What do you think of Shazam's suit in the new upcoming movie? Is it good or bad?

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  • dcuniverse52
    @shankimoon i agree with you and they should make something passed on the audience votes like what they want to see and stuff like that - 7 days ago
  • shankimoon
    I loved DC comics a lot but not like this way ✌️ peace out - 7 days ago
  • shankimoon
    Ugly as like the cast n making an movie again for dceu...why they cant understand this whole concept its flop n cant accepted by the audience who like to watch DC movies !!! I am an DC fan n dont wants too see rest of remaining charisma get flopped again 💔 this millionaires movie makers still did not understood that we are hurt by there past 2 movies whom we loved most !! If again they make an mess i will n most who are hurt by there stupid creativity for DC we will stop watching this movies - 7 days ago