[follow @avcngcrs ] I had NO IDEA that little kid playing basketball would end up being Killmonger. Great twist upon first viewing.

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  • h._.m02
    @lirimmz for political reasons yes it was good and inspirational but as a general movie its watchable but nothing special or new - 2 days ago
  • h._.m02
    It was actually an obvious twist but oh well - 2 days ago
  • adam_matani
    @tyrannodick_ you right - 3 days ago
  • brysen.chisholm
    It's actually queen madra not mother😂😂😂 - 3 days ago
  • billyball665
    Rip mikey j - 4 days ago
  • tyrannodick_
    @adam_matani Russo brothers would’ve made this movie better - 4 days ago
  • thebluecyclone
    @mpeasleee let me guess too many niggers in it right? - 4 days ago
  • thebluecyclone
    @dcmarvelfanhub I guess Infinty war was sooooo unpredictable huh? - 4 days ago
  • steve32837
    *you ARE the, not "you the" - 4 days ago
  • llysiau_organig_cydweli
    @uncannycomicquest "I knew who the big bad was. It was Erik killmonger. Duh." but your whole argument was that you didn't know which kid was him. That's all my comment said was that I, me personally, could tell which child he was. Stop getting so fucking butthurt about a child's film. Shit bro. - 5 days ago
  • hossbonaventure_ceo
    @uncannycomicquest agree - 5 days ago
  • uncannycomicquest
    @hossbonaventure_ceo call it whatever you want, I enjoyed the information that was brought to light as the movie developed. - 5 days ago
  • uncannycomicquest
    @llysiau_organig_cydweli I knew who the big bad was. It was Erik Killmonger. Duh. I didn’t realize the kid at the beginning was Erik Killmonger. WTF is people’s problem? I watched the scene for what it was. A kid playing ball. Didn’t think another thing of it. Oh! He’s black! That MUST be Killmonger as a kid 🤷🏼‍♂️ wtf?! It was subtle to where people would get it but honestly for a viewer it was BETTER that I was surprised when Killmonger tells the story of finding his dead father. It made for a better viewing - 5 days ago
  • centrell_craig
    @jtfuka well yeah I feel you - 5 days ago
  • adam_matani
    @itsmeh_bri me too It could be funny af - 5 days ago
  • jtfuka
    @centrell_craig Don’t get me wrong, the movie was okay. It’s Marvel, of course it is. But tbh it’s not as good as everybody says it is... - 5 days ago
  • hossbonaventure_ceo
    @uncannycomicquest I think his point is, and I agree, it wasn't really a twist, at best it was a bit of a surprise,but not really a twist - 5 days ago
  • marknhissocial
    @j.fishhh_ how do you comment something about a movie being shit, and then start being a piece of shit yourself in the replies? - 6 days ago
  • llysiau_organig_cydweli
    Black panther is a better movie than infinity war. - 6 days ago
  • llysiau_organig_cydweli
    @uncannycomicquest I knew nothing of killmonger either, yet I was able to work out which kid was the big bad of the movie. Doesn't take rocket science - 6 days ago
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