So she’s allowed at Leo’s house but he hides behind her pimp momma when they go out in public. Does junior famewhore have to get permission from her pimp momma to have “sleepovers” at borderline pedophyle creeper Leo’s house? 🙄🙄🙄 @metoomvmt @dailymail @pagesix @usweekly @people @intouchweekly @okmagazine @laineygossip @hollywoodlife @thehollywoodfix @camimorronedaily @gossipcop @newsmorrone @mycamimorrone @camimorronefan @camimorronelatest @katewinsletofficial @gisele

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  • cade_5kywalker
    @yankeee1974 do more research the person who took the video is her trainer even I saw that off her tag - 4 days ago
  • cade_5kywalker
    Stop making assumptions you all sound like jealous obsessed Leo stalkers - 4 days ago
  • lisa_iis
    @klo_4_klo I’m not for sure certain. unless they live together though why would she train at his place? - 4 days ago
  • yankeee1974
    Looks like his house. Don't know for sure though.. - 4 days ago
  • lisa_iis
    isn’t Leo’s House though but I bet she has been to it. - 5 days ago
  • gaminis1997
    And how do you know what is leo's house? 😱 - 5 days ago
  • nolongerafanofdicaprio
    @klo_4_klo Leo’s fucking disgusting just like Weinstein. And what’s worse is we’re just now seeing it but I’ll bet he’s been like this for years. I wonder how many girls he’s paid off to not talk about his borderline pedophyle behavior? What’s even more disgusting is these famewhore no name models are all in the same dating pool so that fact and then add in that these disgusting girls still “date” him is so nasty! 🤢🤢🤢 - 5 days ago