New episode of @familytiespodcast w/ @therealnoreaga is out now!!! 🌳(LINK IN BIO) | @FamilyTiesPodcast is hosted by @jaehavana | The show takes an in depth look at the teams behind a MOVEMENT. In Season 1 we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of @officialcrazyhood. Each week we will hear from each member of Crazy Hood and their perspective of the story! ••••••••
Season 1: “A Crazy Hood Story”
This is a story of a brotherhood that was birthed in Miami, 25 years ago. And through our love of Hip Hop we’ve built a legacy that goes beyond DADE County. As a collective of talented individuals with a passion for hip hop, we’ve creatively maneuvered our love of the culture into a brand that’s been a staple in Hip Hop History.

We’ve been able to reinvent ourselves successfully and genuinely throughout the years. As Hip-Hop has changed since its origin, we continued to push originality. As the days of the BOOM BAP turned into TRAP, we creatively developed a platform to tell the stories of CHAMPS.

Tune in each week as I speak to each member. Listen to their story from beginning to present.

Always authentic, always CRAZY.

Graphic by: @akazie916

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