"Everything we want"
Hunter wants to change the world into something he desires. He wants the world to be a lot more suitable to him. So he enters hypertime with Barry and Wally chasing him. He remarks that this is also their chance to get what they want.
For a moment the flashes stop to consider getting their family back. They see images and so many moments but untimately decide that they have to stop Hunter.
Hunter is looking for the still force while Wallace Iris and cold are looking to come back from nowhen.
This was a great issue people, just great.
Flash Volume 5 50
Part 2
Artist: Howard Porter
Writer: Joshua Williamson

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  • m.axvink.16
    @nonso45 he wants to be the new fastest man alive - 9 days ago
  • timbercolt
    Here's what I can't wrap my head around. Hunter Zolomon revealed in the last issue that not only did he have Barry Allen's original Flash ring, but it contained Barry's original Flash suit that goes back to the Silver Age to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Those products shouldn't exist since Thawne destroyed Barry's prime timeline, so does this mean that the "old" timeline is still out there somewhere? - 9 days ago
  • juan_abu
    Wow - 10 days ago
  • nonso45
    Why's zoom wearing a flash suit - 10 days ago