: If you want to stand out, BE outstanding. ✨ And I'm not just talking about contrasting your outfit in photos...go above and beyond to be kind, smart, and adventurous. Think outside the box, and actually do the things you think of! πŸ€”
For the longest time I only saw photos of this awesome place by professional photographers who all took the same muted pic of it at sunrise. I already know I don't share the same lighting preference as the pros since I like bright blue sunny skies, and I also don't have a professional camera, but I wanted to show how colorful this place actually is, so I waited for the photography tour to leave and the sun to come up, then set up my little action camera! If you compare it to the one Nat Geo posted recently...I'd say it stands out. (Not necessarily better, just brighter lol). β˜€οΈ
Oh and I totally ninja changed into a dress after hiking across the dunes to get here! Photo taken by me with a tripod.
πŸ“½Full Africa video coming this week!

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