📍Chesapeake, Ohio


Quick n easy setup.
You can find an adventure anywhere. You just have to open your eyes. This river may be dirty, and there might be trash washed ashore (like a toilet seat🙈), but we see beauty in the driftwood and flowers. The sound of the water. And the kids see the trash as cool treasures (no touching😬😆) . . . #vacationmode #ohioriver #adventure #momof4 #momlife #theyremine #inspire #chasingdreams #seethebeauty #getoutside #raisinghumans #stayactive #unplugged
What a fun evening celebrating the marriage of Sam and Kaylee! 💜💗 Congratulations 🎊🎉
Pool day
What a gorgeous morning in Ohio! The difference between here and Alabama is that you can actually sit outside to enjoy your meals without being attacked by the bugs and heat. My dad thinks it’s too hot but it’s heaven to me since I’m accustomed to Alabama heat. So let’s roll the windows down!!!🙌 On another note, my devotion this morning was on point👆. Social media is where we mainly show how fabulous our lives are, while concealing the reality of our struggles. Some people are great at keeping it real but when it comes down to it, every single person has a story and a struggle. No one’s life is as perfect as you may perceive it. Yes, I have a great husband but our marriage has its problems that we need to work on that I see other marriages don’t have and envy. Yes, my kids lose their minds and parenting is hard some times. Yes, addiction runs rampant in both sides of my family and as a result, we adopted my biological cousin. Yes, we have family strife that has ended and ruined relationships. No, I don’t have a great relationship with my mom but I sure am making up for that with my daughters. I could go on and on about how NOT perfect my life is, but how it’s perfect for me and how blessed I feel regardless. All of these struggles are part of my story. I’m thankful for my struggles. “Unless we let authenticity heal us first. If we will lay ourselves bare before the Lord and be honest about ourselves with trustworthy sojourners in the body of Christ, we can be restored from what’s killing us. Today is the day for openness and vulnerability, entrusting our real selves to the loving eyes of the Father.” - Priscilla Shirer . . . #sacrifice #inspire #struggle #mystory #notperfect #morningdevotion #priscillashirer #momlife #marriedlife #momof4 #familyof6 #pilotwife #raisinghumans #bereal #openup #letgo #giveittogod #addiction #adoption #vacationmode #beanicehuman
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