Loris Karius delivered a modest assessment of his excellent display in Liverpool's 2-0 victory over Southampton on Sunday.

Karius: 💬 “That’s my job, to try to be there for the team when needed. The first half was a bit busier than the second but that’s my job. It was a very important game. We saw the other results, we saw Tottenham win but we did our job. We kept a clean sheet and scored fantastic goals, that’s all we wanted. I’m still young; I had plenty of experience in the past but it’s different if you play week in, week out again and not just come in every other week for a midweek game. My confidence is coming and growing, I’m getting used to the game time again. It’s good for me.” (LFCTV)

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  • jaimalhotra8
    👊🏻@thetarunanand - 11 days ago
  • lewisgill07
    Not having a go but... He plays 2 goods game now you think he neuer... Fabianski for Swansea plays well every week and there’s no “He’s class” - 11 days ago
  • dotztriller
    @tishen_dharan hmmm we will see i hope he proves me wrong and plays good till end of season so we dont have 2 buy a new goal keeper.. i thing i will say tho is hes punching and confidence coming out 4 crosses is poor and he needs 2 improve quickly - 11 days ago
  • tishen_dharan
    @dotztriller it would take a long time to get them to adapt to PL and LFC fans will start complaining all over again. Germany has the best goalies. Karius should be able to do well for us. - 11 days ago
  • dotztriller
    @tishen_dharan something still tells me 2 still get eiva alisson or oblak even if karius does good think we need a fresh set of keepers - 11 days ago
  • tishen_dharan
    @dotztriller if karius does great i wouldn't really go get a new gk for anything more than £47m. - 11 days ago
  • dotztriller
    @tishen_dharan its not if its wen with mignolet his career is over with us because it loks lik karius is doin good - 11 days ago
  • tishen_dharan
    @dotztriller if mignolet leaves there's no doubt ward will be 2nd choice unless klopp gets alisson or oblak. - 11 days ago
  • dotztriller
    @tishen_dharan i dnt think he liks ward 4 sme strange reason so him and mignolet could b gone - 11 days ago
  • andikamulya_p
    LORDis KARIUS 😎 #YNWa - 12 days ago
  • tishen_dharan
    If he keeps his form till the end of the season then all we have to do is get a young goal keeper and let him play for the academy while we promote grabara to first team 3rd choice and ward 2nd choice. - 12 days ago