📍Staples Center


Tip: if you challenge @atlharrythehawk to a dance off, be sure you know some good dance moves first. If you don’t, and instead you start a kind of air-hump/breakdance thing, he’ll look at you like this. And you do not want @atlharrythehawk to look at you like this.
A throwback to exactly a year ago when I attended #RAW for the very first time and ended up with a treat before the show went on air when @therock made a special guest appearance 🤘🏻
Thank you FIBA for the 🖤🏀 #fiba #Next &Neat #allstarweekend
All star weekend was a success. Love to all those who linked up this weekend A#blackandwhite #victorylap
📍Staples Centre #AllStarWeekend
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