📍Times Square, New York City


Granite signs on the ground of Times Square in front of the TKTS Red Steps. #timesquare
Times Square. Not really a square though, more like a polygon. Doesn’t matter, what matters is that everyday around 330,000 people will visit it. One the busiest day it will welcome 450,000. That’s 131 Million People I’m a year. If you think that’s something. Out of every dollar spent in NY by visitors 22 cents are spent in the NY Times Square. Now that’s power. #newyork #timessquare #iconicplaces #tavelgram #newyork_instagram #travellingcouple #myfeethurt
Threw up in a Lyft today. Feeling better than ever!!! Why does this keep happening?
hello, dolly.
b l e s s e d 🗽 #nyc
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