Epic Life altering shit tends to occur during the winter months for me.
1 year ago I was exploring New Zealand in a camper van for a month.
2 years ago I began my yoga teacher training.
3 years ago I made eye contact with James Franco (for over a minute) at Sundance a film festival. I can see one of @bbjrphoto films there one day.
4 years ago I married an incredible man and moved out to the west coast.
This year I am creating a first of its kind yoga series. The Moon Series Bundle is amazingly unique as it is all independently produced in my very own living room. I created 8 unique yoga flows that correspond to a particular lunar phase. With the intention to harness the magical powers of the lunar cycle. It’s specifically designed for anyone who would like to get more in tune with nature’s rhythms, ebbs and flows.
Also included in the bundle - πŸŒ™ a visualization meditation - manifest your daydream.
πŸŒ™ An a emotional release technique better known as tapping to release fear, fear that immobilizes you and prevents you from reaching your goals.
πŸŒ™ and Finally it will include an optional 1 hour lifestyle coaching session with me.
More details will be posted soon. I will offer a giveaway soon so keep your eyes pealed. Bundle will also launch at a promotional price πŸŒ™ stay wild moon child πŸŒ™

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