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Helena Christensen for Chanel, 1990 📷 @karllagerfeld
Penelope Cruz, 1993
Vintage 1990s Delta University of Kentucky Size Large/XL Wildcats Shirt 🐯 Price: Taking Offers over $12 + Shipping
❤️HISTORY MADE❤️ No #16 seed has EVER beaten a #1 seed. 0-135. Over 30 years of the tournament.. no wins. Now it’s 1-135. UMBC earned this win and blew out UVA (the team with the #1 Defense) by 20 points. Usually these games that are upsets are by a few points, but this wasn’t close. Let’s hope they keep winning. THIS IS MARCH MADNESS 😍😍
Is Jason your favorite Power⚡Ranger? Do you read the @boom_studios Mighty Morphin⚡Power Rangers comics? Friday Art Feature🔹@gibsoncomics. Issue 28 varaint, out in June!
B O O M B A S T I C - July 11, 1995
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It's being reported that a Clarissa Explains It All revival, starring @melissajoanhart , is in early development at Nickelodeon. Thoughts?
STOP THE PRESS! 📰 💫 The Spice Girls in The Sun newspaper offices, 1996. 💋🗞 💫 Victoria’s ready to get that article typed up and over to the printers. Go on, girl! 📠
Vintage Four Panel 1990s Size Large/Xl Zip Up Jacket 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ PRICE: Make an Offer
As a kid I 🔱LITERALLY🔱 hated Mr Blobby, I thought he was so annoying!!! 💛💖💛💖 💫 Here, we have Noel Edmonds and his best pal Mr B posing for a press shot for BBC One’s ‘Noel’s House Party’, which ran from 1991-1999. 🎬🎉 💫 The show, which was set in a large house in the fictional village of CRINKLEY BOTTOM, was broadcast live on saturday evenings. 🏰🎥📺 💫 Noel's House Party was the successor to ‘The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow’, carrying over some of its regular features such as the 'Gunge Tank', the 'Gotcha Oscar' and 'Wait Till I Get You Home'. 🎊⌛️ 💫 The show was cancelled in 1999 due to poor ratings. 📊 💫 Did you LUV or LOATHE that house party vibe?🎈
Cozumel Mexico Aquatic Vintage 1990s Size Medium/Large Spring Break Shirt 🇲🇽🇲🇽 Price: $13 + Shipping
Morning Sun Vintage 1990s Grandma Bird Bath Cute Sweater 👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽 Price: $13 + Shipping
BBC One docudrama series ‘999’ ran for 11 years, from 1992-2003. 🚨 💫 Presenter by Michael Buerk, each episode included two reconstructions of real emergencies, using actors and occasionally Buerk himself, as well as some of the real people involved in the emergency. 🎬🚑 💫 Not without its own real life emergencies, in 1993 while creating a reconstruction of a near-fatal parachuting accident, veteran stuntman Tip Tipping was tragically killed when his parachute didn’t open and he crashed into woodland. 💔 💫 In memory of Tip Tipping. RIP. 🇬🇧
In 1993 Ford unveils it’s new ‘Mondeo’ range as a replacement for the long-running ‘Sierra’. 🚙 💫 Mondeo comes from the latin word ‘Mundus’, meaning ‘world’. 🌍 💫 Pictured is a first generation (Mk I) sold from 1993-1996. 🚘
“HEY FELLA’S, FRUITELLA’S!” 🍬 💫 Fruitella “Too Juicy” advert from 1997.🍒🎬 💫 A revived version of the OG “Too Juicy” advert from the early 90s, Fruitella’s iconic jingle puts the sweet at the forefront of 90s phenomena. 🍭 💫 The ad features a young teen dancing around and miming to a parody of “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.🕺🎶 💫 Groovy! 🤞🍓
'Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.'◑ˍ◐ . . . . . #90slife , #90saesthetic , #feminism , #tumblr , #grungeaesthetic ,#love , #like4like ,#like4follow ,#follow4follow , #vintage ,#90skids , #selflove
#Blossom . NBC, 1990-95. Check out Tony Russo catching vibes in the back left corner. #90s
Meera Syal’s debut novel “Anita and Me” was published in 1996. 📖 💫 The semi- autobiographical novel won the prestigious Betty Trask Award 🥇 in 1996. 💫 The story revolves around Meena, a British Punjabi girl (the "me" of the title), and her relationship with her English neighbour Anita as they grow up in the fictional Midlands village of Tollington in the 1970s. 🏘 💫 The novel was turned into a film in 2002- Syal also wrote the screenplay for the film as well as making a cameo as Meena’s Auntie Shaila. 🎬
Tiffani Thiessen, 1991
The Royle Family ran for three series from 1998-2000. 👑 💫 Here they are critiquing Chris Evans whilst ‘TFI Friday’ is on the telly. 🎱 💫 Produced by ITV Studios for the BBC, the sitcom centred on the lives of a working class Manchester family - The Royles - inside their home. Largely focused in the telly-centric living room, the humour of the show derived from the conversations the family had within it. 📺 💫 Created by iconic comedic writing duo Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash, the programme won several BAFTA awards as well as being shortlisted as ‘Britain’s Best Sitcom’ in 2004. 🏆 💫 One of the most recognisable attributes of the show is the opening theme song- Oasis’ ‘Half the World Away’. 🌍 💫 Did you like The Royle Family? 👸🤴 💫 In memory of Caroline Aherne (1963-2016). 🙏
Nestlé “Giant Smarties” TV advert from 1997. 💫 Giant Smarties were introduced in 1997 at an introductory price of 20p! 💰 💫 Once manufactured under the Roundtree’s brand, Smarties have been around since 1937 as colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionary. 🍫 💫 Other Smarties variations include 1998’s “Smarties Secrets” and 2004’s “Fruit Smarties”. 🍉 💫 Were you a fan? 🤔
Ultimate 90’s #thethongslappers at the time was 253 trimatic powered, later on 355 stroker. #xu1 #burnout #90slife #worthfuckallbackthen
Another classic scene. Only #TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir could make us laugh this hard at a tv death. RIP Trevor, though😩. Full podcast ep: link in bio!
Via @mtvwildnout #WildNOut TONIGHT is the night! We're watching this together as a family right? Be there at 11/10c only on @MTV ! 🙌😭 #AllThatWNO @lbdenberg @josh_server @iamkelmitchell
AERO- LOVELY BUBBLY!🍫 💫 Nestlé Aero Chocolate bar TV advert from 1993. 🎬 💫 The aerated chocolate bar originally produced by Rowntree’s was introduced in 1935 to the North of England as the “new chocolate”. By the end of that year, it proved so successful with consumers that it was distributed to the rest of the UK. 🇬🇧 💫 Produced in a variety of flavours (mint, orange, caramel...) and forms (Aero Biscuit and Aero chunky), Aero is a popular chocolate across the world. 🌏
Sometimes you just gotta stunt on em 😜 Hope to see my queer family tonight at @paradisodivine 🌿 ⚢ 🌿
McVities Penguin advert from 1996. 🐧 💫 Penguin chocolate bars have been in production since 1932, since 1948 each wrapper has a joke or ‘fun fact’ printed on it. 🍫 💫 The wrappers usually feature ‘humorous and imaginative’ designs featuring penguins that pastiche famous artworks and icons of popular culture. 🌏 💫 In this advert, the usual “P-p-p-pick up a Penguin” is parodied by actual Penguins saying “P-p-p-pick up a Person”. 🤪
I FEEL LIKE CHICKEN TONIGHT CHICKEN TONIGHT! 🍗 💫 Released in the UK under the Knorr brand in 1993, ‘Chicken Tonight’ is a recipe sauce to be added to chicken meat to create certain dishes. Flavours such as Curry, Honey & Mustard and Tomato & Pepper proved popular as fast meal options. 🥘 💫 Renowned for the jingle “I feel like Chicken Tonight chicken tonight” and ‘The Chicken’ dance routine that encouraged participants to flap their arms (like a chicken), the product proved successful in the UK where it is still in production as a stand alone brand today. 🐔 🇬🇧 💫 Filmed at Lakeside shopping centre, this ‘Chicken Tonight’ TV advert is from 1993. 🎬
Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell at the ‘Kiss AIDS Goodbye’ Auction, February 1992 📷 @life
Vintage 1984-1985 * BING & GRONDAHL COPENHAGEN X KURT ARD* Porcelain Platter from the “First Things First” 3rd issue in the Moments of Truth series by Kurt Ard. Measures about 8 1/4 inches across. $18.49 • • • #kurtard #binggrøndahl #copenhagen #vintagehomedecor #vintageplate #vintageplates #vintageplatter #hypebeast #hypebeaststyle #vintageshop #vintageclothing #vintage #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #thebaysment #outfitgrid #complex #sneakerhead #90sfashion #90s #90sparty #90sbaby #90slife #streetwear #streetwearfashion
March Madness. LETS DO THIS
Mariah Carey at the Oprah Winfrey Show, February 1992 📷 Paul Natkin
Morning Sun Vintage 1990s Kittens & Dandelions Cute Grandma Sweater 😍😍😍 Price: $13 + Shipping (DM FOR Size)
Alfred Dunner Zip Up Jacket (Size 18) Women’s nautical Windbreaker 🛳🚤 PRICE: Taking Offers ❤️❤️
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