him and let him know that I haven’t received my money and he tried to get me to send him more money I said no he said his account was unbalanced he has $300 in his account and if I send him $130 he’ll send me more money then what I gave him I said no because you haven’t even gave me the $75 plus tax which made $77.48 I called PayPal they gave some bullshit ass excuse and he’s been trying to get me to give him more money and it’s the 19th Of February please report his page and please never work with this guy he’ll play a big game with you and take your money without giving you your cartoon this guy has had my money for almost 3 weeks and didn’t even give me my cartoons he blocked me please report his page #scammer #cartoonist #reportpage #makeup #mua #blackopal #beauty
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