Tournament Finals!
Daimon Hellstorm [ Marvel Comics ]
John Constantine [ D.C. Franchise ]
[ @punstantine ]
Xenmas [ Kingdom Hearts Franchise ]
Issei [ HighSchool DxD Franchise ] [ @death_battle_showdowns ]
Prep: [ None ]
Morals: [ Character Based ]
Bloodlust: [ Character Based ]
Location: [ England ]
Gear: [ Standard ]
Intel: [ None ]
No bfr
No pis
No one is in the area
No back up
No mismatch stuff
No prep alter
Issei is Composite
Cannon feats only
Both are prime and healthy
Win by death or ko
Battle open for 3 days!

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  • casual_fights
    CLOSED - 3 hours ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    @punstantine Same to you - 6 hours ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    @punstantine GG - 6 hours ago
  • punstantine
    @death_battle_showdowns ^ it was a great debate, man. Would have loved to focus more if not for my busy schedule. GG to whoever wins - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    I will leave this issue upto the judge(s) now, because by this point I have countered Divide alone with over 7 counters. Also, like I said, John has power dampening that even worked on Shade, so issei’s powers will be dampened up just like issei trying to divide. So, in conclusion, anything Issei and Xemnas can do, John and Daimon can dodge, block, shield, absorb (via their passive energy and magic absorption through the moonblade that is described to be able to "absorb anything, even concepts" and his trident). One clone gets swamped by many clones of John and Daimon, Daimon can trap the dragon or Xemnas and iseei that even Dormammu can break out of, superior speed, along with precog/awareness and durability/intangibility ignoring weapons can render them KO and win, render the dividing null, replenish or damp the dividing, with magical boost and synergy John and Daimon can pull the win - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    Divide, it’s 25. And so on until it’s 1 and then where it’s basically what I said. It’s common logic, dividing doesn’t get to you to 0 instantly. It’s no equation. And as I said, it’s replenishable. Furthermore, Divide isn’t even unlimited, even Vali was bound to a limit until it holds, then it dispels out the extra energy from it’s wings. Which is practically giving John his powers back. You literally used anime for Issei in your last rebuttal, yet now you are discarding anime? It seems you are only taking stuffs as you see fit for yourself, that’s not how it works man. But even in the novel, Issei’s dividing isn’t on par. Vali’s scale was stated by the author to be lightspeed at best. Issei even got tagged by light spear. That’s sub relativistic at best. About 40 times of doubling is like 80 times. The gap between even SOL and over MFTL+ is more than 1000 times. I can’t stress enough about the logical and no limit fallacy of a statement to say Issei can cover or exceed such gap when he never has shown to. It’s like saying Hulk can beat Thanos or even anyone if he gets angry enough. It’s cute vali has divided a group of people, but what I asked is if Issei had ever done such, let alone exceed that. It seems that you are using Vali’s abilities for issei even though they aren’t shown to be similar in terms of usage in the Divine Divide, which is again a fallacy specially when you yourself said issei doesn’t hold all of Vali’s divide scale, nor is it shown anywhere. Also, no mate, it’s not against the rules. Literally no rules here except “No cheap win” restricts the wishing match, and me using it only for countering JUST divine divide isn’t a win. It’s not against rules if you can’t counter it, we debate for our characters to win not lose. I’m SUPPOSED to debate for a counter to all your brought up points lol. If I said John can use the match to wish away Xemnas and issei THAT would be a cheap “win”. - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    Finally, Divine Divide. It appears it’s not even as you are making it seem to be. Firstly, even in his Dragon form, when he uses the Divide against Beelzebub not only is it VERY clearly visible as a huge sigil and then a light ray (season 3 episode 9), it doesn’t even divide Beelzebub out of existence as you are spamming it to be. Even when vali, the original owner of the Divine Divide, used it it was clearly visible and in the form of light and wave propagation. That, as I said, already makes it clear John with his superior speed and precognition/awareness can get away. Heck, it doesn’t need to be even visual. When Orko released worldwide mind control that got even the likes of Cheetah, Wonder woman, Hal Jordan, orion, Omac Prime, etc of the WHOLE world, John sensed it beforehand and even without seeing he deflected it from himself and his group. “Strewth, that’s some bad mojo I sense”. With info, it would help A LOT. Like every one of the things I said prior would be a lot more easier for John and Daimon to do when they know what stuff they are up against. When John senses the balance breaker, he knows EXACTLY what his opponent and their ability does, and has superior speed, it doesn’t help? There’s really no logical sense to that statement. Speaking of logic, I find it vaguely ironic to even say real life logic doesn’t apply to divide. My friend, the actual literal concept of “divide” is real life logic and not “maths equation”. I don’t know how you could even say that. For further clearance, imagine a scenario where John actually got tagged by Divide. Let’s assume John’s power level was 100. divide, it’s 50. - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    take more than an instant. Next, the fact that you even implied Issei’s regen over Deadpool’s or Wolverine’s leads me to believe you are not very familiar with them. They both healed back from literally their hearts exploded in an instant. Deadpool even healed back from destroyed molecularly. I don’t see Issei even coming near that level of healing/regen. Furthermore, to strengthen my point, Hulk has regened from all his flesh burnt out in an instant. Has he never been KOed? Nowhere were they statements and trying to compare them was a poor choice of argument. The regen is only for Issei’s armor too, as he didn’t show to “instantl regen” from impaling his stomach. Even heat or flame insulation doesn’t spread out for sun’s level of energy. I didn’t find any such immunity of issei, rather he even got hurt from Freed’s burning light sword. Now, actual heat/flame insulating materials get blown to bits in lightning temperature. A pseudo sun would definitely effect Issei as heat isn’t the only energy sun produce, there’s even nuclear energy and John can produce more than one. The soul burning, like I said, he is proficient enough to even block any soul based attack without even reacting, not to mention he can just block the fire with his protection spells - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    drained as he fought on. This not only proves Daimon can just dodge this, but even if tagged it won’t take him out as it didn’t for Sora who has less raw power showing than Daimon. The fact how Riku saved Sora is also another counter, as Riku only blocks Xemnas’ hand (which was the origin of the black orb coming out) with his own hand, this blocks the black energy aura of the orb and disrupts the connection. Daimon could do that even getting tagged (Daimon can control his trident without touching it, which he can if he gets caught, which is again HIGHLY unlikely). That isn’t even complying the fact Daimon would be having attacks inside Xemnas before he can even know what’s happening, as I said before. I will address all the points regarding Divine Divide in a separate paragraph as there was a lot of mistakes. As for backup, you are right. But I only brought up my army of clones and undead because you brought up clones yourself in your opener. So, if clones are viable I still have them via John and Daimon which still outclasses yours by far. A laughing matter that I never forgot or acted like there are 2 Xemnas. I already countered them, also said Daimon and John has clones too and unlike Xemnas’ ability to make only one copy, John and Daimon can make a lot. With each of Daimon and John’s clones having the power to take out Juggernaut with one spell (see Juggs’ durability if you’re not familiar) along with speed capable of tagging along Flash, with magical boost they can more than easily take out Xemnas’ duplicate. Same as when Daimon traps the dragon, his and John’s clones are enough and the trapping doesn’t even - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    I'm sorry my friend, but it seems like we are going through the same thing again and it's mostly because of me. So I'll put a closer to this. Now, I did some thorough research on Xemnas and Issei to be more clear on your points. The book thing, it's a basic transmutation without the bfr. John has already resisted transmutatuions even in his innards by an amped Sargon who was amped by two sources (amped by the bloodstone iirc the name, and All Elemental Swamp Thing) (who turned All Elemental Swamp Thing to gold) and hard resisted Shade, The Changing Man's sub-atomic level passive transmutation (which was affecting even the timestream). Not only that, he even dampened Shade's powers right after so Shade couldn't pull up with any tricks. This affected Shade so much that he felt weak and dizzy to even walk. So, transmutation isn't working. A dimension buster is viable if you know Dormammu, or Satan or mephisto I'm guessing you don't so I'll put in some explanations. Dormammu just by clashing with Eternity was destroying “the very fabric of existence”, Mephisto was literally shredding Hell, Earth’s dimension and another dimension (3 in total) and Satan in his own dimension grew so large in size in their last battle he literally made about 2 planets look like oranges in comparison. These guys also casually tanked Thor, Classic Strange, Surfer etc so hurting them is a great feat too. Next, the life sapping, which is called A Call To Nothingness, is infact an attack that needs to tag first. Even in his final strongest form he needed to make a black orb to tag on Sora and was sucking his life for quite a long time when he uses his clone to fend off Riku from helping Sora, and even after that Sora wasn’t much - 10 hours ago
  • punstantine
    I'm sorry I have been hit with a busy schedule, so I can't continue this. will put a closer asap - 13 hours ago
  • casual_fights
    @death_battle_showdowns @punstantine closes tomorrow at 12:00 PST - 1 day ago
  • darky_viii
    Right - 1 day ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    Also you seen to be forgetting there is 2 Xemnas' there. Also it says no backup so the army you brought up can't even be used. (Same for my Nobodies but I only brought them up cause you did) - 1 day ago
  • ssj_suazo
    Right - 1 day ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    He can also Divide your raw memories and mind and make you not even capable of fighting. - 1 day ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    @punstantine - 1 day ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    1. Issei is immune to fire and heat so the sun wouldn't do anything to him. 2. He could just divide it out of existence. 3. They don't even have higher regen, none of them instantly regenerate no matter the damage. Those are loose statements tho. I could bring up Issei's DxD form "having the power of infinite" but is he infinite? No. You aren't KOing him when he's far above you in stats. - 1 day ago
  • death_battle_showdowns
    I mean even so all of my points still stand without it. He can turn you into a book tho. He just can't put you in the other dimension. You'd still be a book. He literally just waves his hand and you become a book. A dimension buster isn't even viable to use as dimensions vary. No. I can't explain it right. He like uses it, and then it just appears onto you and starts sapping you. Even with info he can't stop Issei from Dividing him out of existence. It still is against the rules tho. You are granting wishes which allows you to directly just become immune to my hax. You could just do that for every single hax I have. You not doing it doesn't mean it's not against the rules. He still can't stop it tho. There's no direct way to stop Divine Dividing. Refresh my memory on them then cause I forgot. You're talking about Anime Issei though which is way weaker. In the Light Novel he is on par with Vali's Dividing just missing some moves. Except he can boost himself tho. So he isn't even SoL. He doesn't even have to charge them up idk where you got that from. He was fighting Sairaorg and just used one of his strongest blasts (in a way weaker form btw) in an instant with no charge. He boosted 40 something times in an instant which is already enough to cover and even exceed the gap. You act like it will take him time. That doesn't mean anything tho. He can sense it all he wants he literally can't stop Divine Dividing. He doesn't need to he can just spread the fire over all of England, tagging isn't necessary. Also John can still have his soul burnt. It's resistant not immune. Issei's power of fire should easily burn his soul. Shredding doesn't leave nothing. It leaves something. There was still soul there. Yea in the time he tries to stop the Dragon, Xemnas kills him. You're forgetting the hax tho. They can just trap them in boxes of raw space. They have synergy and will work well sure but it ain't boosting them. An attack won't even hurt them when they have unbreakable shields. Yes he can. Vali can divide thousands and more out of existence. You can't use real life logic on this. If a moves divides you out of existence then it does. You can't counter with a math equation - 1 day ago
  • punstantine
    @death_battle_showdowns ^ - 1 day ago
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