@lovejlopez Favorite video of Jen and Marc ❤️❤️❤️ so beautiful
Marc laugh at the end tho💀😂

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  • stan_cres_keep_america_great_
    Good old days ....u see families that play together stay together .....did u pray when u were together..?...obvious question? We humans are just that humans ...and without god we less then nothing ....this life is only a probationary peroid to prepare to meet God .....dont waste your days indulging yourself on pleasures of the flesh because u could loose your soul so very easy ....i know that spirit you have she likes the attention and limelight way to much!!! - 3 days ago
  • pielperfumada
    Que amor más bello q lastima - 3 days ago
  • bouchercarrie
    Oh the two as one Both voices are so beautiful.MISS YOU TWO LATINO'S SINGING TOGETHER 💋 YOU TWO HAD A SPECIAL GENUINE GIFT 💕 TO SING TOGETHER ♥️ LOVE YOU BOTH 💓 - 3 days ago
  • wowe.skincare
    Ahh they were cute together 😭 - 3 days ago
  • billions_mx
    Exito! te invito a probar nuestra herramienta para conseguir seguidores en Instagram. - 4 days ago