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I’ll be performing a 6-hour audio work from midnight to 6am this Saturday (6/23) as part of @springboardcollective ’s epic, 60-hour (nonstop!) show One Spa on a Time @flux_factory. My contribution will offer a path for interdimensional travel in place, an aural refuge from the deluge, and will be the first performance as part of a new body of work I’m tentatively calling The Vibratory Healing League. Hope to see you there. Link in bio for more details.
Too cool for wizard school. #hogwartsmystery
Today everybody has to wear cologne and use baby wipes when they hit the restroom. Crispy only. We celebrating the life and legend of the best to ever do it in Queens. We out here with supervision with #Dios on our side. It’s a Memorial birthday party for my bff Jerry Hernandez. Come thru and help us represent where we from and how we do! After work 7-10pm at Republic at 33-29 Astoria Blvd, Queens, NY. Must look fly, pop ya collar is a must, and come thru w a big heart just like Jerry would! @remoneybtb no excuses! We sharing stories and reminiscing about how a big guy do. We have a mural of Jerry to take pics in front of that looks more like Big Pun ❤️, and t- shirts of J that didn’t come out the way I wanted but just like Jerry we keep it moving and we stay up! Jerry’s giving wedgies from the other side to anyone that knew him and doesn’t come thru. #webetheinfamous #mybaby ❤️ #yooooo #mala #aq #qb #lovedthroughouttheatmosphere .
What goes up, must come down... #doha got your back. . . . #doha #dohawithus #dohanightclub #dohagirls #mondaymotivation #bikini
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