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  • michael.a02
    I wish aqualad was here:((((( - 4 days ago
  • geekinfoguru
    @ltakeshi wow - 4 days ago
  • guzman_espinoza
    @_vxn_m he is in the comics to - 5 days ago
  • buttjacque
    yeah you boo! Keep doing you! - 5 days ago
  • ltakeshi
    @sonicandcaliburn true, after hearing all the stuff regarding Scarlett and her roles. I may have overthought what I said. Great actors should play great roles. I stand corrected - 6 days ago
  • ltakeshi
    @aliffnurhaiqal read up on him I was wrong - 6 days ago
  • ltakeshi
    @aliffnurhaiqal apologies I don't know a lot about Aquaman, I follow Marvel more - 6 days ago
  • flimscenes
    If you love the vampire diaries, the flash, and riverdale ,follow me for scenes from the shows! You can request scenes you want me to post ! :) - 7 days ago
  • _marv8n
    @iamcervantes - 7 days ago
  • _vxn_m
    @reb3l_2019 he is only in young justice cartoon - 7 days ago
  • beelicker
    Don't forget Black Adam for Shazam - 7 days ago
  • breadstick1225
    Asher Angel was a horrible choice - 7 days ago
  • aliffnurhaiqal
    @ltakeshi man this came straight from the comics... Chill - 7 days ago
  • sonicandcaliburn
    @maggalena17 I don't think he's been a thing long enough to be "overrated." - 7 days ago
  • sonicandcaliburn
    @ltakeshi I don't think it's that deep. As a black guy, i understand where you're coming from, but they can't not cast a talented actor who would play a roll well do to his race because they're afraid of being called racist. If we want real equality, we can't have thinking like that. - 7 days ago
  • sonicandcaliburn
    @reb3l_2019 not in this version I don't think. - 7 days ago
  • ltakeshi
    Why is the only black guy in this movie bad, cause his name is Black Manta and he must be black 🤬😡😞 - 7 days ago
  • emekazion
    I'm just happy to see Action legend Dolph Lundgren and Nicole Kidman in this movie. It's bound to be most awesome! - 7 days ago
  • master.chief.wannabe
    Please not shazam - 8 days ago
  • deadshotprince
    Pedro pascal...loved his performance in narcos let's c how he turns out in WW2 - 8 days ago
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