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    God bless you jlo - 8 days ago
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    🔥👄🌼👌 - 8 days ago
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    Asi te miras - 8 days ago
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    Hermoza.elegante.fina. - 9 days ago
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    Wow beautiful - 9 days ago
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    I Love it! She was very sexy.. 😍 - 9 days ago
  • claasenerefaan
    Her Looks And Smile And Just The Way She Walks Was Going To Win Her One More A Ward Because More Attractive Than This One Can Not Ask Her To Look,,Happy In Bought Her Mind And Soul She Was,,With Him In His Fantasy Just About To Sit Down And Say His Evening Prayer He Was And There She Was,,Falling Almost Of The Chair With Him Stripping Her All Naked With Bought His Eyes And Mind,,Father Please Forgive Me For I Have Sin Was What He Was Praying And In His Prayer Can't He Stop But Thinking What It Would Be Like If She Was On Her Way Over To Meet With Him,,At There Favorite Hotel Room With The View Only Two People In Love Would Think Was So Very Sexy,,But Truly Not In The World Was More Beautiful Or Attractive Than She Was,,Fantasizing In The Hotel Suite He Was With Her Knocking On The Door And He Was In Only His Bathrobe And Was All Butt Naked Underneath,,Opening Up In His Fantasy He Was With Him Taking Her In His Arms And Walk Her Slowly Over To The Patio Doors And He Had Bought Her Hands Up And He Had It Against The Big Glass,,Wearing The Most Sexiest Jeans And Long Sleeve Top She Was With Her Wearing No Bra And Yes She Had On G String Panties,,Unbuttoning Her Jeans And Slowly Slipping His Right Hand Down But Between Bought Her Jeans And Panties He Was,,Warm And Soft But Beautiful Can He Feel How Her Pussy And Pussy Lips Felt His Left Hand And Fingers He Had All Over Her Tender Soft Breast And Long Hard Nipples,,Gently With His Right Hand He In His Fantasy Was Stripping Her Slowly From Her Clothes But Had Her To Only Stand In Her G String Silky Panties,,Horny And Hard Can She Feel How He Behind Her Was And Just The Tip Of His Long Dick She Can Feel Mowing From Side To Side Between Her Open Legs,,Jack Just Before He Was About To Say His Prayers Was Already Thinking About Her And How He Was Slowly Going To Lick And Eat But Fuck Her,,Seductive He Knew That She Was With Him Every Time Having To Look At Her On T.v.And All The Magazines,,Still Up And Against The Glass Her Hands Was With Jack Slipping His Body Underneath Bought Her Open Legs,,So Jack Can Sit Against The Glass Door And Eat But Lick And Gently Suck Bought Her Pussy Lips And Clitoris But Finger Fuck Her G,? - 9 days ago
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