This was actually a great issue! Good story building and can’t wait to read more about peter, mj, and the guy in the court room from the end!

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  • ljunior0909
    I'm Peter - 2 days ago
  • waterdragon315
    Peter - 3 days ago
  • ryanikhsan._
    Peter - 4 days ago
  • martinzachary808
    Peter parker - 4 days ago
  • quillischill
    HOPEFULLY THIS HAPPENS!!!! - 4 days ago
  • dmajorjae
    Miles morales - 4 days ago
  • ricky_zamora134
    @firstcomic yeah of you can. But i havent even finished the 4th series where Peter is the ceo of Parker industries - 4 days ago
  • firstcomic
    @ricky_zamora134 lmao yeah 😂 but dm I could try to help you get started - 4 days ago
  • ricky_zamora134
    I really need to start reading comics more its just i dont know where to freaking start! Like did they just reboot another "Amazing Spiderman" series?! - 4 days ago
  • luxx_feed
    Amazing capture 💕 just keep going with this content...have a great day! - 4 days ago
  • dylanthegoatttt
    I hope they stay together - 4 days ago
  • nochillgiljr
    Ultimate peter - 4 days ago
  • panos.plitsos
    Who was that guy scaring the crap out of Mysterio at the end? - 4 days ago
  • frankc05
    @nickthydirector that’s nice but how do you explain it then? I remember despite a demon from another dimension erasing my memories of it..it’s sweet on paper but in practice it’s all just a course correction..them learning to love each other again is much more realistic and relatable..me sniffs a deus ex machina - 4 days ago
  • nickthydirector
    @frankc05 How is Pete having dreams about a time when he was with Mj, before they had to give up there marriage and it was all erased. Not better than him just getting the girl? - 4 days ago
  • frankc05
    @nickthydirector interesting in what way are comics better than the movies because I was referring to the comics of today and their stories not their stories of the past. - 4 days ago
  • theavcreative
    That's awesome...never saw these. - 4 days ago
  • bigbanboy3005
    @firstcomic 😆😆😆😆😆😆all of our nerd rants have paid off😌😌😌 - 4 days ago
  • firstcomic
    @biggsquare there’s different designs of the symbiote suit I was just pointing it out so you know the dream takes place in the past - 4 days ago
  • firstcomic
    @bigbanboy3005 they are man!! - 4 days ago
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