Morning reds! Champions league is back tomorrow night! This is my side to face Porto. What do you think reds? Let me know in the comments below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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  • miloquinnn
    Milner for hendo Clyne for trent - 9 days ago
  • duncs87
    @yeatesrod yer u would think a Liverpool supporters page might have New like lol - 10 days ago
  • fersagi19
    @mm1073 Then Hendo will pro'ly get the nod ahead of Milly, either way the squad is still strong πŸ’ͺ - 10 days ago
  • mm1073
    @fersagi19 Can is suspended - 10 days ago
  • barazamike
    Lovren for matip pliz - 10 days ago
  • liambermingham7
    @habibstagramm suspended - 10 days ago
  • vishthebeast20
    Gomez at rb - 10 days ago
  • harryyf7
    Only 4 saints players there - 10 days ago
  • habibstagramm
    Can for hendo - 10 days ago
  • fersagi19
    @jon.mcgarry I doubt it, I think he picked up a minor injury, and had he recovered "recently" I don't believe he'll start ahead of Trent.. then again I'd prefer Can ahead of Hendo, but we'll know Klopp, might as well force in Milner too - 10 days ago
  • reisscrabb5
    Yep 100% - 10 days ago
  • akbar_liverpooli
    πŸ‘yes - 10 days ago
  • maccubic
    Never stop - 10 days ago
  • jon.mcgarry
    Gomez will start this game i think - 10 days ago
  • socceradam07
    Can for hendo - 10 days ago
  • sami201895
    @mcevoy.joe Can cant play his suspended - 10 days ago
  • itsgeraldlegacy
    Can't name a side without CAN man - 10 days ago
  • ravish75
    Milner in place of gini would be great - 10 days ago
  • mbatierevde2011
    OMG! It gives me headache each time I see Henderson in a Liverpool lineup - 10 days ago
  • twwogees
    @nox_sharp ... Sometimes benching a player is a required "kick up the backside". Look how Moreno improved after being benched for a while. When you have competition for places it's good for players to have a reality check..... - 10 days ago
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