📍Albuquerque, New Mexico


... #EDENWisdomOfAGE • • • Today, go beyond just calling those things that are not, as tho they are. It's time to create the reality that encourages you, inspires you and enlightens you to be your best self. If you're in the midst of work that's unfulfilling or challenging and it's destroying your peace or self esteem, but you know in your head you need this level to advance beyond or move higher, then "it is well" even in the afflictions because you know in your soul all things are working for your good. Get the full perspective on what is actually happening and base your attitude on that. "It Is Well" will become a mantra that's not just a feeling, but a foundation in 2018. #UnFilteredEDEN EXPERIENCED Encouragement I #ONaMission I #EDENis60 I #SOAR I #BeLIGHT I #BeLOVE
🖤 Legend has it these were Apache Tears that turned to [obsidian] stone once falling on the Earth. 🖤 May these entombed tears of ancient grief cleanse our current negative energies
Pixie cut with a pink splash! #pinkhair #prettyinpink #bucketlist
With bae @burnthedisco @greenjeansfarmery 😽 thanks 4 the cute shot @ohdearcandiboo
alone with the stars in the sky 🌌
Happy Holidays from your secret Santas
Recital Navideno @popejoypresents all weekend. Come check it out. @nifnm #flamenco
high as #pho
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