what fucking sucks is that pietro had a whole life ahead of him and could've joined the avengers with his sister, but now he can't and clint has to go through the grief and guilt of that kid saving his life like that, so fuck, pietro deserved better
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  • catvader101
    Nathaniel, Laura and Clint's kid's middle name is Pietro - 1 day ago
  • millie_johal_
    @millie_johal_ honestly it was costels fault ngl - 2 days ago
  • millie_johal_
    im so mad about this tho cause the boy wasnt even stuck and he was real close to the evac thingy so he basically caused pietros death for no reason other than he was a little confused - 2 days ago
  • emmaa.rose
    But tbh marvel took away everything from Hawkeye in the mcu except his bow and arrow - 4 days ago
  • emmaa.rose
    YIKRS - 4 days ago
  • voidedvortex
    I know he feels guilty but, maybe it was for the better - 4 days ago
  • voidedvortex
    but let’s be honest, if he wasn’t there to save Clint, Clint AND the child would’ve died - 4 days ago
  • gopika.ramesh
    If you watch the end of AOU you can see that he named his newborn son Nathaniel Pietro Barton so... - 4 days ago
  • bucky.stxn
    And people are still sleeping on clint and how he feels about that - 4 days ago
  • this_is_not_maria
    Maybe that's why he retired - 5 days ago