Klopp: If you say they love playing for me, I love being their manager. That's it. It is such a good group again, and it is so easy to like them, so it makes my life much easier.“ Another brilliant instalment by MirrorFootball. Klopp: “You must accept there will be mistakes even before the first whistle. And if you accept that, you can dig in, and you can really be focussed and don't have to worry about all the other things around, because you know this lad will help me, that lad will help me. Klopp: “That is the philosophy we have. The City game is a really good example. This little change was obvious after five minutes, and that's why I changed, because I knew even after five minutes it would never work. Klopp: “You can not do everything straight away. You need time for it, and you know that in the Premier League you have no time for it. 🙌🔴

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