So I had the opportunity to get the whole set @gamestop ,but I chose not too because of my budget. Even though they had a deal with the whole tote bag which could save you like 25% off the price. It was hard for me to decide which one I wanted, but these three were the my favorite characters. I still had to think about all my bills that needed to be payed off. One tip I could give you if your trying to become a Marvel Legends collector always try to think what’s important and what’s not. That’s the lesson you need to learn. Sometimes you got to make sacrifices in order to keep your financial business in tact. Then you will end up broke. Look all I could say is Cloak, Dagger, Daredevil, and the House of M Spider-Man could wait for now. Be responsible that’s all I could say. 💸🤔

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  • sam_cwynar
    Ah thanks for the tips! I always go to GameStop and they never had the whole wave out. So I figured something was up - 15 days ago
  • double_figure_collectors
    @sam_cwynar they had to pull it from the back. It’s funny I called them and they she was about to pull them out so I told her I would be there ASAP and she wait for me to get there to take a look at them. - 15 days ago
  • sam_cwynar
    Were they out or did u have to ask for them in the back? - 15 days ago