Sunday Supervillains: This (very) rare figure of The Nightmare Prince (with Igor) is the main bumbling antagonist of Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone, a British-American animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera and known outside the US as Potsworth & Co. Midnight Patrol revolves around Potsworth, an English Springer Spaniel and four kids who defend the Dream Zone from the nightmares and other threats posed by The Nightmare Prince. While it only lasted for 13 episodes in 1990 it rated very well in the UK with a well-remembered ad campaign around Potsworth (the real dog who ‘inspired’ his cartoon equivalent). Funnily enough the UK name change was prompted by the BBC, who felt that the suggestion of children being awake after midnight was ‘inappropriate’. Swipe for the card back (1990, Charan)

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  • toyboxing
    @the_andy_squibb good to know. Some Australians remember stacks of Blue Thunder helicopters and Kenner Aliens in Venture stores back in the day - on clearance! They all seem to have vanished now though! - 12 days ago
  • the_andy_squibb
    @toyboxing I had one years ago n used to see him n the others every so often. Toys might be rare cause they were sent to Canada to sell off ?!!? Not a uncommon practice, Mego did it amongst others. - 12 days ago
  • toyboxing
    @eatboots yes! It’s like a philosophical question for toy collectors - is something a rare toy if it’s rare but no one is interested in it? Some cool designs here though. I’d love to get more of this set. - 12 days ago
  • eatboots
    I had a loose one of this figure, for a while, in the odd category of rare but no one is really interested in it. - 13 days ago
  • cartoonandhorror
    @toyboxing cool. I'll look into it some more - 13 days ago
  • toyboxing
    @cartoonandhorror it’s pretty rare - though relatively big in the UK (at least for a little while in 1990!) - 13 days ago
  • cartoonandhorror
    Never even heard of this one before! - 13 days ago