I’m so thrilled about this gritty 80’s crime drama ‘JOKER’ film. I know there are a ton of people questioning why WB/DC chose to develop a DC film not set in the DCEU, but look at it this way:
How many comics does DC have of the same character with different stories that never connect to each other or an overarching story as a whole? This is a DC UNIVERSE, guys! The same character is constantly being written by multiple people, and another ‘JOKER’ movie has you confused? C’mon lol there’s a freaking MULTIVERSE for crying out loud! Just because this film is coming out doesn’t mean they’re taking any attention away from the DCEU.
Feel free to discuss (like adults) your thoughts in the comments! This wonderful piece was done by @spdrmnkyxxiii ! 🃏

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  • haidary459
    Who’s directing the movie? - 4 days ago
  • elliotsodergren
    Sounds good I hope they have a good actor for the role - 5 days ago
  • ryanridder
    @susannaaz - 6 days ago
  • avxnger5
    They should wait to establish their current joker, fixing the dceu before jumping to another universe. It's a good idea but it should be waited out - 7 days ago
  • miguelefes
    Excellent! Much better that Leto - 7 days ago
  • soerthedoer
    Because there will be two stand alone Joker movies that will be released almost at the same time? - 7 days ago
  • brjannkearse26
    psycho porn for losers. - 7 days ago
  • rickywonka
    Then, why do DC take all that money on making a DCEU? Because they can? Or just to make a competition to the MCU? For me they should just stick to the animated films and kill all the real movies. All of them suck - 7 days ago
  • tsikip
    @the_epic_tourist - 7 days ago
  • sqfacts.ig
    I am really hyped for this movie as its own... It just bothers me that WB would rather green light an else world joker movie instead of Batman from DCEU - 7 days ago
  • eshu_banana_jesus
    DC is all about making quality stand alone the dceu is for the kiddos I wanna see R rated gritty joker too. - 7 days ago
  • reverse_anakin
    You just typed my thoughts out loud ty - 7 days ago
  • atompattin
    @atompattin bunch of old heads trying to change the comics to what they think people want, and they don't even have the first clue of why people liked the characters to begin with. - 7 days ago
  • atompattin
    The dceu was ruined by studio interference anyways. They may as well just wrap it up, and just start focusing on individual movies. They tried too hard to make the characters more modern, and it just came off as patronizing. Leto's joker reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer becomes Poochy. - 7 days ago
  • jordon_taylor35
    Everything you said is the thought in my head 👏 - 7 days ago
  • tareqalmutawa
    @tareqalmutawa they should have it connected to the DCEU in some way. A different time maybe. We’ve had several jokers in one universe. Or the same but different times like in batman beyond. He reappeared through tim drake if my memory recalls right.
    Jared leto could be explained as something like that. (But then there is the continuity of the robin suit and the HA ha ha) - 7 days ago
  • tareqalmutawa
    Yes you are right. But when it comes to the big screens and the world watching movies, only fraction of the audience knows the comics... the rest, They wont understand. They’ll be lost. They are already lost from different batmans, the flash having grant gustin and ezra miller, the different superman movies that exist along with different actors.
    Big screen Movies are not for the fans, they’re for everyone. - 7 days ago
  • mlorb1281
    I seems like it can be good and interesting. But I am more looking forward to the connected DCEU Leto Joker movie. - 7 days ago
  • bro_ex_machina
    I think DC/WB should focus on one off stories more instead of trying to do team ups. Give themselves at least 5 solo or spin off movies before jumping into a rushed team up - 7 days ago
  • saeid2442
    به نظرم باید جالب باشه - 7 days ago
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