Campaigning is my life’s work that’s a no brainer to me. The passion it has ignited in my brain is awesome! But coupled with full-time motherhood, I’ll be honest, it is really really tough!
Today’s intention was to work on my campaign 👊🏻 The reality is
It’s a double edged sword when everything you’ve wanted in the world is utterly reliant on you, making you feel like Wonder Woman in the one hand, a failure that wants to scream on the other.
So if this is resonating with any of you beauts of followers, you’re not alone!
Being a fab person/doing your bit/being strong doesn’t mean working yourself so hard you can’t remember your own name or blame forgetting an appointment on sleep deprivation when in reality you just had a stupid moment! Non campaigning post over. As you were in the fight against plastic pollution. 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

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