I’m currently on a layover in Iceland as I head back home to the desert. I’ve spent the last 20 days in the Arctic and had a complete blast. I spent 10 of those days alone exploring Lofoten and was completely blown away by it’s beauty. Even though I didn’t have the best weather, I still saw some of Lofoten’s best places in good light. I plan on returning next year and excited to announce that I’ll be providing workshops there starting late next year! Stay tuned for more info on that. Anyways, I wanted to share this video from our group in Iceland a couple weeks ago. Thor and I are so fortunate to have fun and talented clients. Thank you all who came! Can’t wait to share some of my photos and theirs on my FB page when I get home. Be sure to check out our party bus video on my @seanparkeradventures account. 🎶:@odesza

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