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  • myptsdofficial
    Great post... - 1 month ago
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    True Dat - 1 month ago
  • aonehotma
    @thecptsdbrain please do, and I hope that it helps. And, my doctor specializes in trauma and doesn't want me divulging any details that I am not comfortable with processing through. He honestly feels just about like a glove says that any of the hard work is months possibly years down the road. Has to treat my reactive and my constant triggers and my hair pulling and my insomnia first. I would also like to update him on you as well. He's a breath of fresh air. - 1 month ago
  • thecptsdbrain
    @aonehotma I am so happy to hear that! Seriously I wish I could hug you! 💗 It's so hard to find decent help out there and it sounds like you found a good one. Monday I start my full EMDR sessions, as the last 2 appointments were finding out what my core issues are. I will keep you posted on how it goes for me. - 1 month ago
  • aonehotma
    I asked my new psychiatrist about EMDR treatment he said that he studied with the founder of it and said it works miracles for some others it does nothing for. And so he explained to me that has to do with eye movements or something and we're going to try it eventually once we figure out a treatment plan that's right for me. He was so refreshing to not condescend me at all and he agrees that mine was very severe. And even has hope for me yet. Had to go out on a limb because his employer does not prescribe my benzos anymore... But he made an executive decision on my behalf. Thank the gods - 1 month ago
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    Amen! - 1 month ago