Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. 🚨WEAK minds discuss people. PERIOD ‼️❤️SAVANNAH/C PORT STAND UP KEEP MOTIVATING KEEP CREATING STAY “PHOCUS” WE ON THE RISE AND THE FIEND SPIRITS 🧟‍♂️ARE KILLING ANE EXPOSING THEM SELVES 👁 NEVER SEEN SO MANY CONSCIOUS PEOPLE BE SO UNCONSCIOUS TO FEAR AND PERPETUATE THERE SELF HATE ON TO OTHERS GOALS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, DREAMS, AND ASPIRATIONS Were is the elevation and distinction from the so called lost 👁 GOT WORLD WIDE EXPOSURE OVER SEAS AND IN OTHER STATES HOW I RECOUP SALES KNOW EVERYONE WATCHING THEY DONT LIKE OR COMMENT BUT THEY 👀 SO PUSH FOR A BREAK THRU YES IM FROM A CITY OF CONSCIOUS SLAVES THE SAD TING THEY ETERNALLY SLEEPY Raise The Frequency Vibrate higher in this cursed Environment that that we no longer continue to Immortalize This European Psyche Lol They tell me in the streets they saw 🤷🏾‍♂️ Me even if they not saying nothing RE-MEMBER@2pac “Only God Can Judge You” @notoriusbiggiesmalls “DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO SEE NIGGAZ UP ON IT “ WE UP IM HERE HATE IT OR LOVE IT

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