Letting go of the past is difficult sometimes. Today I cleaned out my closet and donated four garbage bags full of clothes that are currently too big for me since I lost weight. I’ve been scared to let them go because a small part of me is afraid I will put the weight back on and will need the clothes again someday. But I decided today to let them go to people who truly need them and to live in the present, not the past, and to not worry about the future. And I’m going to try and do the same for my race next weekend. I’m not going to worry about my pace or trying to finish faster than my last half. I’m just going to enjoy the race and the scenery and get it done. I did my last long run today and I slowed down my pace significantly to try and avoid and hip or foot pain and it seemed to help a lot. I missed my last two long runs so hopefully I’ll be ok for the full 13.1 miles next Sunday. I’ve mostly decided I want to be a runner for life, not just for one race, so if that means slowing my pace down and taking it easier, then that’s what I plan to do. Hope everyone has a blessed Memorial Day tomorrow! Thank you to those who have served and protected us! ❤ 💪

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