I said as i walked out of the room. I passed by the room where y/n was sitting and she looked at me and smiled, i waved and hopped out of the window. I did see Ned before i left though. “Holy crap Peter, are you guys okay?” I grabbed my bag off the floor and put it on my shoulders. “Yes Ned but keep it down, Mr. Stark doesn’t know that you know who i really am. And yes we’re all okay, maybe not y/n though because she banged her head off of the helipad.” He looked at me like he was happy, sad, and angry all at the same time. “Wait, so did you catch that thing? And what was it?” “No we didn’t catch it, and I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow in science. I have to get home.” I said bye and then took off out the window. I swung all the way home not stopping for anything, luckily i left my window unlocked so i could just sneak in. Once i got into my bedroom i changed out of my suit and into something more comfortable. I climbed into my bed and thought about what just happened. Who that thing was, what it was, but most of all if y/n would be okay. My alarm clock went off at six just like it did everyday, and i got ready. I wore my midtown shirt with a pair of jeans and converse. I walked out to the kitchen and aunt May was up. “Hey May” i said grabbing a bagel “I’m going to have some friends over tonight is that okay?” “Yah that’s fine, but hey Peter what time did you get home last night?” Oh this isn’t good. “Around ten why? Was i too loud?” “No not loud enough, i just didn’t hear you come in that’s all. And yes you can have friends come over tonight. Are one of them Tonys daughter?” I wonder why she would ask that. “And so what if it is?” “No reason, but remember i can tell when you like someone!” I just laughed and walked away. “Bye May.” “Bye love you.” I walked out the door and caught the bus. On the way to school i texted Ned asking if he wanted to come over tonight, but he didn’t respond. After a few stops i got off, and walked about five minutes to school. I almost got run over by Flash again, but that was almost normal. MORE IN COMMENTS 🔽🔽

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    I walked into school and headed towards science, when i saw Ned and y/n already walking into class. “Hey guys” i said while sitting down “that was a pretty wild night last night wasn’t it?” “Yah Spider-Man” y/n said while laughing “i mean i assumed Ned already knew but I wasn’t sure.” “Really Ned! Okay so listen now that you guys know, wait y/n how did you find out originally?” I didn’t even know that. “Um i hacked Friday and looked at the files my dad has on you” wow smart girl “and that’s how i found out.” “Well ms hacker you have to keep it a secret now that you know!” “Wait Peter” she said. “What?” “Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a spider can-“ “Okay stop with the corny song and lets get to work.” I laughed at her. “Um guys” Ned said sounding worried. “What?” Y/n and i said at the same time. “Look in the hall” we both turn around to see that cat person standing there looking at us. “Peter before we do anything that’s to rash, lets call my dad.” “Well hurry!” Y/n asked to leave the room first to go to the nurse, and i asked to go to the bathroom. She waited in the hall for me, where we followed this thing into the wood shop room where it was empty.

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